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Body Sculpts?

Aug 28, 2010

    1. What sort of body sculpts do you like best? What ones are you less than fond of? Which would you like to see made?

      Do you like how the majority of the male body sculpts are the girly-boy bodies? Do you prefer bodybuilder, superhero or the uncle bodies? (not uncle for the interchangeable naughty bits, but for the fact that he doesn't look like a pre-pubescent girl!)

      I personally like all of the male bodies, but I really wish there were more of the masculine and less of the girly-boy ones out there. I actually would like to see at least one really good, gaunt/hallow body sculpt! It would be great for some of my characters and a few other people's I know of.

      For the females...I'm happy enough with the sculpts but they really need to tone the chests down. A real woman with huge breasts like many of them would have so many back issues! I'm really happy to see some companies have options for a smaller chest.

      There's a few really special women in my life who are big girls, I happen to see absolutely no sign of a big body sculpt! I don't care about clothes, I could make them and there's always people who do commission work. I'd love some cute chubby girls or beautiful, plump women. I'm gay, but I can still appreciate a female body. I don't really find the attraction to people who look like a walking skeleton.

      I'll probably have to hunt someone down to help me mod some bodies, or learn how to cast resin, at least for a gaunt male body. I'm sure a skinny girl's body can be modified into an overweight one.

      I hope I make sense and am not deemed weird. It's three am here and this is the last thing I'm posting today. Or...first.
    2. For the guys:
      Having a large majority of the sculpts being very feminine is driving me batty! I like my men to be MEN and my women to be women.... I don't want my poor male doll to have shoulders as thin as his head, slender like a woman and skinny little arms and legs D: For me that's just torture.
      I'm happy to find muscular sculpts like iple's and sooms but I still crave something even manlier. Ofcourse, if a large muscle sculpt were made it would be limited and I would never get my hands on it D: just like the few manly heads I'm finding. Damn limited!
      (Adding the uncle body to my wishlist. Yay muscle!)

      For the ladies:
      I've found quite a few curvy sculpts and that makes me insanely happy! I love to see a woman with real curve, but I do agree the breasts on some do need some toning down... o_0 A few of the anime style bodies have breasts the size of their damn heads and it scares me a little.
    3. I like the realistic and anatomically correct sculpts. It is important to me for the doll to represent a human being as best it can unless of course, I am seeking a child-like type of doll and that would apply to fairy dolls too. I would not like for those to be anatomically correct. I agree with the breast issues, and agree that they should be toned down. It is interesting that the majority of dolls come from a culture not commonly known to have large breast and I am wondering if the design is what is appealing to the men of those cultures. Interesting. What a good post!
    4. I have no idea where you have been looking but it cannot have been that far. Girly boy bodies? Where? Please point me toward them because I find precisely those extremely difficult to find! They all have pecks of doom.
      You want a gaunt looking body? One word... Dollshe!
      I believe there are plenty of muscular and gaunt looking ones out there. The problem is that many of them are badly sculpted. What I would like more of are nicely sculpted, anatomically correct and better proportioned male bodies of all sizes and types. Greek statues please! :D
      But I also love the super unrealistic kind for my cyborg and android characters. As long as they are well sculpted I like all kinds of bodies. I need the super muscular or gaunt looking as well as boyish bodies to create my characters.
      What is totally lacking I think is a really femme looking boy body with soft features.

      For girl bodies I would like to see at least one flat chested and fit body with really noticeable arm muscle. I like most of the curvy girl bodies though I wish that more of them had a bit of pout on the tummy if you know what I mean. I do not get the streamline kind of shape.
    5. Well, I suppose the pecks would be the only thing that make them male. Like the superhero and the bodybuilder bodies, if you stick those in a dress, they scream guy in drag. You stick a ResinSoul or Dollzone boy body in a dress, you get a flat chested girl look. As for a boy body with less of the muscles, I've seen one but I can't remember the name of the company. I do know they're relatively new though. -headdesk-

      What I consider a girly-boy is a guy with a curvy body. He can still have light to medium pecks but if he's got that feminine curve to his body, even in a pants/shirt sort of outfit he looks like a female. This body type along with more of a rounded chin to the face sculpts is why so many non-doll people think a male doll is a female.

      I agree, Nihmo. The female bodies are insanely thin, then have those giant breasts. A bodybuilder or at least a female sculpt who looks like she works out would be nice. Dude, we need runner bodies! Thin, lithe and with toned legs!
      Also, really? I'll have to go stare at Dollshe and find a nice, gaunt body! -scuttles away-

      Belinda, I really think it is geared more towards what the men of their culture like because if you watch enough anime.. (-is guilty of this-) You tend to notice that many of the females have huge breasts. Maybe because they don't get to see it in real life enough, they want to see big breasts everywhere else? Of course in anime...a lot of the guys again look like they have the curvy girly bodies. Then they go and complain that people fantasize yaoi situations between the girly guys and the normal looking guys. Can they really blame us? I think that's why they insist on these male body sculpts...maybe they're more for the ladies and the female sculpts are more for the guys?

      Arynia, ha! Exactly it for the boys! The faces are all round and boyish and normally it's a female that has the round face/chin and males are more angular or squared. Pecks aside, what else besides the naughty bit makes most of them a male? D: My Divrak will be topless most of the time because I don't want him to be mistaken for a girl. Even dressed more masculine they're easily mistaken for the wrong gender. There was one sculpt I saw for a female and she had insanely huge breasts. I instantly thought if she were a real woman, her back would be broken! Then it reminded me of one episode of Maury I watched when I was super bored of a woman who's chest was naturally so huge it looked like she had very big balloons (larger than her head), stuffed down her shirt.
    6. For the body sculpts I would love to be able to find,

      65cm slim male body. Somehow or another, every company that makes 65cm boys like to make them muscly things. :\ Except maybe Domuya, Luts SDF type 1 body and DOT old type body (and even then, Luts and DOD have muscle body options).

      Flat chested SD-sized girls. Something like Fairyland's cutie bust + cutie legs minifee girl but in SD size. *hearts*
    7. It totally depends on the character -- just as body types vary among real people, they also do among my dolls. While I don't mind a fit toned looking body, I don't like ones that are heavily bulky -- it's not particularly appealing to me, and none of my guys work out at the gym that much, lol.
    8. They're not 60cm by a long shot, more like 6 inches, but Tinybear's Bonbon and Coco are round and lovely.

      Look up the Fat Fairy Fanclub in the Tinies subforum.

      And quite a few girl dolls of various sizes are quite modestly bosomed, from Dollshe Salubia's flat chest (she's rare, but one lives in my home) to Shiny Doll's Thaasa in various iterations. I'm sure there are others. :D
    9. I wish more male bodies were a little bulkier, not like WWE wrestlers or anything, but a little more solid without obvious muscles, there seems to be a trend for weirdly elongated, almost emaciated looking boys which I really don't like. I think the choice of female sculpts is more varied but it's still very hard to find a female body with natural looking breasts rather than gravity defying plastic surgery style breasts.
    10. I think on guys I prefer what you define as the Uncle type of body, but personally I don't see that much girly-boy in the bodies so much as the heads.

      On girls, I like to see curves without enormous boobs. That CAN and DOES exist, and I think it's BEAUTIFUL. Too bad there aren't that many of that type of girls out there. =(
    11. I like girls to have a small chest, just because I wouldn't want them to be bigger than me! As for boys I like some or no muscle I'm a little less picky with the body type but more with their faces.
    12. What sort of body sculpts do you like best? What ones are you less than fond of? Which would you like to see made?

      I prefer female body sculpts ;) and I like the mature looking body sculpts.

      And for them I really like them to have curves without loss of too much ability to pose. This takes into account the legs and arms as well as the torso. There's been a lot of dolls I like who have kickin' curves in the torso, but the legs are far to skinny for my taste (Souldoll Double, Soulkid, Shineydoll). I love definition in the hip bone area near the stomach, with a bit of softness there. They also need to look graceful, Iplehouse EID and SID females have amazing body sculpts. Like -amazing- however they always look a little stiff to me in terms of posing. it's really a delicate balance I find myself in.

      Of the body sculpts I like so far I've found: Limhwa, I really like Oasisdoll despite the fact they're on the more slender side, they do have some nice curvatures to their body and am so excited because it seems they're making another body with more curves to it. I recently discovered Ariadoll 14 yrs old Elegance, I really love the curves on that one, I'm trying to figure out if I can find a head to go on one >.>'

      I'd love to see some variance in the dolls that have curves; smaller chests, wide hips, filled out legs (not fat, but not chicken thin compared to the body), nicely toned arms...
    13. Body sculpts are my favorite thing about BJDs. :D

      for boys: I do like the sort of young/non-masculine bodies. XD; But it weirds me out how much muscular detail some of them have, even though they're all cute and skinny otherwise.
      I kind of want to see more stylized sculpts. A lot of people call soe BJD sculpts "stylized" because they have long legs and stuff, but I mean, I want to see bodies that look like drawings.. like you know Crobidoll Lance's profile? Like that. Clean strong lines, sharp angles, etc. That would be awesome.

      For girls: I want bigger hips. XD;; HIIIPPSSSSSS. Like this: http://aeyork.com/shop/step1.php?number=602 XDDDD That is my favorite body type ever. (Also cute tiny bodies with not much boobs and not much in-curve at the waist, but big hips. Cuuute.)

      BUT REALLY, any new variety would be super fun to see, I like all types of bodies if they're sculpted well! >3<
    14. I prefer masculine/muscular male bodies. That isn't to say I dislike the skinnier ones, but I just know I have to have at least one muscular SD boy someday. I just love their look!

      As far as girl bodies, I'd prefer slightly more mature body for a girl. I'd rather not have a young, child-like MSD to SD size girl. I'd rather have a girl that has at least a small chest than to being flat. I was actually searching for a MSD body I liked, because I wanted a slightly more mature look.

      I guess I like more mature looking bodies on both boys and girls. haha
    15. Boys: I like ta-a-all and skinny guys in general, so, I have the same preferences in the BJD field. That is why the thinner and the taller a boy is, the more chances he has:) Thus, 70+.
      Girls: practically the same thing about girls. I'd rather prefer thin girls with small breasts than a mature-woman-like doll. Oh, 60+.
    16. What sort of body sculpts do you like best?

      All of my dolls are based on characters so I have needed a bit of a range in type. Some to be tall and thin, others to be shorter and stockier, some curvier. I like them all. My Dollstown boy body is probably close to being my favorite, but I also love my SD17. Realistic musculature but more of a swimmers build or other athlete who stays trim.

      What ones are you less than fond of?

      The only boy sculpts I don't prefer are the ones that are very simple tube shapes for limbs with little sculpting detail. They also need to be made from a resin I like the feel of. If I don't like the resin it's likely I won't keep them. It is not purely about sculpt.

      Which would you like to see made?

      I think the complete range of guy bodies is pretty well represented.

      Do you like how the majority of the male body sculpts are the girly-boy bodies? Do you prefer bodybuilder, superhero or the uncle bodies?

      I don't agree. The only really "girly" body types I can think of are the original 60cm Delf bodies and those that resemble them. I don't think the rest of the Luts bodies are girly, not Volks, Dollshe, Dollstown, Super Gems, nothing from Iplehouse. Makes me think you need to look at a lot more doll companies. The trend that has lead from 60cm boys up to 90cm and the trend that has taken us from an SD13 to a Soom Idealian or Iplehosue EID guy has left us a lot of choices.

      For the females...I'm happy enough with the sculpts but they really need to tone the chests down. A real woman with huge breasts like many of them would have so many back issues! I'm really happy to see some companies have options for a smaller chest.

      I do like the small chest options when they are available for more youthful characters. Thin women with naturally large chests do exist though it is more than adequately represented in the doll world. The nice thing about a resin doll is that you can always sand them down.

      There's a few really special women in my life who are big girls, I happen to see absolutely no sign of a big body sculpt! I don't care about clothes, I could make them and there's always people who do commission work. I'd love some cute chubby girls or beautiful, plump women. I'm gay, but I can still appreciate a female body. I don't really find the attraction to people who look like a walking skeleton.

      If you want a truly shapely big girl in the doll world right now look no further than Iplehouse EID women. She is a massive goddess.

      If you are talking an "overweight" doll form I think you have two things at play here. One - engineering a poseable 60cm+ doll that wouldn't collapse under her own resin weight is difficult. Two - these dolls are made in Asia, countries that see very few overweight people. Their first and primary selling market is their own country. If they don't think they can sell as many and don't have an interest in sculpting them, they won't.

      And I have been hearing this request in the American BJD hobby for a few years now and yet no Western doll sculptor has taken it up either. If there is a market then someone here in the US should go for it and stop waiting for this doll to be made in Asia.

      On the side and slightly OT - Being thin is not unhealthy. I think we "big boned" westerners like to think it is but it is not true especially as we get older. Being slightly underweight as an old lady is much easier on your skeleton and internal organs. I think it's sort of a hurtful reverse discrimination to talk about people being "walking skeletons" just because it does not appeal to your eye. I don't like it when people make negative comments about people of any size.
    17. I like all the different body types, because my characters have all different types of bodies: tall and thin, girlish, ultra curvy, girly-boy bodies and the muscular types.

      I do wish, as others have said, that there were female bodies that had muscles, like showing that she worked out. I have a ton of female characters that I can't port to resin form, because no one has the body type I need. I have alot of warrior type females and so far no one has the bodies I need.
    18. I think it's kind of funny that so many people would want female dolls to have smaller breasts, as someone with naturally huge breasts I think most dolls are too flat. :sweat I do wish most female dolls had bigger hips though.

      It would be awesome if dollmakers created a bigger variety of bodies so people could have a wider range of characters and looks. My favorite bodies are the EID superhero man and "large bust" woman which I plan to someday get. Right now I have the more feminine younger looking boys, and a boy and girl that have younger child bodies. I also want a tall super skiny adult male doll, an athletic flat chested female doll, and a corset waisted woman doll with really big breasts and hips. More muscular male dolls would be awesome, I'd love to have a whole cluster of spartan looking dolls :aheartbea (WWE looking dolls would be awesome XD)

      Outside a certain character of mine who is athletic and does breast binding, and young children I wouldn't buy a flat chested female doll. I also wouldn't want a fat doll. Maybe a girl with a bit of a stomach pooch, but not a doll with rolls.
    19. Personally I find it a bit odd that you find the male BJDs with younger sculpted bodies to resemble that of a pre-pubescent girl, seeing as most girls at that age pretty much look very similar to that of a pre-pubescent boy in the general, slim body shape. In any case, aside from outright chubby males (that aren't tiny or minis), I don't think there is any lacking of variety among the male BJD's body types. I love that my Glorydoll and Aria boys have that immature, young look, that my Little Monica and MSDoll boys have some serious abs to them (more than enough for my tastes though if someone wished for an even more muscle-bound guy there are still a number of options among Iplehouse, Luts and DragonDoll), and that my future Re-Che will be super slim and willowy.

      You can find this variety among minis boys as well ranging from the buff Lati, MNF and DiM boys, the childish Volks, DoC and Luts boys to the slim BlueFairy, BBB and Angell Studio boys. My only complaint would be that aside from tinies, there really aren't any outright chubby boys (as I already mentioned), but as has been discussed to death a million times there are a few explanations as such to why that is, and I, along with a few others on the board, have already taken to solving this problem and modifying (or even sculpting!) our dolls to be heftier to suit our tastes.

      I can't give much insight onto what it or is not other there for the female sculpts in different sizes as I'm not heavily into female dolls myself. However, I did know that one trait for my only 60cm girl was that I wished for her to have small breasts while still looking very much like an adult woman. To some folks a small breast size runs along the lines of a B or even a C cup, but for me I'm searching for around that of an A cup, mature doll. As many women here have said for a variety of body types, we sometimes wish for a doll to resemble ourselves, and after reading a number of 'No, she needs big breasts, I want her to look like an adult' on the Breast Size Preferance thread in GD, I found it extremely irritating that females with smaller breasts were seen as childish or just plain meek and innocent.

      I did find a number of small chested female dolls in this height range, yet many of them still had childish bodies which was frustrating and I'd all but resigned myself to modifying my girl's body. However, then I found the DiM Love Girl's body and my prayers were answered for a small breasted yet very womanly 60cm body. It goes to show that with a bit of searching much of what we're searching for really is out there, and even if it hadn't been, with a little bit of sanding I could give just about any doll out there a nice breast reduction, these problems are usually easily fixable.
    20. Yes, iple and dragon doll have some well muscled bodies but I think the poster meant something like a big muscled guy. Not your average in shape guy. Something with some real meat. Some actual mass to him.
      When I see Iple I think, really toned and fit.
      When i think muscular and well built I think Dwayne Johnson. The Rock. >_>

      The iple and uncle body sculpt will work great for a few of my male characters but I have one or two that are pretty big muscle wise.