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Bonding with Dollfie Dreams as opposed to all-resin BJDs?

Aug 30, 2005

    1. Hello everyone^^

      I'm pretty happy and getting revved up because I'm getting Dollfie Dreams Femi and Cheryl in the next few days. I was just wondering about other peoples' experiences with bonding with Dollfie Dream girls--
      Do you find you bond with them just as much/as strong as an all-resin BJD?
      Do you value them just as much? (sentimentally)

      I'm really excited about Femi and Cheryl because I find them SO adorable, and I'm excited about their durability and posability. I've been thinking of pretty names for them and everything *o*
      I think I'll love them just as much as a resin doll because it's not really about monetary value to me (hah-- they are expensive anyway @-@ more expensive than some resin BJDs) and the vinyl and resin materials Volks uses seem so nice too, I'm just really curious about other peoples' perception of Dollfie Dreams because they are very different from polyurethane resin BJDs (especially DD2 'Inner Frame').

      If any DD owners could leave some feedback about them, I'd really appreciate it^^


      ps. Just to add a bit of commentary-- I find DD girls so pretty with their more anime-styled sculpts and eyes. I've become especially interested in them since they came out with DD Production Model Sirius and the new Inner Frame body; it's just so cool. I really love that the inner frame is made out of special 'ABS and nylon resin combination' because it adds the resin attribute that we've all become accustomed to with asian BJDs.
    2. I think my DD1 is the sweetest since she'll always be my first... no matter whatever else I try to get my hands on, she'll never be displaced....

      My first experience with crazy legs, the first time she stood up long enough to not only take her picture, but then she'd just keep standing :D , putting the perfect set of eyes in that make her so incredibly expressive....

      I will admit that she doesn't keep me from wanting a resin BJD, but then she's not the jealous type, but I think she knows she may be getting a very handsome mate someday!

    3. I don't have my own DD (YET)

      but the ones I've seen have held my fascination.. I'm planning to make a special DD girl for a friend of mine sometime (I just need to get the SCH head B though >_<; )

      I LOVE their body.. and I just love them in general.

      If by some strange chance you don't bond with yours.. gimme a page ~_~;;;;;;;; I can't go out and buy one right now off the bat, BUT I would love one sometime... some day ~o~

      Please post lots of pictures!!!
    4. I have two hybrids with version 1 of the DD bodies and resin heads. I can't speak for the DD heads, because both of mine came with the resin heads, but I like the bodies very much. The vinyl matches the resin pretty well as far as color is concerned, and it doesn't feel all that different from the resin, except for the breasts and hands, of course. It still feels a little strange the way the breasts yield when you press them. But if you want a sexy doll body, the DD bodies are hard to beat.
    5. I had a DD, and while I marvelled at the engineering of her (great posing) and texture of the vinyl, she was just too aggressively female for me to bond with her.. thats just my experienced. I think so long as you are not intimidated by big boobs you will absolutely love your girls!
    6. I haven an RML head on a DD2 body, and I adore her. I don't have to worry as much about, say, her fingers breaking, or things like that, and she's the only doll I'll travel with on a regular basis because of it. :daisy
    7. I started my Dollfie hobby with the original Volks EB models (1/6 scale dollfie) and the Noix de Rome models about 6 years back. I have bonded to the little fairies as much as my new resin BJDs.
      When I saw the DD, I wanted one because it reminded me of the begining of my obsession. A sort of tribute to nostalgia, perhaps? O.o

      When I got my DDIF (DD2), and I felt the softness of her vinyl skin, I knew that this was a doll I could actually cuddle with as I was watching TV or making her jewelry. The DD models have all the beauty and detail of the SD and MSD, but they have a sort of touchable humanity... the vinyl isn't as cold and rigid as resin.

      (...not to mention the DD has a beautiful silouette and is a gorgeous model for photography. And the DD2's rigid skeleton makes holding poses a simple task. *sigh* if only inner frames were available to put into any dollfie...)

      After completely bonding with Toumako, I thought that if dollfie companies like Angel Region and Dream of Doll, etc were to make their dolls available for purchase in vinyl instead of resin; I would buy them gladly!

      Vinyl is a wonderful compound for dollfie; it can be mixed to be either rigid, soft or firm; it would be less likely to break, and it would not chip; and (best of all) it would GREATLY reduce the cost of the dollfie!

      So, bottom line:
      DDs will bond with you as soon as you give her a big hug and realise you didn't get bruises!
    8. i would love to see one in person. their anime likeness is appealing. but i don't know if i would think of them being as "delicate" as a resin bjd is.
    9. So far my only BJD is a Dollfie Dream. (I once held someone else's Mini Super Dollfie at a doll meet-up a few months ago and I was amazed as to how heavier that doll was even though she is physically shorter than my DD.) I purchased the first version last year and customized her myself. I think it was through my customization of that doll that I bonded with her and that bonding gets re-newed every time I create a new outfit for her from scratch or take her to a doll-related event (such as the Intro to BJD panel and doll meet-up that were held at Otakon over a week ago).

      I have yet to purchase a resin doll so I can't really compare bonding with a DD vs. bonding with a MSD or SD. But I've been mostly happy with my experiences with a DD, even with my doll's "crazy legs" tendencies. What's really cool is that whenever I take her out in public, I get people approaching me asking me about the doll. My doll is definitely a people magnet and she's a better attention getter than I am when I'm by myself without my doll.

      I would like to get a male companion for her but I think it would be nicer if the companion is another vinyl doll rather than a resin doll so the two of them would be a match for each other. I've been waiting for Volks to get around to releasing a male DD but I've recenly read in the Large Doll section of this forum about Obitsu possibly releasing a 60 cm male doll. (So far it has only released a male chest as a replacement part even though its doll bodies look pretty feminine. There are rumors that Obitsu will release a male body soon.) If that's the case, then I'll probably buy a male doll from Obitsu.
    10. I saw a DD hybrid at a dollmeet, and I must say...I fell instantly in love with the body! :D In fact, I would go so far as to say that any big girl I would have, I would prefer the DD body to a resin body, it's just that beautiful!
    11. I picked up a DD2 in Japan, and I have to say, I LOVE the poseability, the softness, and the ultrafemininity. Plus, the squishy boobs are just too fun. ^_~

      I'm still not a big fan of the anime heads, but as my girl will be getting a resin one, it's all good. ^^
    12. oooo
      Thanks for all the cool comments, guys! You really have me all antsy for my girls now *o*
      I just won Femi and Cheryl from Yahoo!Japan this morning! I got them from a really good seller I've dealt with before and got them both for thier retail price, so that's all good. I decided to use Shopping Mall Japan to get the girls from Y!J because somehow SMJ manages to not trigger any nasty Canadian Customs charges, whereas if I bought directly from Volks I would have got a reallly nasty one (about $120). x__x
      Hehe! but I'm so happy! Femi is so pretty and fun-looking, and Cheryl is more sweet and emotionally expressive.

      I'm not too worried about their huge breasts; I don't mind at all. XD I'm kinda freaked to see what the soft resin is like though, hahah *squish-squish*~
      I'm really glad you guys love Dollfie Dreams; I was kinda worried about getting them because they seem a little underappreciated since they're not made completely out of resin and don't cost $800 (like I wouldn't be a 'true bjd owner' if I got them; psh-- I'm such a retard sometimes. XD).
      I'm so happy! I won my girls and got phoned for an interview for tomorrow! yaaay!

      Doll-Mage and zoi_no_miko >> I am from Alberta too! I grew up in Medicine Hat*-* <3
      So cool to meet you^^

      Take care and thanks for your input :grin:

    13. just out of curiousity.. about how much is a DD body?
    14. about $220 for DD2 Inner Frame body, about $180 for DD1 body^^
    15. I had trouble bonding with my DD. In the end I got myself a real Chii. My mother has the DD on loan. I'm in no rush to get her back. I like the weight of the resin dolls, but then I also love ponies as pets because they are so substantial.

    16. *LOL* I think that "agressively female" sums up my experience with DDs pretty well.
      I got a Dollfie Dream from another DoA member because I wanted her body to go
      with a Luts Vampire Dark Elf Soo head... but when I opened the box, the head
      she came with looked at me and said "My body! MINE!"
      and promptly became something of an 80s catgirl.
      I was forced to find another DD body for the VDES head... luckily, this one
      had no head with it to lay claim to it. ;-)

      I'm nearly done doing the face-up on the VDES head. I've tried her
      on the body already, too - and she also comes across as quite a strong woman.
      The funny thing is, while they're both DD1 bodies, they come across as totally
      different. Both bodies are blushed, but the one for the VDES head has had
      her back arch corrected, so they hold theirselves differently. It really affects
      their personalities - and that's just the bodies!

      I (obviously) find DDs to be very strong, personality-wise - less sugar more spice.
      I'm interested in hearing how your girls are when you meet them. :-D
    17. oh, not bad price then..

      I jsut don't know about having a girl though.. I'm not sure I would get along with her.XD I'm too much of a geek
    18. I have a DD2 (inner frame) as well! I made a custom head for her because the heads for the DD’s are too anime overall for me too. Thus now I have my spunky little elf Arwen. She’s more of a out-spoken pixie that follows me around than “My child” as most BJD owners call their dolls (Not that there is anything wrong with that! I think it’s very endearing! ^^ ) I had no trouble bounding at all. After that head was made and that first clothing set sewn she was mine all mine. :daisy

      I don’t own a resin doll but I’ve held and seen many of them. I personally LOVE the soft vinyl, lightness, and pose ability of the DD2! No elastic to worry about either…and you can easily take her apart at her torso, hands, shoulders, and hips to put on clothes. It’s very convenient. Also, I’m not afraid to break her so I have already brought her on roadtrips, campouts, and to visit malls and my old high school in her short three months of life (so far).

      Lastly, I also must say I specifically chose the DD2 for these reasons, and also for her womanly build. ^__^ She has a very nice torso indeed! That way I can dress her up all sexy or cute and she looks good either way.

      My only complaint would have to be I am always paranoid of staining (the soft vinyl is very susceptible to staining from certain dyes or dark fabrics). It will be awhile till I can muster up the courage to put her in anything black (she would look so good too…) even if it was pre-washed. Oh well…

      Do post pics of your new girls (or should I saw women?) when you get them!
    19. I have a resin BJD (CP Yder) and a DD1. I got the resin doll first and was so nervous of damaging him. I still don't handle him as much.
      When I got my DD I was much more playful with her, and still am. I let my girls play with her and dress her and I barely let them touch my Nathaniel.
      I love them both for different reasons. i plan on getting more resin dolls and vinyl dolls. :grin:
    20. I don't have a Dollfie Dreams girl, but my best friend does.
      I love her. It's awesome to be able to carry her around places without fear of breaking her, or killing your back/arms. She weighs next to nothing. I've dropped her several times, and she just bounced.