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Boy SD Cute (edit: uploaded pics)

Dec 17, 2004

    1. Apparently there was a boy Super Dollfie Cute introduced at Dolpa 12. I've just seen pictures of him!


      In the Photo section, under "Dolls Party 12", he's in the 16th and 17th pictures.

      Argh. Another doll to want. T____T;;

      EDIT: Since the photos aren't working for some folks, here's screen caps. (I still hope it's okay to post them.


    2. :o I want to know who that chick in the 9th picture is! She's got LEGS on her, that one does! And BOOBS! Whoo!

      If that's a resin body on her....I want one! **drools** I wonder if it will be released, or if it comes with smaller boobs. **fret** I hope it's not a custom job.... It reminds me a bit of the DD body (the legs especially), but the hips are all wrong for that, and the bust is DEFINITELY not a DD one. Has anyone ever seen her before? I can't tell what the head is - it's too far away... ARGH!!! **freaks out because it's impossible to save photos from a flash plugin** Grrrrrrr...

      Maybe this is the rumored SD16? :o **hopes** Probably not, though. I didn't think that was gonna be released yet, but....it does have the Volks feel to it...

      That SD Cute boy is pretty..ah..well, cute, I guess. That's the best word for him, I suppose. :oops: I know if I had a Kaede, I'd have to get him, too. :wink:
    3. I'd have to see more photos of his face, but he is cute o_O;; I'd wanted an SDC boy... T__T;
    4. Kiyakotari - Maybe that's the NEW DD body? o_O Seeing as it doesn't have any joints. Cause wasn't the new DD body an armature or something like that?
    5. I was drooling over the doll in the 9th picture, too ... it would be SO HARD finding clothes to fit her, though! It's hard enough to find clothes to fit the DD!
    6. Oh, wow! He looks like a wittle bittle baby Isao, sort of. What a cutiepie!

      Yeah, I'm also curious about the doll with the wicked rack. Wonder what's the deal with her?[/list]
    7. Yeah I was also drooling over picture 9!! :D to be quite honest her face looks like that of an Unoa (just IMO) :oops: maybe the newest Volks/Gentari Doll (okay I'm just rambling!!) :|

      That little SDC boy really looks like Isao, but I always think that Kaede looks like Jun Tachibana...only smaller of course...

    8. I really hope that Volks releases more SDC types (even just more girl faces or boy either...!) and clothes, etc, etc... the posing is so wonderful andt he size so wonderful on SDC. I really like them and would like to see more variety!

      Unfortunatly unless volks releases some kind of information about him being "made" for purchase... he's probably just a one of a kind prototype that will never be sold. Volks seems to be doing that more often now. (like the SDC sleeping and super happy heads that they've never sold?)

      just my guess!
    9. :cry: Can't see the pictures here at school. (Website is blocked for "pornography.") Would someone mind posting the picture?
      ... anyway, I hope to goodness they make a standard SDC girl. *melts*
    10. I second the request for posted pics. My computer also says "forbidden", even though I'm on my home computer. It is a mac though, so there's certain sites it's just never friendly with. :|

      And post that "number 9" picture everyone's drooling over!
    11. well you cant really, it's flash or something so you can't "grab" the pictures to post them.
    12. I have the same problem (mac) - Maybe some screencaps??
    13. yeah, I can't see them either ;_; I wanna seeee!
    14. man! :( I can't see them either, and I don't think anything is blocked on my computer! Is there any other way to get to the site that has them?

    15. I can take screencaps for you guys, I just wonder if I'll get in trouble for doing that? :/
    16. Woo-hoo! I finally got it to work, er, well, some of them anyway... That boy is adorable though! I don't know if I'd want one, but I'd sure like looking at more pics of him!

      And the girl in 9- omfg!! Those are some dangerous curves- she's great! And on the monitor I've got, I can see that she definately does have joints at her knees and ankles, and it almost looks like she might have a joint right under her bust. And is it just me or does it look like she's got high heels on? To me she really does look an awful lot like the DD, just modified a little. Whoever she is, I'm gonna have to have her! *goes back to drool some more*

    17. I don't think you'd get in "trouble" for it, no. You are, after all, just sharing the image with someone who can't get to it otherwise. You've credited them and aren't making any money from it, right?
    18. Yeah, I guess so. :/

      Added pictures to the first post.
    19. !!!!
      *wants* He's just the cutest damned thing I ever did see. :D Volks had better come out with standard SDC dolls.
    20. Hmm, no. 9 kind of looks like a Unoss with at the very least a boob job. It's the hands and those near invisible knee joints.

      The boy is cute, btw. ^_^

      I also like no. 21 blonde guy in glasses, although I think he's a 1/6th dollfie.