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Bought the body but the head doesn't fit. What would you do? Chrom head - female body

Jan 12, 2011

    1. I have my Chrom head all ready and waiting for a female body.
      I purchased an iplehouse girl body because I couldn't find any information on whether it would fit or not, but I thought since it was so close to the AOD body it would fit.

      Alas iplehouse bodies do not fit Soom MD heads, the color is super SUPER wrong. It also makes the head look like a bobblehead.

      Heres my question :)
      Would you trade the body towards a body that would fit a chrom head?
      Keep the body and hope you find someone who wants to trade?
      or put it up for sale/trade?

      (please no lectures on what I did wrong)
    2. This isn't really a GD topic. What IH body did you get for
      your head? I know that EID necks fit Soom SG girl heads
      well without any need for mods.
      When attempting to hybrid it really helps to research, a lot.
      Always compare things like neck circumference and shoulder
      width, hopefully those two things will mean a good match.
      As for resin matching you can always blush the head to match.

      It's obviously your choice what you do with the body, trade or
      sell. I'm curious how Chrom would look as a girl though, since
      I have one myself.....I would suggest you get a NS SG body.
    3. hmm I love the eid girls so much, I would be tempted to keep it and get a head for her :). I dont know much about trading and the saftey of it all so I would probably sell the body and look for another.
    4. I'd keep the item that I liked the most and sell the other :)

      All I can say is you should decide for yourself, chalk this up as a mistake and remember to research in the future ;)
    5. I would do the same. The body's the most expensive part to buy. If there's a head you like, I would spend the money to get a head for the body then try again for the right body to fit the Chrom head. However, if you don't have any plans for an Iplehouse doll, experiment with the marketplace to see what you can get out of it, trade or sell. It's all up to you.
    6. I'm staring down the barrel of this potentially happening to me soon, too. I've decided that, since the body is unique and really nifty, I'll pick up a head I like for it from the same line. (Body is a Dollmore Glamour Eve, and the head, a Souldoll Hye. It should work, but... ) Thankfully, there are heads from the Eve series I like that I could pick up eventually to swap out.
    7. I spent weeks giving myself a headache as I ploughed through threads looking for a good match for a Chrom head. It was at that time a theoretical buy. I'd seen one I liked, it was gender ambiguous and made me realise I could have a Chrom girl, but the issue of the two resin batches, one of them pinker, was sending me round in circles. Neckhole to head sizes was another one, head to shoulders, plus pricing. Just getting the right match. I was looking at male bodies initially, and then another Chrom head appeared on the MP which looked completely female to me. I took out a long layaway on her and went back to researching only to see a Beryl LMOD come up on the MP for the cheapest price ever, and in the UK. My dream doll plus a body for Chrom. That's how I solved the problem. And as for Chrom's colour, it wasn't as pink as I feared so perhaps I got one from the other batch. I do think the EID body is beautiful and if you think you're going to get an EID anyway you might want to hold on to it. It depends on whether you want your Chrom sooner or later. Someone recommended another body to me, but it was a size rather than a colour match. If you're interested I can look up the PM and see which one it was. But if colour's important, it might not be worth your trouble. I also can't vouch for the other body though the person who recommended it to me has a Chrom.
    8. Thats what I was saying XD I did research. I've owned the head for a couple months before I bought the body and I was going out on a limb since I didn't like the iplehouse body so much and the soom hybrid discussion thread didn't really saying anything about chrom fitting on the the YID body XP

      Since the AOD measurments are 9cm neck, and only 58cm high and the MD heads do infact fit I figured the YID 60cm doll would work, the neck was only a few .3 cm difference *Shrug* lol

      All I was wondering is what would you guys personally do, have you ever done that?

      (also where would a more appropriate place be for this ?)
    9. SO your girl has a SG body?
    10. Yes, she's on the Beryl SG - though not at the moment. I heard there were two colour batches with Chrom, one of which was a darker pink and that's the real issue. I think the head I was originally looking at was the darker one - the owner warned me about it. I thought the one I bought looked a bit pink in photos but there's very little colour difference so either the pink is not as dark as it's made out or I struck lucky and got a lighter one. It does look a bit pinky to me - like her face is flushed a little. I quite like it but it doesn't really show up in photos.

      I'd say with Chrom's head being quite small he's okay on the SG which has fairly narrow shoulders by my tastes. I'd say the head is narrow but longish in comparison to Beryl.

      I think your choice regarding what to do really comes down to whether or not you'd like a Chrom girl in the shorter term, or a YID, or if you're willing to wait longer, keep them both and try and put two dolls together. Chrom makes a fabulous woman and since there are precious few of them around she's worth going for.
    11. So, I decided to do a test, since I have both a Chrom (FL) head
      and a SG girl body (CW) I swapped heads. The fit and proportion
      is perfect, albeit a little creepy/scary looking lol.

      Would you like a picture?
    12. It would be interesting to see the FL head since I have the human Chrom head. I can post a link to a picture to that so Spshlfx has a comparison.
    13. OH I definitely want to get my Chrom girl, I have no character for the other female body but I just love this body! Its so beautiful!! And Im sure it wouldn't take me but two seconds to pull a character together...however...
      Price. I don't think I could get away with spending $500 on a SG body and another head :/

      I do realize this is my decision. Im not asking for you to decide for me, I just want to know what you would have done
    14. I can turn this *into* a general discussion easily enough ;) as this is the single most frequent thing I have happen to me. Neck measurements match, check. Body is the one I realllllly want to use for Mr. X and so is head, check. But put head on neck and you have 1) pinhead; or 2) bobblehead.

      I've never figured out how that happens when the neck measurements match, but it does and is one of the chief causes of my collection getting bigger when it's supposed to be getting smaller. ("oh crap! But wait, look, there's the matching head for sale! I'll buy it cos it's just a head...." and so it goes). Or the look isn't *quite* right and the head goes into the Floating Head Box to be sold (ha. ha. ha. riiiiight.) How do people do that, anyway? I've not found the answer.
    15. True - the two together are pricey!

      EDIT: I suppose as someone who saves space and money through head sharing I'd personally go for the body that could share the most heads I like. Which for me would be SG. You might be different though.
    16. Oh yes please

      Mirren I think I also have the reder batch because against the ipelhouse normal skin she looks sunburned. it doesn't show up in photos but in person it is very prominant
    17. Yes, I think mine looks a bit flushed too but it doesn't usually show up in photos. I have seen male Chroms with mismatched SG heads and bodies which were sent out that way. There was an obvious colour difference but I'm not seeing that so much with the head I have.
    18. You could probably find a SG girl body in the MP for under
      $400, just wait for a new MD girl (in NS of course!) to be
      released and find a split. OR, have you looked at Spiritdoll
      girl bodies? I know they work great with SG heads and the
      prices are really good: $388 for a proud body and $380 for
      the elegance body. And remember you can do layaway.
      Also it never hurts to put up a WTB thread.

      OK, these are probably my worst cellphone pics EVER but
      hopefully they serve a purpose. I'll delete them in a few
      days btw.:sweat
      FL Chrom on SG Girl Body!
    19. hahaha gorgeous dress, but oddly enough the head still looks a bit big on the sg :<