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body swapping question.

Mar 7, 2008

    1. noob question...

      basically I absolutely love kid delf boy Ani but hes way to short for who I want him to be, so I was wondering if it would work at all to put him on a larger MSD body. I've found that the DOD kid body is just the right size for him but I have no clue about matching resin or if hes head would even fit right.

      is there a different body that would be about 45cm but a better fit then a DOD kid?

      sorry if this is in the wrong place or has already been answered but I'm really really really bad with finding things on search :roll:
    2. I think this should be in the Mini Sized Doll Discussion, that or the picture requests.

      I can't help you on resin match ^^;;; sorry!
    3. Well...I have a kid delf Ani girl head in white skin on a dollzone girl body, and it matches really well. But I'm assuming your head is in the Real Skin or normal skin, so that's probably no help....
      As far as DOD bodies go, the resin color REALLY varies depending on how old it is (i.e. when it was cast). DOD have a really pinky tone now, but they used to be quite pale...

      I wonder if he'd work on a minifee body? If he's Normal skin it might match, at least...
    4. Minifee would not match Kid Delf unless it is an old "normal skin" or "white skin" Kid Delf. New Kid Delfs are Realskin and Minifees are still the old normal and white skin (and I think separate Minifee bodies are no longer sold). In addition, the OP wants a taller doll - Minifees are short too.

      Most resin and head matching is in the Galleries Picture Requests section but since we don't even know what skin you have or plan to get it is not possible to help you much.

    5. they are all basically the same size anyway. were talking 1cm. or are you talking maturity wise? i own both mnf and kid delf - size not really differant. infact, cheri's wig makes her look taller than coco XD
    6. Some mini boys are 46cm tall, and the current Kid Delfs are 41cm tall - so that is a 5cm diff.