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Borderline Sizes

Dec 19, 2017

    1. (Sorry if this thread already exists!)

      I've been looking for a short MSD with a particular body type for a while now, and the body I finally found is 37 cm. M-Line Minifees are 38 cm, and DoA considers them short MSDs rather than tall YoSDs, as they do the 37 cm body. I think it's interesting, if a little weird, and I was wondering if there are other dolls out there who exist in that weird borderline size area. Do you own any? What heights do you consider the formal cut-off points of different sizes?
    2. There aren't really any cut-off points. The terms YoSD, MSD and SD refer to Volks lines; but since every artist has a different picture in their head when sculpting, those size ideas are often abbandoned or stretched very far.

      The line between YoSD and MSD for example got veeeeeery blurry in the last few years. There are tiny mature dolls (like from Xagadoll) even though 'only' SDs were considered mature a few years ago; and there are MSDs that have toddler proportions (Meadowdolls and the swoop of chubby MSDs like Luts BabyDelfs). Not to mention the in-between-sizes like Youpladolls small MSDs. And then there's the whole mature MSD trend (Iplehouse, Souldoll, Racoondoll, Creaturedoll, Luts, ...).

      Dollmore Zaolls and Dollchateau are good examples of weird in between sizes, esp. since DC dolls have not-so-common proportions. Zaolls are 50cm tall, and could be either considered large MSDs or very small SDs; DC on the other hand has MSDs ranging from 43 to 52cm.
    3. I seem to have a bunch of weird in-between doll sizes. I have 2 Soom ID51's (51cm) which are bigger than typical MSD's but much shorter than most SD boys. My SoulDoll Souloid is an MSD but he's also 49cm, which is really tall for an MSD. My Iple Creaa boy is 50cm but incredibly skinny so looks even taller (and nothing standard fits him). I have a SoulDoll Vito boy as well and he's 52cm. My Sugarble naga boy is technically a tiny due to body size but if you measure him from head to tail tip, he's 42cm, so MSD size. My Camilla Dynasty boy is a shorter MSD at 42cm as are my OrientDoll boys (although they're more muscular and slim). I have an AoD/LEDoll collab doll that is 58cm, which is a weird size for a boy.

      And of course, they all require their own patterns with slight variations to make stuff fit them decently.
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    4. I got one second hand and wanted to get articulated hands and high heeled feet. The hands and feet are a tiny bit bigger than her body. Too big for this size but too small for the next size up... I find it diffcult shopping online and always try to look at exact sizes very carefully now.
    5. I have an Alice in Labyrinth 1/3 doll which is 52 cm tall so it's a bit shorter than other SD-sized dolls. Alice in Labyrinth also has a line of 1/4 dollls which are 37cm tall.
    6. Some of my OCs that I want to shell need to be around 37cm to be the right height compared to my other msds but I worry a lot about the clothing issue. Most clothing seems targeting at the slim msd and I really stink at sewing myself. I might try out the moe body for a minifee since those get a lot of clothing made for them. I like the bodies a lot but I don't think I will be able to save up for one of those anytime soon.
    7. I love finding borderline doll sizes - as that gives a better range of sizes for my collection/village LOL I sew & can make my own patterns so the only thing that gets troublesome is shoes.
    8. My petite Ai and myou loretta are taller and bigger than the rest of my yosd! They are 30cm while the rest are average 27cm, most clothes fits tho except very tight dress or shorts
    9. I love the odd sized dolls. Most of my collection is made up of them! I’m only missing a Doll in the 35cm range. I hope to find one someday. It is true that finding clothes is difficult, but I’m having more success lately and have gotten my entire crew dressed. Learning to sew has helped a lot too.
    10. I have a few Cherish Faith dolls, who are very odd size. They fit in the same clothes as my Pukifee, except of course that the dresses are a bit short for them.
      My Pukifees (I have two heads, but one is on a Lati body) and Faiths and Resinsoul YoSD all fit in the same clothes.

      For me shoes are the biggest issue. I prefer dolls with hooves or claws just for that reason. LOL!!