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BODY ONLY SALES NOW OPEN~ Ylisande by Twigling

May 22, 2009

    1. Hello everyone,
      By popular request, we are going to offer body-only sales of Ylisande.
      Orders will be closed when we hit 50 total dolls (bodies or heads/ body).

      All three colors are still available. See the body-only ordering page here:

      Bodies sold will be fully strung, fully seam-sanded and have an S hook at the top.
      Price is $530.
      Please view our resin FAQ to see which color resin will match your floating head.
      Best wishes!

      Announcing the long-awaited release of Twigling's new doll, Ylisande


      Twigling's Ylisande will be in a limited edition of only 50.
      This is not a pre-order... all the dolls are currently casted, strung, and have been completely seam-sanded as a gift to new owners.


      ~See Ylisande's 6 Photo Galleries~
      The Close Up Details Gallery
      The Posing Gallery
      Full Length Body Gallery
      Gallery in Clothing
      Facepainting Gallery featuring the custom work of Armeleia
      Resin Gallery

      Details on Ylisande
      View Ylisande's FAQ Here
      Size: She is 59.5 cm and more measurements are here.
      Limited Edition: 50
      Resin Colors available: Pink-white, vanilla, and peach. Resin is urethane with UV protect. See the resin colors in various lighting situations here.
      Joints: Ylisande is double-jointed at the arms, knees and hips. She can assume a wide variety of natural poses.
      Facepainting: Default or custom facepainting is available, and will be done by Armeleia. See the facepainting gallery for examples of both the two default face styles, as well as the amazing shots of custom dolls painted by Armeleia. Ylisande has a wonderfully flexible face to customize in a wide variety of styles. Get ready to be amazed!
      Price: Ylisande in a default set with bodysuit, box, pillows, and certificate is $600. This includes the free seamsanding for each doll. You can also add optional services and even high-heeled feet if you wish. The ordering information is up now at www.enchantmentdoll.com.ylisande.htm

      After producing her well-known TwigLimbs body, Therese Olsen (Twigling here on DOA) began work on her next wonderful creation, a full girl doll name Ylisande.

      Ylisande has a multi-cultural head sculpted by Therese, along with the next generation of Twigling style double-jointing. Many of the parts of Ylisande are technically difficult to mold and produce due to their geometry. But the decision was made to forge ahead and produce Ylisande as she was created by Therese. Of course, it took longer than expected, but Ylisande is a very special creation.

      May 21, 2009.. Ylisande's production is finished, and the edition of 50 have been finished in pink-white, vanilla, and peach resin colors. All the dolls are seam-sanded smooth and ready to be customized, or sent to their owners to customize. Ordering is now open here. When the edition is sold out, the masters will be discontinued.

      Thank you for your interest, and please visit the discussion thread here if you have questions.
    2. Is Ylisande limited to 50 of each resin color or 50 dolls total?
      If it is 50 total how many of each color have been cast?
    3. Dear St. James
      Great questions~~

      Ylisande is an LE-50, which in this case means only 50 dolls will be made, in three colors.

      We cast 15 of vanilla, 15 of pink-white and 20 peach.

      Due to the complexity of some of the part shapes, each casting color was achieved separately and took quite a few weeks. We decided to not release her until we'd casted all 3 different colors, and had seam sanded and assembled each doll... each doll alone taking several days's work to sand, finish and assemble. Truly a labor of love for all involved.

    4. Catrina
      Will Dollfair be allowing any layaway on Ylisande?
    5. You can contact me -- service@dollfair.com

      Due to the holiday weekend here in the US, our customer service manager (Joan Stanton) is off this weekend. So you'll hear back from me.
      Thanks for your question!
    6. I've been trying to contacted Dollfair by email about Ylisande, but never got an answer. It's very important to me that you read and reply.
    7. dear angelofpurity,
      i'm surprised to read your post. i cannot find any unanswered emails.
      Joan, Customer Service, Enchantment Doll:aheartbea
    8. We're happy to announce body-only sales have begun, by popular request of those who'd love to find homes for their favorite BJD heads....

      Thanks everyone!