Boomerang- The One That Came Back

Jul 14, 2016

    1. I've read numerous stories of people who sold dolls, regretted it, and bought the sculpt again later. Of dolls that were sold or traded to get the same sculpt in a different skintone. These are the BJDs that will not leave. No matter how you try, they always come back to you. I'd like to hear about your 'boomerangs'.


      This is Rhelm. He's a CP Kid Delf Ani elf.

      We met at @R1VET and I's first meetup. One of the mods of our forum put him up for sale. He was a rescue doll; she had adjusted a bad eyemod on him. He kept calling out to me. Finally, as everyone was packing to leave, I caved. She gave me a very good price on him.

      I had him for a couple of years. But the longer I owned him, the less he fit the character. Then someone put an elf I wanted up for trade. Even better, she had a doll I wanted to get R1VET. We agreed to a multi-doll trade, and off Rhelm went to live with her. Yet a year later, she did a large collection revamp and we ended up trading dolls again. Guess who came back?

      But I still didn't know what to do with him. R1VET liked him too, so we swapped him yet again. And this time, I could actually visit him. After months of no character progress, R1VET decided that they weren't going to do anything with him. At our last meetup, they bequeathed him back to me.

      I guess we're meant to be together. I've been chosen like a Pokémon. :XD:
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    2. I've replaced several of the older Delfs I had in BW resin with NS versions over the years, just because I dislike the color CP's white resin tends to turn with age. Gaia (Elf Lishe), Falcon (Elf El) and Crane (El) all ended up as the same sculpt after the switch as they were before, so they'd count as boomarangs... I'm still looking for a NS Type 1 Vampire Shiwoo with the old default face-up (HAVE to have those ridiculous eyebrows- :lol: ) to replace Kingfisher, the last member of that little group who's in need of a re-set.

      I also very recently purchased a tanned resin Dark Elf Soo to replace the older NS version of Nyala, a character avatar who was always supposed to be a darker-skinned than she was. That's been a long, long time coming.

      Those "opportunistic replacements" aside, there's also one member of the crew who was sold off, missed terribly for a couple of years and then repurchased from the company. That's Seimei, my Dollshe Hound.

      Seimei v.1 was the third doll in my collection, purchased from Tensiya not long after I got Harumatsu and Tien Jen, in February 2006. I had him for several years, but eventually decided that since he just wasn't tinkered with as often as my smaller 1/3s that I didn't need to keep him. I sold him to a friend and thought that was the end of it, but after awhile I really started to miss the lanky goofball. Unfortunately, Dollshe had discontinued many of their sculpts, including Hound, by then and they'd gone from being very common sculpts to fairly hard-to-find ones. I'd pretty much given up on getting Seimei back when Dollshe decided to do one more sale of the older sculpts. I pounced with great pouncing, and Seimei v.2 has been part of the tribe ever since. He may not be the center of attention, but I learned my lesson. The big guy is here to stay this time.
    3. Mine is a Fairyland Chic Line Rou. I love this sculpt, but being only 40cm tall and a mature male, finding clothing has been very difficult. I know it can be done, lol. He was a Grail doll because when I was able to purchase him secondhand from a friend, FL had said they were not going to open orders for Chic Line. I did become very frustrated trying to find eyes, a wig, and clothing. He sat for a year bald, naked and faceless in a drawer. I decided to sell him due to his 'rarity' at the time and the fact I felt guilty for not being able to finish him. Well, that was a huge mistake! I so regretted it! Thankfully, I was able to purchase another one secondhand. Not long after, FL decided to do a pre order for the Chic Lines agIn. I still think I got the better deal, lol. However, my guy is still bald, naked, and faceless in a drawer. I'm keeping him and maybe someday I can figure out what my problem is and do him justice. Dolls in general are frustrating for me and I have a tendency to give up on them too soon.
    4. For me it would have to be my littlerebel aleksander. A few months ago I had to sell him unfortunately. I thought I would be okay without him and that I would be able to find another sculpt for my character. But boy was I wrong. I couldn't find a sculpt that suited what I had in mind for character. I really regretted selling him and I missed him so much
      So I decided that once one was on the market place I would buy him. It took a while to find one but I was so happy to finally get him back lol.I'm glad to have him now as littlerebel artist is taking a break from making the doll heads
    5. For me it's Delf El. XD I bought a BW dreaming El, sold him, bought a NS El mod, bought another BW dreaming El with an open-eyed head, ended up switching their heads and hoarding the dreaming head, then bought a NS dreaming El, and a tan El, and finally sold the modded El. :sweat:sweat:sweat There is just something about the sculpt that I can't live without!

      But I also had a particular doll that came back. My third doll I ever owned was a Delf Shine, and I ended up selling him to a friend, who sold him to another friend, and in recent years I had been missing the sculpt so I was considering buying another one. Then my friend who owned my old one offered him back to me! It's pretty cute to have him around again, a little piece of nostalgia!
    6. For me, I think it might be Dollzone Mo. My second doll was a MSD Mo-2. Two years after getting him, I decided to upgrade him to SD Mo-B. I sold the little one. The big one I got was secondhand and too yellowed for the body I had him on, so I sold the head and bought one with less yellowing. Then I decided that my boy needed a child, so I bought another Mo-B for when the baby grew up. As time went on, I changed my mind and fell out of love with Mo, as he just wasn't realistic enough to fit in my collection as my tastes changed. Lately, I've been missing my original MSD Mo, and considering rebuying him. I'm not entirely convinced yet, but I have been playing his character again, and I do still love him. So...after one mini Mo and three big Mos, I may need to get back my mini Mo and possibly a tiny Mo for his kid. >.>