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Box Openings - why do we have them?

Aug 23, 2010

    1. I have never seen another hobby whose members make a big deal of the box opening as BJD owners. I plan to do one myself when my doll comes.

      And then I wondered: why do we do this? I really can't answer that. I mean, you don't buy a new pair of shoes, and film yourself taking them out and putting them on. Who started it?


      1) Have you created a box opening video or taken pictures as you opened the box?

      --If yes, why did you do it?

      --If not, why not?

      2) Why do you think we do it?

      EDIT: This post is to not say that I think it's wrong at all, it just asks the question of why. (In case anyone needed clarification)
    2. I actually enjoy looking at box openings. ^^ Sharing the excitment with a new doll owner, or enjoying a new doll. Its also rather informative. Showing how other companies package their dolls, so you know kind of what to expect. Iv done a box opening with most of my dolls, I enjoy it because it extends the process of opening the package, and so legnthens that feeling of getting a brand new doll. I also like sharing that feeling with other doll owners.

      Im not sure how it started.. That would be something interesting to know.
    3. I don't do box-openings, but I believe part of the reason that so many people do is because of the immense wait times. After waiting 2, 3, up to 6 months (or more), who wouldn't be keen and eager to share their doll? Especially if they've been hanging around in this forum browsing the gallery threads while waiting. :)

      The other part of it could be because dolls here tend to be treated less like possessions and more like pets/family members (there are exceptions, of course), so a box opening thread is akin to showing off your newest baby's/pet's photos to anyone who would look. XD It's the 'proud parent' syndrome. XD
    4. Box openings are actually my favorite part of the forum.
      I've never posted any of mine, however, because I usually
      receive my doll long after others have already received theirs
      and posted opening.... it feels pretty pointless imo.
      For the rarer doll I almost feel it should be mandatory (jk) so
      that all those who missed out on said doll can admire or cry
      over losing out on it XD
      I agree with Foxxian, it feels like we are sharing in the joy
      & process of our fellow forum members as they open up their
      dolls box....it's fun and exciting and I'm always happy when
      someone receives that very special "dream doll" that they
      waited a long time for or thought they would never get :)
    5. I have made one box opening because I had gotten a Puki and she was soo cute I felt like making one. I normally open my dolls at the post office to check for problems / breakage. Most of my dolls I have bought aren't really rare maybe limited but not rare, so I normally don't do a box opening. I would do one if it was the first or one of the first to be mailed of a particular doll.

      I think most people do them because their isn't a lot of stores that you can go and see other dolls. I think this is the reason their are so many local meetups too! I like looking at them so I know what I'm getting and because it is fun to see how people react or do a box opening. Their are some video box opening on youtube.

      The companies pictures don't show some features or details of dolls. For example I was in a split for soom nenad and her wings aren't green like in the pictures on the site, I guess they paint them green. Soom didn't show how the wings attach to the body either in the sales pictures. Some times a doll will look very different in owner pictures than the company pictures.
    6. I wouldn't say BJD owners are the only people who do box openings. It's fairly common in the world of computer gadgets. I love doing them, it's a great way to share the anticipation. And this way you can show others what a doll looks like straight from the box.
    7. I didn't do an opening for my Littlefee because I didn't know where my camera cord was and I didn't want to. I did one for my Benny because I was crazy excited, my mom's camera card fit my netbook's sd slot, and I really wanted to. A tiny part of me kept saying I was being terribly silly the whole time. :P I almost gave up because of technical difficulties.. I probably won't do anymore unless I get another limited or something spectacular.

      I agree with the posters before me that people are really excited and pleased when their dolls come in and they want to share the joy.
    8. Haha, so true! I agree with everyone else - it's fun sharing the excitement, and as mentioned there are other hobbies doing the exact same thing (although perhaps not spiced with the same amount of squealing, lol..). Most of my own dolls are pre-loved, but I actually did a detailed box opening when my first U-noa arrived, pre-loved or not. Still squeeing inside when I think back. ;)
    9. I think it kind of makes sense, these dolls are things that many members save up for months to buy, then wait sometimes months more to recieve. It can be very exciting to finally get that package in and people like sharing that. In the case of new sculpts or limiteds, it may be the first time there are photos of the doll other than the sales photo, the first time people see the body fully naked, the first time we see how a new joint or an optional/fantasy part works or attaches, etc.
    10. None of my dolls have had their box opening recorderd/photographed because I am usually far too excited/impatient! The first photos I take are usually once they have been unboxed and dressed properly.
      A couple of times I had planned on taking some photos, but I just get carried away. Maybe if I had a family member of friend willing to take photos as I unpacked, but no one close at hand shares my interest in dolls.
    11. I think box opening are important, I would not want to buy a doll from a company without looking at a box opening from that company.
      I want to know what I can expect, what the doll looks like fresh out of the box.
      I want to know how the company presents the doll in the box and what sort of box or packing they use.
      If a company has poor shipping reviews for instance or if a doll arrived damaged due to being badly packed... a scratched faceup if they do not secure the face mask's or do not use them at all.
    12. 1) Have you created a box opening video or taken pictures as you opened the

      No, but I intend to!

      If yes, why did you do it?

      I think it's fun for everyone to share in the excitement~ :3

      Why do you think we do it?

      We all love the feeling of a new doll, and i think we all get excited for others when they get theirs as well. I think it's a way that all of us, even when we aren't close to one another, can say "oh I'm so excited for you" or "yay we had a lot of fun~". Also, it can be beneficial too, to new folk who don't know what to expect with their first doll (seriously, all the box openings have me excited and well informed), and for people who open their doll and find something broken. That way they have lots of proof for the company that it obviously happened in shipping or whatnot~ :3
    13. I haven't done a box opening yet, partly because when I bought the dolls I didn't know people sometimes posted them. And I didn't think of taking pictures either. I might post one sometime, but I'll probably feel like a little kid and a bit silly the whole time =D

      I like looking at them, though. It's very interesting to see how other people sees their box opening, and the comments they add to the pictures, which shows how are they feeling at the time. I think it also helps us bond a bit. We're people from everywhere around the world, many of us only know about the rest of the people here that they like bjd, and yet we still squeal, and smile and comment how nice they look, how nice it is that the person finally got his/her doll, and we're glad the waiting time for that person is finished.

      As other people pointed out, it's also informative, seeing as how you can see the doll from the point of the buyer, not the company, and you can personally (as personally as possible with the forum in the middle :D) check they bodies, the blank faces (or the factory faceup), the packaging...

      Besides, if we do photostories just to "show off our babies" posing in different places, it just kind of makes sense that we do one of their arrivals home. I think leXis was quite right to mention the "proud parent syndrome" :D
    14. I took some pics of my first doll, Luken, in his box when I got him. But that's about all I've been doing, box-opening-wise. And I only did that because everyone seemed to be doing it. Haven't, since. I'm just too impatient, when I get a new doll, to get it out of its box, dress it and see how I like it. I simply don't wanna waste any time on taking a gazillion photos of my doll in a box instead. ;)

      I also have to admit that I simply don't find box-opening pics very interesting. I'm much more interested to see the doll dressed and face-upped and wigged. Especially when it's a mold that I own, too. So I can see how my doll might look with a different style.
    15. Because it's exciting!!! xD
    16. Byzantine wrote:
      Exactly This. Plus you have a record of damage for yourself if there is any, and companies pay attention to the fact we post box openings--it keeps them on their toes!
    17. 1) Have you created a box opening video or taken pictures as you opened the box?

      No, I have not.

      If not, why not?

      I just don't see the point. When I open a doll box, I want to check it for damage and inspect it to make sure it's working for me. I'm really fast on deciding whether or not I like a doll enough to keep it. I don't feel like taking pictures of an incomplete doll and sharing it. I don't pay my new dolls much mind until they are 100% complete in my eyes and that usually takes a few months to get the right faceup, wig, eyes, and sometimes even body if they're being switched around. Box openings just aren't very exciting for me.

      Why do you think we do it?

      I imagine most people want to show off their new doll no matter what state it's in? The real enjoyment I get from my dolls is seeing their characters realized completely, not really getting them in the mail. That's just step 1 or 2 in the process for me.
    18. Box openings also help those that are new to the BJD world. It gives us first-timers expectations, and allows us to better look at the molds we selected. If you have a rare or unpopular doll, box openings are even more important because they allow other perspective owners to see the doll before they buy. After all, box openings first, then owner pictures later.
    19. I don't do the squeee-here's-my-new-doll-and-a-photo-of-my-cat-in-the-box kind of box opening (I don't have a cat, for one thing), but I have posted a photo of a new doll at the request of someone on the forum who was thinking of ordering one. I always hunt in Incoming Doll for box openings of dolls I might buy, just to get a better look at them.
    20. Have you created a box opening video or taken pictures as you opened the box?
      Mhm, both times I've received a doll. :3

      If yes, why did you do it?
      Well, I only really did it because I knew there was a box opening thread here and, as I love looking at box openings myself, I decided to do them as well. But also because it's fun and I love the whole excitement in the box opening threads. It's like Christmas every day! ;D

      Why do you think we do it?
      Well, I couldn't speak for everybody, but I think they're useful. I mean, if it's a new doll, it's great to see the doll without a face-up or not have to wait until the owner gets around to taking "proper pictures". I also like seeing what to expect and how individual doll companies package their dolls. It's just fun. :3