Publication Book about BJD art dolls just published

Jul 8, 2017

    1. This is the first book dedicated only to BJD made by artists.

      For the first time, more than 40 artists among the biggest names are gathered in this book : Marina Bychkova (Enchanted Doll); sisters Popovy; Elena Akimova ; Oxana Geets (Bardo Research) ; Kori Leppart (Turtle Child studio), Forgotten Hearts, Olga Good ; Alina Ivanova ; Anna Kucherenko ; Natalia Lituta (Ingenue Dolls) ; Lillycat Cerisedolls ; Natalia Loseva ; Irina Lumiere ; Lutsenko dolls ; Polina Myalovskaya (Vividdolls) ; Rafael Nuri (BiDoll) ; Forgotten Hearts ; Mari Shimizu ; Maryna Skubenko ; Tatiana Tofaneto (DollEssence) ; Tatyana Trifonova (Triffony Artwork) ; Lene Villadsen ; Sabine Vogel ; Dorote Zaukaite and many others.

      I named it "The art of BJD - The first guide for collectors" - Publisher Les Presses Littéraires - 318 pages. More than 350 photos and entirely bilingual book, french/english.
      Here are the first links available where you can find this book :

      Les Presses Littéraires

      Publisher website :

      Amazon France:

      Amazon United Kingdom :
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    2. Will this book be available also through Amazon United States?
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    3. I'm interested, but I'd like to know more. Does the book just showcase the different styles among the artists featured or is there more to it than that?
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    4. I agree with @officialorange, I'd like to know more.
      Because there was a great BJD collector's guide (company list, tutorials, etc) and artist showcase called "BJD Orbyrarium: An Angel's Guide to the Universe of Modern Ball Jointed Dolls" that was released through Den of Angels in 2006. If the book is similar to that, I'd definitely be interested.
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    5. I'd also like to point out that some of the dollmakers featured (Turtle Child Studio caught my eye at once) have specialties that are off-topic for Den of Angels (porcelain instead of resin). The publisher's definition of "BJD" may not necessarily coincide with what is on topic for DoA, so you may want to take that into consideration.
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    6. Hello,
      Before to post the information here, I asked first to the moderator and he answered me that it was ok to mention that both porcelain and resin dolls are included in the book. So I think that things were done right. Thank you.

      Hello, The book is available on all the European Amazon sites. I will ask the publisher if it will be added on Amazon USA (you can directly post the question on his Facebook link if you want).
      But I know the publisher ships worldwide and on his website, you can order the book for any country with reasonable shipping cost (the book is quite heavy!) and pay with Paypal.
      Thank you for your interest.

      Thank you for your question. That's right, my presentation was a bit short. This book is first of all dedicated to BJD dolls hand-made by artists all over the world. There's an introduction for each of these artists to explain how they came to make BJD dolls and their thinking on the BJD creation. I added two other parts, one concerning the history of the BJD and more widely of the doll, and another one to people designing costumes, furniture and accessories for BJD dolls.

      Hello, Please see my answer to officialorange. I think my book is slightly different from the one you are referring to. There are many artists and designers showcased but no tutorials. There is already several published books dedicated to BJD makers with tutorials and patterns. Mine is for collectors who want to discover OOAK BJD dolls.
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    7. Do you have any pictures of the contents at all? Amazon has a "look inside" feature which would be good to use. I was going to ask about the language used, but your post says French & English. The product listing only says French though.
    8. Hello.
      Well you are right : there's a mistake in the Amazon ad. It's only mentioned French although I confirm you that the book is entirely bilingual French AND English. And I also don't understand why the pictures showing the presentation inside have disappeared. Two days ago, they were in the ad. You can still see these pictures on the publisher website.
      Anyway I will point out these two things tomorrow and I hope it will be corrected quickly.
      Many thanks for your comment.
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    9. I love art books and introductions to new ooak artists. However, my grasp on french is not strong enough to buy directly from the publisher. I would be more than willing to order through amazon if it was available for US.
    10. If it's not too much trouble, I would love to know the ISBN number for this book. I would like to recommend it to a friend who works at a bookshop. :)
    11. Hello,
      I undertand you. I know some people from USA bought their book through Amazon UK.
      And if you send an email to the publisher in english ([email protected]), he will be able to answer you in english, no worry.
      But tomorrow I think he will answer me about the possibility to have the book available on
      So stay tuned. Thanks !

      Hello Nefalia,
      No trouble at all. Here is the ISBN number : 979-1031003078
      Book size : 21 x 29,7 cm (A4)
      Do not hesitate with any question if I can help.
      Thank you.
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    12. I am always interested in books about both resin and porcelain art dolls, even though DoA is a resin only forum.

      It seems like most of the resin artists are European/Russian while the porcelain artists are also from Asia. Not very many Asian (or other global artists) resin artists are being featured in this book, so what was the criteria for the artist selection for this publication? Or is this not meant to be a "comprehensive guide" to resin artist sculpted dolls and the collecting of them but a "selective guide" to collecting?
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    13. Hello,
      In fact most of the artists working on OOAK dolls prefer the porcelain as a more noble material but they often develop also resin lines. On the contrary, European and Russian artists use rather porcelain. The first productions of BJD in series were Asian and in resin. I didn't add many Asian artists in the book because in Japan, there's already a lot of books presenting the creations of the most well known Asian artists. I wanted to present artists maybe less known (I mean that they have never been gathered in a specialized book about BJD) and with a lot of diversity in styles and origins. The criteria was make something that had not already be done.There's some artists missing of course but it would have been quite impossible to get an absolutely complete list. The book would have been massive; and mainly this collective project can not suit all the artists. So even if it's not the intention, there's always a natural selection.
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    14. I personally find the tagline "guide for collectors" to be misleading for the described contents of the book. A collectors guide generally has a catalog feel often with a price guide for aftermarket value. This sounds more like a gallery or survey of select doll artists?
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    15. Hello,
      It's a good remark but the term of guide for collectors is justified because there's a price range indicated for each artist so each one can have an idea of the kind of doll he can afford among all the models and artists. The difficulty with OOAK dolls is that prices can vary a lot depending the work needed, the type of materials and the time spent by the artist. But you can have an idea to know how much you can expect to pay for a doll made by such or such artist. I would add concerning the aftermarket value that the BJD market in my opinion has nothing to compare for example with the market of antique dolls. Antiques dolls' rating is well established. The BJD market is much more fluctuating. The main reason is that artists are constantly improving their techniques. So for reselling a doll, even by a very well known artist, you will not recover the same value (except maybe the Enchanted dolls !).
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    16. I am sorry, just to understand, is the content of the book more centered on porcelain? Is the resin work well represented? I do love the work of porcelain artists, but many of us only collect resin (again, DoA is a forum for resin dolls).
    17. Hello,
      There is really a mix between the two : you will find artists working only with porcelain, some working only with resin or other materials like polymer clay and a few others working both with porcelain and resin.
      I guess you will discover in the book, artists offering resin dolls that you didn't know. A lot of artists represented prefer to talk about their porcelain creation but many have discovered the interest of developping resin lines.
      But I don't mean to influence you. If your main interest is for resin only, you may be disappointed because you won't find enough about resin dolls in the book.
      I prefer everyone to be satisfied with the book, so if you feel it does not meet your expectations, it's better to consider it's not the right book for you.
      Thank you anyway for your interest.
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    18. Also if I'm not mistaken, it's quite possible to purchase the book through Amazon UK or Amazon France. All you do is go on the site, log in with your usual account info, and purchase the book. The currency will be converted straight on the site. You can purchase items like books and CDs through out of country Amazon sites, but not other items!
    19. Thank you for your comment kakipi. That's absolutely right.
      I have also another link for international buyers.
      You can now find the book also on Ebay with additional pictures that the Amazon websites do not display.

      L’art de la BJD le premier guide à l’usage des collectionneurs - The art of BJD | eBay

      I hope it can help.

      If it suits you, see now the link with Ebay :
      L’art de la BJD le premier guide à l’usage des collectionneurs - The art of BJD | eBay
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    20. This is only true if the seller allows it, and if your card allows it. I tried this in the past, and the seller allowed it, but my debit card declined it until I called and manually allowed it. It flagged it as fraud!
      However, I will try to use it through ebay, thanks so much for the follow up <3 i am very excited to see it.

      ETA: I tried to purchase it through ebay, and ebay wouldn't allow it, so I went back to and tried to purchase it through that, and ran into my card issue. I will just have to call my bank and per-authroize it so it doesn't get flagged. For all other USD buyers, it came out to roughly 75$ for shipping and the exchange rate. Hope that helps :)
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