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Box opening videos

Jul 28, 2018

    1. Do you guys normally watch box opening videos? I find it so exciting to see someone get their doll!!

      Do you guys prefer those where the person talks throughout the video, an asmr box opening video or a video with just music in the background? I personally loooove the ones where you can hear everything clearly, it feels like im opening the doll myself!!
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    2. I really like watching those haoqi/lucky bag openings :whee: I don't normally watch regular doll box openings unless it's someone I'm already subscribed to or someone I know is pro-artist.
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    3. Who does ASMR bjd box openings?! I would be 100% down for those, I love watching the regular box openings already. So, ASMR ones would be even better at bedtime, lol.
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    4. If there's a doll I'm interested in, I watch box opens to see how it actually looks in someone's hands and then the owner's first impressions.
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    5. I only found this one and i looooove love love it
      I normally dislike asmr but I've always loved the sounds of opening the box and touching the doll
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    6. I love them way more than I should :D
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    7. I find them super entertaining, especially from people who're very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the dolls. When someone talks about posing or the sculpt's styling and mods they have planned, I feel enriched.
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    8. From time to time I love having them playing on the background, when I'm drawing or doll hunting or even face ups. They do give a nice vibe, and I live seeing how excited people get when there new doll arrives. It's also like watching somebody's little private ritual that they are sharing.
      And sometimes it's also useful information, like how the doll is shipped by the company but also quite some people give a little review about the doll and its quality. And then je mostly get somebody's unscripted first response.
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    9. I generally don't bother with them unless they have a person speaking. Even if it's just conversational or basic "how and when I ordered this doll" kind of stuff. I really REALLY prefer if they start talking about what kind of character it's going to be, how it will fit into their collection, sort of "first impression" review, etc. Hearing other people getting excited about their dolls makes me feel excited about mine.

      When they're completely silent and just box opening sounds it feels super awkward, and music is just boring and detached. I guess I just don't see the point.
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    10. I usually watch them if they're unboxing a doll that I'm interested in. And I much prefer talking in the videos over silence or the stereotypical copyright free music that so many youtube videos have.
    11. I prefer videos with actual noise. I like to think of the video as a substitute for a friendly conversation. It's like they're telling you all about their experiences and intentions, maybe rambling a bit occasionally, but still being sincere.

      Other than that, I usually watch box opening videos for the sake of getting familiar with a specific doll, or if it's a doll I intend to buy, I watch them to know what to expect (both to open and to find) when the doll is actually delivered. :)
    12. I don’t usually watch them, just because I don’t have the attention span to watch 25 minutes of opening a box. :sweat I’d rather look at box opening photos so I can see what I want to see all at once, at my own pace without feeling I might have skipped something important.

      I did watch one for the MoC Goodbye Bag, then I wished I hadn’t because she got a doll my sister desperately wanted, and we weren’t able to buy one at all. :doh

      All that being said, I do think they’re a very good thing for keeping records of the doll’s legitimacy and original owner! If I’m going to watch one at all, I like the ones with clear detail of the shipping box, doll box and doll itself. Talking about it is good, but I’m not very interested in the ones with a lot of off topic chatter or more focus on the person than the doll. I mean, you’re cute and all, but I’m watching to see the doll!
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    13. I watch only when I want to get a first look at a sculpt from an owner vs the company photos so I watch them highly sped up and still skip forward to when the doll actually gets unwrapped. Then I'll slow it to normal speed and watch. All the preliminaries don't really interest me, I just want to see the doll. I like reviews or comparisons much better than box openings.
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    14. I used to love watching bix openings! Especialy when I had a doll on the way myself.

      I rather not watch them now, since it makes me want to buy new dolls, just to experience the joy of opening that box!
    15. I love watching boxing openings without music because I prefer the interaction with the camera. And that arms box opening is a blessing on my ears
    16. I like to watch box openings if I’m not sure whether I want to buy something. And obviously you can really get a good look and first impressions from the reviewer. I love that! I thus prefer it if the person who makes the video shares all their thoughts. It’s the most informative. I don’t care whether there’s music or not.
    17. Some of the sculpts I was interested in didn’t have user photos I can find, but do have unboxing videos, so they were helpful for that!
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    18. For some odd reason, I love box opening videos. I love seeing what the doll company box looks like, what's inside of it, how the doll itself is packaged, whether there are any extras included and so on... I tend to skip the first part if getting rid of the bubble wrap/outer packaging takes *way* too long, but other than that, I find them rather fun to watch. I like videos that have some background music, but, like others, I prefer hearing the person's opinion on the doll... and I love it even more if the uploader includes a mini-review or at least a "first impressions" list of the doll's features and poseability!
      Some box openings were truly a life saver for me, when I was looking for videos about a certain doll, but there were no videos at all, save for box opening ones. As for ASMR box openings... nah, I'm afraid they're not my thing, even though I usually don't mind ASMR videos themselves. Probably because ASMR videos tend to put me in a sleepy mode, and that's the last thing I want to do when I'm looking for info about a doll :sweat
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    19. I'm not really into box opening videos, tbh, but I guess I can see the appeal :) I would probably be more into gacha/lucky box opening videos! I like seeing/hearing people get surprised.
    20. They're only enjoyable to me when they're well done, like Andreja's boxopenings.