Event [Boy & Girl]New Website Opened Event

Apr 4, 2016

    1. BG studio opened a new wabsite in China,but it isn't important.The important thing is that we can have new special event in the same time.Hahaha!


      Time:3th April~18th April


      1.If you buy a naked doll or a fullset doll,you will get 15% discount!

      2.If you buy any 67cm girl.you can get a set of outfit(random) or face-up(random).
      If you buy any 1/3 doll,you can get an animal mask(random) with the doll.(you also can choose wig/shoes/hands/heel feet,one of them)
      If you buy any 1/4 doll,you can get a pet(with face-up,random) with the doll.(you also can choose wig or shoes)
      If you buy any 1/6 doll,you can get two pair of extra hands.
      If you buy any
      kevin's castle pet,you can get face-up with naked mouse,one extra head with fullset mouse.

      3.If your order is more than 570USD(face-up and ornament not included),you will get a 1/6 doll(you can choose one,but limited doll and cat/rabbit not included).

      You can only choose one of the 3 items.



      For more details, please visit our website:stacyspinkocean.com

      We accept layaway,please tell us your layaway plan when you place your order.And pay through USD1(http://www.stacyspinkocean.com/product_v.asp?id=742) on Stacy's Pink Ocean.

      Thank you very much for your attention!
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    2. Is it possible to buy the pets alone?
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    3. Is the grey pet top right corner a ferret?
    4. Yes,I'll update them on my website Stacy's Pink Ocean resently.
    5. It's mink.^^
    6. Thanks for identifying the cute critter.
    7. Please let us know when you update the pets! I'm interested in the pets, not so much the dolls sadly D:
    8. Please keep in mind that the pet dolls are off topic on DOA. Thank you.
    9. You are welcom!
    10. Ok.No problem.
    11. Ok,I'll do that.Thank you.^^
    12. I am very sorry that I did the wrong thing.My english is not good,so I misunderstood something.I am very sorry.