Body, sculpt, or both?

Apr 9, 2019

  1. Sculpt

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  2. Body

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  3. Both

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  4. Depends on the character for the doll

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    1. I'm interested in what people find most appealing about dolls. Are you the kind of person that chooses a doll based on it's face (whether you like the company faceup or can already imagine your own) and don't mind what the body looks like so long as it's the right gender or even just keeping the head for a long while/forever, do you need both body and face to fit, or are you a collector of interesting doll bodies (humanoid or otherwise) and don't mind what head sculpts you can get with it so much? What are your solutions if the head sculpt/body isn't one you want with the other part - do you hybrid or just don't buy?

      I find that I don't think too much about what a body looks like, unless it has some stand out feature that strikes me as odd or aesthetically breaking (like Dollzone's knee and elbow joints, though that's just my opinion), but the face must be perfect. :3nodding:

      'Sculpt' in the poll means head sculpt.
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    2. Hmm...The subject is slightly confusing here. ;)
      Sculpt can mean both head sculpt or body sculpt, right? I think your `sculpt` meant `head sculpt`.

      If that's the case, I think I care about both really. Usually I tend to fall in love with the head first, then if I don't like the body, I'd just try and find one I like better. I know there is this whole resin colour matching thingy, but usually I don't mind if the colour doesn't match completely. What does worry me is if the sizes don't match, like if the neck is too big or small for the head..
    3. Woops!! Thanks for picking up on that, the message was changed though I can't seem to do the same for the poll!

      I think I'm the kind of person that would be really bothered in the reason colour was off, but I'd be way more alarmed by a doll whose head didn't fit! I forget which company it was, but they were selling a baby-faced doll on a really tall and adult sculpted body and it looked very very strange!
    4. I always went for the whole at the start of my collection but now I tend to find a head I love and find a body that will fit. I’m no longer afraid of hybriding as I was in the past!
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    5. Mostly the head sculpt is the biggest for me. It is supposed to be for my character 9/10 times so I am looking for the perfect face to reflect that. That is a lot of reason why I will sell a doll shortly after I get them in. It just didn't work for my character. -sobs-

      I can always hybrid for a better body if I didn't like the current one.
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    6. No problem! :)

      Yes! style not matching bothers me as well! Generally I like childish head on a childish body, and vice versa. However, for mature looking dolls, I still don't like those big muscular male bodies, but I normally only like girl dolls in general. It's just my personal preference though.
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    7. Both. That's why I have a lot of hybrids, lol

      Though I guess If I had to choose I would say body sculpt is more important to me. I can deal with all kinds of faces only a mother could love, because it's easy enough to cover everything up with a faceup. But if a body is strangely sculpted (like a childish MSD boy body with ripped abs slapped on unnaturally) or has terrible useless joints then I just can't cope. I would rather have no doll than a doll with an aesthetically unappealing body.

      On the flip side, I actually did buy my MYOU Carr based solely on the body. MYOU face sculpts are really awkward and bland and indistinguishable to me and I would never actively choose one, but the bodies were so beautiful that I didn't care. :lol:
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    8. It's definitely both for me. I don't mind spending however much I have to for a doll I love, but it needs to look good even when it's naked, bald, and blank. :lol: One of the things that really drew me to my Raspberry is how gorgeous the doll was from head to toe. The body has all of these beautiful details I keep discovering when I'm dressing that doll and I find myself falling more in love with the sculpt every time I handle the doll. That's really important to me.

      For as much as I love hybriding my vinyl dolls, I don't care for it one bit with BJDs (the process- not the hybrids). It's too finnicky, and I don't have the time to sit there and research neck hole sizes, resin matches, etc. I'd rather just wait until the perfect doll comes along. I have a whole lot of respect for everyone who has the patience for hybriding, though! It's super cool to see what people made work, especially when you come across posts where people modded the dolls to make a hybrid work!
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    9. The look and proportions of a bod are important to me, and I'm really picky about resin matching, which makes building hybrids a pain... so when it comes to a new doll, I do tend to pay attention to the "whole package" so to speak.

      That said, I can't deny that in the end it is the face sculpt that matters more to me than the body. I'm a lot more likely to be willing to just deal with small, annoying things I don't like about a body than I am to overlook "Yeah, but-" issues with a head. Ideally I'll like both, but if something is off, I'm more tolerant of that something being a body detail than a face detail.
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    10. It's all about head sculpt for me. We frequently swap our heads around on bodies for whatever characters they're playing at the time (for lack of a better explanation, our dolls are usually cosplaying) so I'm not usually drawn to bodies in particular. We also get Volks like 99% of the time anyways, so while it's technically "hybrids" it's not quite as complicated as cross-company things.

      I do have one boy I'm trying to shell who really needs a bigger body, but he's a special case. :sweat We considered a hybrid but in the end a sculpt that just comes on a bigger body seems to be solution. He'll probably end up swapping around too, as long as the matches aren't too bad... At the moment his (temporary) head is really too small for the body he's on and posing is a pain, but as it's all temporary we're not willing to do anything permanent to fix it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    11. The head sculpt is what attracts me first, but I also need to like the body in order to buy a doll. I prefer slim bodies, but posing isn’t that important as most of my dolls can’t pose at all, ha ha. I’ve gotten more picky the longer I’m in the hobby. It helps keep the collecting down.
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    12. Head is definitely what catches my attention first, but bodies are almost equal. The appearance doesn't matter too much since my dolls stay clothed 90% of the time, but posability is really important. I don't care about resin at potential hybrid possibilities are pretty broad if something isn't quite right.
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    13. The face is by far the most important to me, as there is a veritable ocean of uninteresting (to me, anyway) head sculpts out there - so when a uniquely beautiful one comes along I definitely gravitate to it. I do prefer it if the body is also attractive, but honestly, my dolls are usually completely dressed, so it's just not a deal breaker for me if it isn't quite up to par. And if it doesn't pose easily, well, there is always wiring.

      BUT...having said all of that...Julia Cross of La Legende de Temps is in the process of creating a male dancer body that is so incredibly beautiful I may be tempted, no matter what head she plops on top. He can sit around wearing nothing but a floppy hat for all I'd care. :sweat
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    14. They're equally important to me. I've missed out on dolls before because I loved one part but hated the other and for whatever reason, it wouldn't be easy to hybrid.

      This does also change depending on character. A body might be beautiful, but if it doesn't fit my character, I won't buy it.
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    15. I find that a number of (sometimes quite distinct) faces could work for the same character, depending on styling, so for me it's actually the body that pulls more weight. I bought a Summerbird Viola solely because two of my OCs are plus size and an average body just would never work. The head will be good enough, at least until I see something that fits the neck that I like better.

      For whatever reason, my OCs' faces are never that distinct to me compared to broader details like "she's athletic/short/curvy" or "he's scrawny/tall/heavy".
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    16. I have to say both, the face might draw my attention, but if I really don't like much about the body, I might talk myself out of getting the doll.
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    17. Both head and body are important for me. I only refuse buying if there is no option for only head or only body. I am happy with a hybrid anytime. I have a hybrid now and I think that most of my future dolls will be hybrid. It's exiting to wait different parts, see how much they match. My First hybrid is became pretty good, with a good enough match. Strange, but I just didn't think about buying a full doll from the same company.
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    18. It depends on the character for me- I am 100% willing to hybridize dolls if I feel like the body or the head isn't quite "right". I am very adamant that no two characters share the same face or body. They might look similar because they come from the same company (cough cough, Fairyland, cough), but all of my characters have certain physical characteristics that set themselves apart from each other. I've tried to buy cheaper bodies before to stick onto heads I wanted, but it honestly drove me insane. Likewise, even if I genuinely like both the head and body sculpt, if one or the other doesn't suit the character, then I'll split it or keep looking elsewhere.

      For example, with Dante (who is depicted in my profile pic), I always knew that I wanted her to be a DIM Larina but also that she had to have a Dollzone B45-009 body. She needed a tall, male body that still exuded elegance and femininity, and although I've seen plenty of hybrids with Doll Chateau bodies, it honestly didn't work for Dante herself.
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    19. I am mostly interested in a face sculpt. If I need it for a character, that is. If I do not like the body, I start to look for a body which better fits my requirements. If this doll is sold only as complete, I might start to look at the marketplace for said head, or pass on that head sculpt entirely.
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    20. The sculpt is the first (and perhaps only) thing that attracts me to a doll, and I usually get the body from the same company since it makes everything easier where skin matching is concerned. I might think of hybriding if the body has serious posing issues. Hybrids are a hassle to research, and I don't have experience with many companies to be feel confident doing it. Thankfully, my favourite company Switch does a good job with the whole doll.
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