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Boy bodies getting more muscular?

Sep 21, 2011

    1. I'm sorry if this is a repeat or in the wrong place ;_; I did a search and went through the nine pages that came up and I didn't find a thread with this so... please delete, move, or merge as necessary

      So maybe it's just me, but I like the really girly boys. And that includes their bodies. I'm not particular fond of abs, the more there are the less I like. I like the slender, smoother bellies, less muscles. I've also noticed a trend in companies that is moving toward more muscular bodies (all the Type 2 bodies, if you look, seem to be more muscular than the Type 1), and the Type 1 bodies are often discontinued ...
      making it hard to find them
      eg: Ringdoll, B&G Doll

      but then the big companies like LUTS, DOD, Crobi still have the girly bodies available.
      So am I just paranoid about this? And questions for you guys

      What do you think will happen?
      What do you want to happen?
      Do you prefer muscles, no muscles, or just no males?
      Which company makes your favourite boy sculpt?
      And which one makes your least favourite sculpt?
      Do you have (own) any bodies that you don't prefer? (too muscly, not muscly enough)

      Edit: Sorry if anyone is getting the wrong idea, I'm not against the idea of BJDs getting more diverse. I was just worried that the girly lines might get discontinued or something...
    2. What do you think will happen?
      Nothing. the market is just adjusting to cover a wider range of preferences.

      What do you want to happen?
      I want there to be as many body options as a person could imagine. A normal guy body with a tiny bit of belly would be awesome as well :D

      Do you prefer muscles, no muscles, or just no males?
      It depends on the character but right now I am looking for a male muscled body that isn't horribly long and skinny in the leg area, or $600.

      Which company makes your favourite boy sculpt?
      I'm going to assume you mean body sculpt only, so I'll say Ringdoll, but only the growns and I still feel like the thighs and calves are too small.

      And which one makes your least favourite sculpt?
      I'm going to say Domuya. I love their dolls but the male body looks odd. Especially the old ones.

      Do you have any bodies that you don't prefer? (too muscly, not muscly enough)
      anything too skinny or not in human proportion at all.
    3. Honestly, I'm not all that surprised that the trend towards more muscular bodies is happening. Early on in the hobby, all the dolls (regardless of male or female) tended to be child-like or adolescent. The mostly manly headmold for a boy I could find at a time was the Volks F-16/lucas type which while it is very boyish, seems rather childlike compared to the realism and maturity of more recent sculpts. As the hobby has gained more enthusiasts, a larger variety of tastes and preferences emerged so it's natural that the companies will react and try to cater to those growing tastes. While at first, the muscular part of it I was rather apathetic about, I really loved how all the more mature/realistic face sculpts became more common and with that I really enjoy seeing these newer more built and manly bodies to go with them! :D

      I doubt the girly, more immature bodies will go away in any case, as many people fell in love with that aspect of the male molds. But being able to cater to many different tastes is an awesome thing I think! :3
    4. its the faces that I have more of an "issue" with, they all look like women
      while, I would guess lots like that, it's really hard to find a male doll who looks like a normal guy (not super dbz buff, but with a female face)
      Patrick was just a really lucky find
    5. I agree with Xanadu... Even my beloved Iplehouse EID masuline heads have softer lines and pouty lips.

      A year or so ago, I had started a thread called "Boy Bellies" because I was having a difficult time finding an SD boy that did have ripped abs, but didn't have a little boy tummy, either. Most companies offer alternate bust sizes for their female dolls, why not alternate mid-torsos for their boys?
    6. I couldn't agree more!
    7. What do you think will happen?
      I am hoping we get MORE mature looking sculpts
      What do you want to happen?
      I want more mature sculpts :d
      Do you prefer muscles, no muscles, or just no males?
      MUSCLES - & I also like maturity w/wo muscles.
      Which company makes your favourite boy sculpt?
      Iplehouse, although I also like Soul Doll
      And which one makes your least favourite sculpt?
      Do you have any bodies that you don't prefer? (too muscly, not muscly enough)
      I don't personally - but I'm ordering an Angell Studios & a Dragon Doll whose bodies might be on the skimpy skinny side. But they fit the characters.
    8. I really like the muscular boys - but I wish companies would release some non-muscular bodies too~
      But I think the recent muscular bodies might be following the trend in Korea now (if you watch allkpop.com a lot of singers are showing off their active bodies for "eye-candy"), since some BJD companies follow real life fashions, some companies might be following real life "body styles". But this is just my opinion and thoughts on it :aheartbea
    9. What do you think will happen?

      I think this is a market expansion like any other. When the hobby started it was picked up by a lot of anime fans and anime boys are mostly bishi. Now there is a wider market and some of us who like MEN are getting catered to.

      What do you want to happen?

      MEN. Real MEN. Face sculpts are often too fem for me.

      Do you prefer muscles, no muscles, or just no males?

      I like men that look like men.

      Which company makes your favourite boy sculpt?

      Probably Iplhouse and Miro. I'd love something sculpted like the Iplhouse superhero but in 60 cm size.

      And which one makes your least favourite sculpt?

      I can't recall the name but it's a doll that looks like a famine victim.

      Do you have any bodies that you don't prefer? (too muscly, not muscly enough)

      Bishi boys.

    10. What do you think will happen?

      If the trend shows anything, I think we will slowly get a wider range in body types. Perhaps in the future we will see more companies offering body options, like an athletic build or a slim build or what not.

      What do you want to happen?
      I'm hoping that there will be more proportionate body-types out there. As it stands most companies make dolls that are all legs. O_O

      Do you prefer muscles, no muscles, or just no males?
      Lean, cut definition *_*

      Which company makes your favourite boy sculpt?

      Iplehouse. I thank the sculptor for deciding to beef up the boys.

      And which one makes your least favourite sculpt?

      Can't think of any off the top of my head.

      Do you have any bodies that you don't prefer? (too muscly, not muscly enough)

      Definately do not like the girly-boy body because I loves me some manly men, though I do think that they need to be kept around for those who do.
    11. I think it's just the current trend in the hobby moving towards the slightly more realistic sculpts.
      But I don't see this happening with every company, just with a few companies – there are still a
      plethora of BJD companies with girly-super-stylized bodies. Some of the few companies that do release
      muscular bodies still have proportions that are off, especially considering how defined their muscles are.

      Personally I would love to see fit-male bodies that were more realistic and less stylized-buff bodies
      with idealized but still BJD proportions. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Probably not a thing
      that will happen at all considering FL Chiclines are not very popular and those were the closest in proportions
      to being realistic I've seen. The buff male CL is one of my favorite male bodies as of yet. It is a dream of mine
      to see more variety in body-styles that lean towards the realistic proportions regardless of their muscle
      definition – although I would prefer to see "realistic-male-model" body types and less body-builder proportions,
      I wouldn't mind a nicely-proportioned buff body for one of my MNM-heads.

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    12. I like a variety of bodies to choose from. I think the Iplehouse bodies are wonderful, but when my Tedros arrived and I saw him in person, I wished for him to be on a slightly more slender body than the model body I bought for him. I hybrid most of my dolls if they come with bodies that don't seem right to me, but with tan and real skin dolls, there aren't many options. My ideal body would be a slender body that wears clothes well, with definition and detail, but not huge muscles. What I would really love at this point, would be more adult male dolls (with adult faces) in the MSD size. There seems to be a bunch of mature-looking mini girls, but the guys have man bodies with child faces. Irksome. My small girl wants a grownup, not a teenager.
    13. The muscular bodies are nice to look at sometimes, but I prefer the more wirey/less buff kind of body. Especially when the buffest bodies are so bulky they require very odd-looking joints to connect the big sections.

      But my main personal complaint is the trend towards bringing out the leaner, more masculine heads ONLY in the 70cm and above sizes. They usually come sized for much larger necks too, so even if the head is smaller overall, it still doesn't fit 60-64cm bodies. The heads for 60cm sizes seem to mostly be broad, roundcheeked, larger-eyed, boyish faces, mostly too plump to even represent teens, never mind adults. I can sand in cheekbones, but closing up eyes is a bore. There are far too few realistic heads in the 60cm range, and also unfortunately, most of them seem to be from limited sets, so the aftermarket price is also high.

      The Souldoll Vito line is a really great alternative for those who don't mind a slightly taller MSD size (they're about 50-51cm) or a really short SD, but the bodies are muscular and the heads have a good jawline and either direct, or with a bit of cheek sanding, could look more mature than a lot of the male sculpts out there.
    14. I love SD Vito, but he is a little tall, even for a tall mini girl, unless she is wearing enormous platform boots, which I personally dislike. Lati-Blue has a lovely mature body that's just about right, but he has a cutesy child face with a small nose and round cheeks. Adorable, but, unfortunately, not what I have in mind.
    15. I'm not a muscle fan. lol but I'd take muscle over a child body. Of my 17 dolls, only 4 are under 18. Whether I want muscle, skinny, chunky...depends on the character. Mikko (Lati blue body) and Ashley (WITHdoll) need the muscle, as they are buff, masculine MEN in their 30's. Hansel (RD MSD) is teeny tiny, skin and bones and needs to be thin,though he is also in his 30's. Amir (AoD MSD) is quite toned, but not beefy and is 22. I like variety. But I do NOT want MSD boys that look like small children. That's what tinies are for, to me. MSD can make a good child to SD, but when many of my adults are MSD, I have no use for a child MSD. My favorite bodies so far are Latidoll and AoD. Least favorites that I've seen in person is DoD....much to "soft", childish and underdeveloped. Though Asleep Eidolon and DZ MSD sizes bother me too...again, they have that "soft" kiddie look.
    16. Although I don't have a BJD yet, but this is from what I see from the company's pictures.

      What do you think will happen?
      Idk. But I'm really happy that nowadays, more companies are making nice ab sculpts. Although, I don't really want the 'skinny' or 'slim' male dolls to fade either cause there are some people who like that. I don't, unfortunately. I think and hope there'll be a nice balance between the two, muscle-ish and the non-muscle-ish type.

      What do you want to happen?
      Honestly, I want more realistic ab sculpts, beautiful ones. I don't want a doll that looks odd LOL. But along with those perfectly sculpted abs, I would like a handsome (not girly) face to go with it. There are too many 'girly-looking' dolls. We have female dolls to do that. 8D; This is totally IMHO.

      Do you prefer muscles, no muscles, or just no males?
      I'm pro-muscle. <3 And will not change! Haha. I like staring at chocolate abs. ;) (In a non-pervertive way LOL)

      Which company makes your favourite boy sculpt?
      So far, I like Iplehouse's EID male sculpts. They're are just perfect and toned nicely.

      And which one makes your least favourite sculpt?
      Idk. I've never really had a least fave sculpt.

      Do you have any bodies that you don't prefer? (too muscly, not muscly enough)
      Yeah. I think everyone does, anyways. (I THINK!!) I don't like those that look like The Hulk-ish. And I don't like those that are TOO skinny and/or slim. Not my taste (I don't like real-life guys that are too skinny either). Besides that, I prefer to look at the face AND the body, to see if it matches.

      This is just my preference. :) I don't mean to offend anyone in anyway. Sorry if I did! ><
    17. This is a good trend surely. For so long a BJD buyer had no choice, you wanted a male doll but all that was on offer was super skinny little boys with girly faces. Looking around the last few years there is finally becoming a choice in the male dolls. There was plenty of choice in the femal bodies from little skinny girls with barely developed bodies to the huge breasted glamour model types, and a range of faces from very young and innocent to more mature looking females. Some of the companies are finally reacting to the need for choice in male dolls too... yay!!! :)
    18. I'm not a big fan of the super-buff muscular sculpts personally - I understand that within the BJD hobby the pretty boys are seen as the norm and some are tired of that, but for me the bishie look has always been a refreshing change from the western-style superheroes and such that I saw more of growing up in the US in the 80s and 90s.

      That said, I'm also quite fond of skinny men that nevertheless do look masculine, too. As for the body sculpts I prefer, that depends on the character - most of my characters are teens or young adults, but some are more mature-looking than others. For mature MSDs I like the AoD body - it's slender but defined and stands like a rock. Faces are more difficult - most of my characters are rather boyish-looking so it's not a huge problem, but I would definitely like to see more mature facial sculpts in the MSD size.

      Anyway, I don't think the slender body sculpts are going anywhere - like others have said, I think it's a sign of increased diversity rather than one thing replacing another. The more options, the better, right? :)
    19. Me, I like my guys pretty. You'll never see me buying any of these big buff dudes with square jaws who seem destined to go all their lives shirtless. Ringdoll Teen and Luts Delf are my favorite guy bodies, hands down.
    20. I don't think the OP is alone in liking "girly boys." Most of the boy dolls at my local meet (and the majority of the dolls are boy dolls!) are bishi, with very feminine, beautiful faces and soft, feminine bodies. Feminine enough that when they are dressed like girls one has to look at the chest to determine male/female.

      Quite of few of these dolls are new, which isn't a surprise-- most bjd companies are still making this type of boy body. A few have discontinued their "softest" bodies and moved to a type two that is a bit more defined, but most have not. What has happened is additions of new lines of taller bodies-- meant to represent an older more mature doll-- with more defined, muscular bodies. And some of the new companies, made up of one sculptor (I'm thinking of companies like Granado here) are simply following their artist's vision of the ideal human form.

      What do you think will happen?

      I think companies will continue to respond to the marketplace. Those with products people want will flourish, and those offering products people don't want will fold. Right now, as there are a variety of tastes represented in our community, I see a variety of dolls. I don't see that changing any time soon.

      What do you want to happen?

      I like variety-- that way there is something for everyone. I love anime, but even within that genre I prefer the more realistic offerings, those that don't seem like derivatives of what's been out their for ages. Ouoku versus Sgt. Frog. (probably the first time those two have ever been compared!) So if anime is continuing to inspire dolls, I can see why there is variety. That genre has broadened its aesthetic over time, too.

      Do you prefer muscles, no muscles, or just no males?

      I love muscles. Not Schwarzenegger muscles, but those of a guy who works out but does real life stuff, too. I also love bodies that are somewhere in between the malnourished waif look and super buff dude, but these are harder to find.

      Which company makes your favourite boy sculpt?

      Without a doubt, Soom's IDealian line is my fave. 2 here, and 2 more on the way. Their body is just amazing. Unbelievably detailed and aestheticallly pleasing.

      And which one makes your least favourite sculpt?

      My least favorite sculpts are bean pole thin guys that look like aliens. (no names here!) My husband is tall and thin, but he looks nothing like that! I have a hard time reconciling this aesthetic with reality. At least for the bishi boys one can look around and see middle school boys who look somewhat that way. But ultimately it's a matter of taste, so what I think really doesn't matter. Those sculpts obviously appeal to quite a few people.

      Do you have any bodies that you don't prefer? (too muscly, not muscly enough)

      See above. I do have a thin guy on my list, just not a guy who looks like the result of a Willy Wonka gum stretching experiment.