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Bonding and YOU.

Aug 20, 2004

    1. Alright, this may sound a bit stupid so please bear with me. I was curious and I wanted to know how people here bounded with their dolls (how, how long did it take etc...) and see if there is pattern or not.

      For exemple I will go first:

      Sariel :: My HD Sariel is my first BJD ever. I paid him with my own money and was instantly and definitely hooked when I finally got to open his box. It was like love at first sight, especially as I waited a long time for him to come home. I love him to death and always have to keep him near me (like on my desk when I'm on the computer etc) even if it's just to change rooms. Also I keep wanting to hug him or even pet his tiny little head, as the more I star at him the more perfect he becomes. The feeling of his body in my arms is really incredible when I carry him, hence the hug fetish. I don't even know why, but Kiyoshi doesn't have the same feeling in my arms. For some reasons I have that soft spot for him, even through I LOVE my Unoa. Sariel is... just special. I don't know if I carried my feelings when (since English is not my first language) but you got the idea. ^_^;;

      Kiyoshi :: The first BJD I ever saw and wanted to own. I saw her before I stumbled upon Sariel. She is an outstanding piece of art. That's all I can think of. She can be sweet, nasty or plain evil when she choose to. Her face is so perfect I can't stop staring at it when I look at her. Usually she poses on my desk. I was lucky to win her and I was thrilled when I got her. I love taking care of her and all, but somehow she doesn't feel the same as Sariel. But maybe (and that's more than likely) she is not supposed to be. Her body is "stiffer" than Sariel, I mean that it stay in position while Sariel just kinda go limp in my arms (and it feels like "soft" and "cuddly" to me). Somehow I love Sariel's feel better. It's like I'm slowly warming to her as I get to know her, while it was instant love with Sariel. It's like I admire Kiyoshi from afar and I cuddle with Sariel.

      Go figure. I still love them both.

      Now please post your own stories, so we can all share those precious moments! ^^ (and forgive my crappy writing skills when it comes to post like this!)
    2. Hi

      I first spotted my MSD Serenati in a doll forum, a lady had just got her, I instantly liked her, a few days later the lady put up link saying she was selling because cudnt bond, so that was that, got in touch and bought her... love her to bits 100%, then I saw a Soo special white skin (Now Kumiko), and once again she just called out to me when she arrived I was over the moon....she is lovely

      Now I saw alot of people had boy BJD's didnt see the attraction till is saw Ariel then it was "I want this boy" but no chance lol, then saw Chiwoo, white skin, instant love, pined until I had enough money and then got him and he arrived today, now I love my girls.... I really do, but there is something about Katsuro (Chiwoo... ) its not that hes new but I instantly bonded as soon as the box was opended, I keep looking at him and want to play with him (Hubby thinks im nuts) I really believe that these dolls are part of your personality and thats why you bond with some sraight away 100% and some takes little bit longer... as tho you see something of yourself in them.... Does that make sence..... I know what I mean lol.... hope you do...

      I love all my family and I know it will grow (much to hubby's disgust) but I believe in my heart there will always be a special place for him my 1st boy BJD the bond is stronger somehow... more instant....

      Ok will shoosh now lol probably bored ya lol or confused you... :?
    3. I bonded with my LF Dana simply because I made her - she was an unfinished kit, and the work and effort, and things I learnt during that time stayed with me. Even though her character has changed, I can't let the doll go.
      My SD13 Gabriel is special because of the meaning he has for me. I worked so hard to get him, and went through so much, that he really was the realisation of a dream. Plus, his story and personality are so well defined for me I see him as being a person with a soul, rather than a doll or a toy. He's deeply important to me.
    4. With Damien (lutts chiwoo) it was, he's pretty cute, and I like the body, then when I got him and painted him, he really grew on me ^_^,
      With Dragan (FCS F-28) It was love at first sight! That was about a year ago when I saw a Lucus 3rd on ebay *and almost died when I saw the price* (now I prefer the FCS!) I can't imagine him not being around for me to annoy O_O
      With Sky (msd Tusbikai) when I first saw him, I thought 'wow he looks like Hewitts nicer brother!' I love him to bits, so following from that I had to get Sea (msd Hewitt) and he fits my little family perfectly.

      Of course I have not bonded with all my dollfies. I bought Cyndy as my first girl, and unfortunatly she did not speak to me at all >_< Oh well....... :daisy
    5. I liked Shiina the moment he came out of the box, but till now, months later, I find I'm still getting more and more fond of him each day. ^_^ So, it's like we started at 100% and then pushed the envelope for the 100% mark. XD;;

      It's because I like him so much that I plan to give alot of thought to a second doll before buying one (not just cos I have the money laying around). I feel it would be sad if I bought one and didn't like him as much as I like Shiina...almost unfair to him, in a way.
    6. I'm so glad someone started this post. I was beginning to feel a little "pervy" touching my new Elves, staring at them, not even caring that they have no make up or clothes.

      they are sculpture with souls. I have fashion dolls but they mean nothing to me emotionally, just pretty mannikins for fashions. I'm not fond of baby dolls, and don't consider these BJDs my children in any way. they don't seem like children. but, there's a connection I can't explain, even though one doll doesn't even have her right body yet!

      Sying and Hai Tsien's Daughter are part of a story in my head and they have their own voices. their "skin" has a wonderful feel to it, and though I can change their looks, they have their own personality.

      it's the same when you're writing fiction. the characters have a life of their own and lead you to places you never planned on. it's the difference between craft and art.

      a painting may speak to one person yet another only admires the technique of the artist. when a doll speaks to you, I guess that is the bond forming, growing stronger as the "voice" becomes clearer. I think it's cool as all get out!

    7. I can't speak from quite the same perspective since I'm still waiting for mine, but there's no doubt in my mind that I will love Shikai to bits when he gets here. One of the reasons I got into BJD was because of the comic I've been drawing for the past three years. it's a project I've worked my arse off for and as such I hold very dear to me. Shikai, the main character, is also the one I'm most fond of because besides being the first that I created for the story, he's also very much someone who grows up with me as well. So decided to 'recreating' him in SD form definitly seemed to be the right thing to do, as I think he'd really appreciate getting OUT of my head after three+ years. XDD So in a sense, I've already spent a long time bonding with him, but seeing him in person will only make that even stronger I'm sure. X3
    8. I love this thread, too!

      And I'm like you - most of my beautiful children are part of a story in my head. I can remember dreaming of who they were before they came, bonding with each almost immediately...I love to hold them, talk to them, listen to them. ^_^
    9. I agree. ^_^ You've put it perfectly into words!

      (And Hitasura/Leigh, I just realised who you are. XDD;;; I've visited your site before...I especially like the strong inking and your great use of colour. I can't wait to see Shikai in the flesh, or in the resin, as it were ^^)
    10. Ack, someone knows me! XDDDD Thank you very much as well! =DD

      Hehehee.- It's just so great, because to me, it's not like I'm buying a doll- I'm giving him a home finally, instead ofdrawing two-dimensional representations of him. Bliss. X3
    11. I feel that all these dolls have their own spirits and their own personalities before we even get them. I started to see what kind of person Suki was before he even came home. I felt like we were bonding while he was in transit, just looking at his picture, and when I finally had him in my arms I just started to cry. I become closer with him every day and I always want him near me, even if I'm just moving to another part of the house.

      When Haruhiko arrived, I felt as thought I didn't quite know him as well. While Suki was closer to me, 'hiko was more like a companion to Suki and they're closer to each other. But the longer I have him, the closer we become and the closer THEY become.

      All in all, I bonded with them instantly, I sort of have to bond with a doll before I even get them. I would never part with either of them for anything.

      what an interesting threat, I'm glad somebody started it.

      ~ Majenta
    12. Anyone else have to log back out again before it will let them post, or just me? Oh well...

      Darling, I've bonded with my Darryl and he doesn't even have a head yet....maybe that's cause he's been around forever, and this is just his first time with a body, but I doubt it.

      I think maybe the bonding is sometimes a cuddly thing, and sometimes a 'oh my god it's beautiful I just want to stare' type of thing. They're both equally valid, but just different.

    13. I fell in love with CH's Young Rock when I first visited the site and I saw his picture at the top. I didn't get him at the time (he was sold out for a while before I had even discovered Customhouse). I had the chance to get him when a mailing list member put him up for sale, however. I guess at that time I was only striving to get a doll, to possess that kind of beauty for myself. I didn't have a story set for him, any particular personality, but as I waited for him to come home, his name came to me, and who he was and who he knew.

      But even if I fell in love with him at first sight, and even if I love him more than anything even now, he's still having trouble warming up to me. I like to have him near me, to play with his feet and hug him or fuss with his wig. He doesn't say anything about it, but he doesn't mind either, just sits there with trust in his expression. Which I guess is part of his personality, and I don't blame him for it. He doesn't talk much to me, but I don't really need him to talk (I don't talk much either so hey!) to know that he appreciates everything I do for him. He says 'hi' sometimes, or asks a casual question, but mostly he smiles or shrugs. He smiles more than he used to, anyway, and he likes it when I change his eyes (masochist or sadist, I wonder.... *tosses him a look*).

      Even if he acts like that, like some closed up recluse, I know that I will never, never, never sell him. I know that I'm way too young to be saying anything permanent, but Sousuke is going to stay with me for life. Even if I lose complete interest and stop coming to these boards and stop checking out dolls and everything, I will never sell him. It'd be like... selling a friend. Heh, but I hope I never lose interest in this. That would so suck. >.<;; There's someone I need to come home to make Sousuke happy, and if I have that person, I think my doll pursuing could end right there and I wouldn't care. But not until then. I'd like to someday have all the people in Sousuke's past come to live with me, so I could tell his story out in his favorite fashion. And that's... it, I think. ^_^;; Sorry for writing so much...

      (Hitasura, it'd be very very interesting to see Shikai in real life. Or... as... real a life being an SD can get. Which is pretty real, I think. *nodnodnod* I love your work and it's something insane cool to hear that Shikai is going to be an SD ^_^;;.)
    14. I bonded with Daisuki when I sat down and wrote out his profile and personality out for Domuya when I ordered him. I don't think I even slept that night because I was writing and rewriting it over and over and over @_@ when I found SDs 3 years ago I didn't really like them untill I found Chris and Lucas and I had to have one... that is untill I found out about FCS and the F28 head and my plans changed instantly. So I saved up for him for 3 long years before I finally was able to purchase him in May this year. In the 3 years of planning I had He went through about 45 different names before I finally settled on Daisuki (Japanese for favorite go figure ;) ) which was suggested to me by a friend who was just trying to be a dick about naming my doll because I admire Die from the band Dir en grey who's full name is DaisukE.

      Now that I have him, I take Dai every where with me except work because he'll get filthy/broken. He even sleeps beside my bed, in fact he's sitting beside me right now giving me his irriated "get me out of this dress" look. I've even got Dai a pet all ready XD

      Tomorrow Dai gets to meet the family that told me I could never afford him because of the $1500 price tag; my parents exceluded of course since they both knew that I was saving up for him. So tomorrow he'll be comming along with me in his dress that I just finished off for the con I'm attending next week. This is going to be intresting :oops:
    15. I fell in Love with my Elves before they arrived - I knew them , and wanst disapointed when they arrived , the same with MAX (Chowan ) and Lilly
      Rosie (MSD Maggie) I am haveing trouble with still - there is something missing , something Im not happy about ,and I dont know what it is ! :cry:
    16. Well, I fell in love with the Nono doll thanks to Jame's site (wich is down now), Ken's Nono anne, and Amiee's site, with her pictures of the Nono and Nono13 dolls. So I got my little Pixie!

      When I opened the box and pulled her out, it honestly felt like home.. like she was an old friend. I'm still getting used to her body, poseability and such, but her face... her spirit... it's just... so familiar, like I've had her all along.

      The only other BJD that has called to me is the Mini May... Hence me not giving up and I will probably buy her, even if it is more money. I *must* have her.

      I hear a distant call from Isao but my pocket's screaming "NOT ENOUGH MONEY" and drownding him out.

      Oddly enough... The customhouse Chiwoo is starting to call... or maybe it's Damien from Haven screaming in my ear... :oops:
    17. To be honest, this whole thing about bonding left me cold. My partner has become very attached to her CH Ais. I would watch as she opened a box, and she would gasp and fall in love - and I would be thinking "Hmmm, nice doll", but nothing more. ^_^

      I've seen and handled a great many dolls over the last few years, and nothing has ever really grabbed me. In all fairness, I've never even considered myself to be a doll person.

      A couple of weeks back, we had a Blue Fairy Jerome delivered to us, as a stock item. I don't know how, but I bonded with him, almost from the first instant we undid his packaging. He just needed to be by my side. He told me. In fact, he's sitting next to my laptop, checking my spelling right now.

      The weird thing is, as a man, I've never really wanted a doll. Even Action Man was a bit of cissy toy when I was a kid. I didn't even WANT a doll of my own, always happy enough to photograph my partner's treasures. So, to have this little lad call to me and make me want him, is .... odd. There's no explaining it, but at least I now know what "bonding" means, and I'm happy that it's happened. ^___^
    18. MinakoLabelle, wow that is some dedication! Hats off to you! I know that must just make you love him even more. :chibi
    19. yeap, he really is my baby. Even if we fight till the cows come home and leave again from our shouting ^^;
    20. I fell in love with the F-04 head just by looking at websites, so when I got the head, before the body arrived, I already knew I was going to love my doll. I spent a lot of time doing her face up, removing it and changing it over time, that by the time her body arrived, I knew that I had achieved the look I wanted.

      Then her body came, and once I put her head on, I knew that I had made the right choice. I think that my bond with her was finalized when I settled on a name, I had a few in mind, but nothing seemed to stick until I chose Gemma. Then she seemed to really be mine, and I could think of her as having a personality.

      It will be interesting to see how I feel about any other BJDs I get over time, but with Gemma, I feel lucky to have her, and often think about how beautiful she is. :love