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Bonding with a headless body?

Mar 18, 2016

    1. I'm curious if anyone else has had the experience of bonding with a doll body without a head. I've had my Volks SDGrB body for about a week (my Ryu head won't be here for another month or so) but I already feel weirdly attached to it for some reason, even without a face.

      The general consensus seems to be that the head/face is largely the 'soul' of a BJD, which I think I can agree with fairly readily. It's just that this view becomes rather interesting when you consider that the body is physically 90% of the doll. For me, having even just the body at home almost feels like having the whole doll... I can hug it and play with it and put it in my lap. I know it sounds weird, but I'm really attached to this body! Who knows what it'll be like once I get Nicky's head, LOL.

      Anyone have similar experiences?
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    2. While my first doll was getting her first face up from a friend, I played with just the body too. Granted the head was in my living room, but it was mid face up for a week or so. I still have the urge to leave her headless and just make her a dullahan for a while lol.
    3. Yes, I have! I have been in love with the Luts Senior Delf Type 3 boy body for years, it's almost been a Grail body. I'm finally bringing it home for a surprise head I received.

      I've also had a situation where a head was at faceup artist's and I still did photoshoots with the body during that time.
    4. @dark_starlover3 glad i'm not the only one.... i felt a little embarrassed cuddling this headless doll by myself OTL
      @CloakedSchemer i.. loVE THAT BODY.... omg i'm so glad you got to bring it home. hope you post pics when your doll is complete!!
    5. Up until a few weeks ago I would have said no, but I bonded HARDCORE to my Volks DDdy body while I was waiting on the head to arrive. It was well over a month or so... but I adore it.
    6. While usually the head is what I choose first, I've had this odd love affair with my Model Delf body. He didn't have a head for quite a while as I was saving up and then waiting for Migidoll to produce it. Now that I have it on him, I still sometimes catch myself thinking I love the body more :)
    7. I havent actually had just a body yet, but im hybrid-ing my last doll. For a while i only knew which body i wanted, i had no idea which head so my only idea of my doll was just a headless body.

      The whole time ive been dead set on this body and i was like "so whats the big deal with this stupid body, it doesnt even have a face". But like you said, its 90% of the doll, and personally it makes my dolls character come together. Personslly ive decided that both head and bodies are both interchangeably bondable.

      Ugh, it does feel so weird talking about how awesome headless bodies are though. I swear if some non doll people stumbled across doll conversations they'd be so scared. "I haven't taken the body out of the box for a while, im waiting for her new head to get here"
    8. Oh, I've been here. I had a Doll Chateau Youth boy body sitting around without a head for months, and I was just so in love with it. @3@ I called him The Noodle Prince because of his long, thin appendages and neck, and I spent so much time just playing with him. XD I just love him to bits.
    9. I really like my Fairyland ChicLine male body. The head is great, but in this instance, the body is awesome in my opinion. I also appreciate that it is my best posing body too.
    10. Yup. I've wanted to get my hands on the solid torso Delf girl body for years, and when I finally had a chance to get one it arrived long before its intended head. I still loved it like whoa at first sight. XD
    11. One of my earliest BJDs was a Volks School head from 2002. It was from before the days of School A, it was just called the School head! He arrived to me on an oldskin SD13B body of about the same age. It was a quirky odd thing. When I was able to afford to upgrade my School head to a pureskin long leg body, I was weirdly reluctant to sell the old one! I'd had Gavreau on that body for as long as I'd had him, I felt like it was part of who he was. But I ultimately wanted him to be taller, so I finally sold it.

      I sort of regretted it because the body was a perfect resin match, and it was also sort of like holding a piece of Volks history in my hands. I missed it quite a bit and even considered buying one again, but I think I'm basically over it now. I tell myself I'm better off with the newer long leg body, and Gavreau still looks pretty much the same really.

      Linda S.
    12. If I were to have just the body or a few parts of a doll usually I just put it away and try not to look/think about it until I can get more pieces of it together. Although sometimes I'll get anxious just looking at the box take whatever it is out to look at it and get excited about the thought of completing it eventually.
    13. I bonded with my first doll body. My doll was headless for a long time because she came with the default head that I honestly could not stand. While I awaited her new head and face up I had the body out on display. The sculpt was so gorgeous that, by not having her head, I really got to appreciate the intricacies and details of her body. Having the ability to change her hands, feet and chest only make it that much more fun!
    14. I got my Akagidoll body for a hybrid I was making and when I opened him up and saw him laying there in a shirt (that was quite big for him) I just fell in love with him. His body had such nice smoothness to it and the fact that he's my best poser out of all my dolls only helped me bonding with him further. He was headless for about two months, and the head - even though they don't match colors at ALL only made me like the doll even more. Even without a head, I enjoyed the body very much and took pictures of it.
    15. wow, a lot of replies since i last checked this thread!! thanks for sharing all your experiences :)
    16. At first I thought heck no! A body is just a body! Then I realized that my Doll Chateau conjoined twin body doesn't have heads and I've worked their character in a recent photo-story as twins who when they talk make hissing sounds (the sound of air escaping their neck hole) and in a more recent story had them fashioning makeshift heads out of ribbon and bits of fabric and attaching it to their S hooks. As a result I'm leaning towards leaving them this way.
    17. ME TOO!! I love the Delf body with the lower hip joint instead of the mid-torso joint. I've had one for quite some time now and I just CAN'T seem to find the right head for it. But there's no way I'll part with it! It's far too pretty, and it would be nearly impossible to replace, given that most of the Delf girls on the secondary market have the other torso type. Someday the poor thing will be a whole doll. :sweat
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    18. *Solid torso high five!* Mine's WS, and three seconds after I received it an NS one went up on the marketplace--I had to slap my hand away from the PM button! :love Good luck finding a head for it!
    19. Oh for sure! I've always adored the Feeple65 girl body from Fairyland. And as I'm saving up money to get one of my own, I constantly look at pictures of the body to study its parts and the way it poses over and over again xD

      I also feel the same way about the Feeple65 male muscular body. It's just my absolute favorite male body from all the companies I've looked at so far! Even though I'm not crazy about the sculpts Fairyland made for the feeple65 male bodies, (The Roke is my preferred sculpt of them all), I still love seeing and playing with my current Feeple65 muscular body because it's just so darn cute! xP
    20. I kind of do with my Volks SDGrG body that sometimes I would just take her out of the box and adore every parts of it XD. The reason I said "kind of" is because she is actually a full doll but the head is not my intended head to be on this body.
      I also have bonded with hands......yes it may sound weird but hands! It's a Volks SDGrG WS promising hand. I have loved it for the longest time so I grabbed it as fast as I can when I saw it in the MP. But the SDGr body I have right now is in NS so the only thing I can do is adore it on its own.....but then I somehow starts bonding with it and start thinking about how I am going to use it in my future photoshoots/photostories! Weird enough XD

      EDIT: Oops I didn't finish typing and I pressed post Orz give me one minute to finish XD Finished~
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