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Boy Lati Blues!

Jan 18, 2007

    1. Hello, this is Lati.

      We have a plan of releasing Boy type BJDs in Blue line soon, as your request and demand. =)

      There are two kind of style body which are different from each other, muscular style body like Red line dolls and slender style body.

      They are about 40cm in stature, and their proportion is excellent like Red line dolls.

      They are smaller than Red line dolls, so representation of body in detail and is better than Red line body relatively. =)

      Their information will be opened to the public about the end of January.

      Take care.

      Eeee, I can't wait! :fangirl:
    2. More Ifo From Lati:D

      Teaser Shots:love


    3. More info has just been posted on the Notice board at LaTi:

      And another pic...

    4. News on the time of release of Basic Ryu & Rei;)

    5. how tall are the new bodies?
    6. I believe they're 46cm for both types.
    7. Prices are up now!! :D
    8. would anyone happen to the know the head size? I'm still crying over the fact I can't access their online store!
    9. just thought I'd post it here in case anyone hasn't seen it on LatiDoll's Q&A

      Hello, this is Lati.

      First of all, thank you for your concern and support to Blue line
      boys-Despina Rei&Ryu. =)

      Blue line boy type Bodies in the pictures of product information
      pages are just samples for showing their proportion and details,
      and you will get the bodies which have adjusted thigh and
      double jointed knees for more natural posing, so they can sit

      (But their propotion and details will not be changed
      as they are in the pictures)

      Take care. =)
    10. OMG This weekend:D I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!:shudder
    11. Another Update on the Basic Blue Line Boys:(

    12. Boys are now up! Delay was short, and orders are going through. ^_^