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boy to girl

Jun 6, 2009

    1. is it commont to use the boys heads in a girls boday and vice versa?
    2. Some girl molds can make great boy mold and vice versa. My favorite girl/boy mold is Volks School C head. It makes both a gorgeous boy and girl.
      Doll in Mind has boy molds that make great girls like Robel and Edmond.
    3. A lot of the molds are kinda androgynous with a different faceup. My Tomato is actually a boy sculpt but well she's a girl now. It isn't uncommon at all.
    4. ok good, because i ordered my first doll and at first i thought it was a girl, but found out it was a boy but i liked the face so much as a girl i got him on a her... haha!
    5. I've got one that's a boy sculpt on a girl body, and one that's the opposite, girl sculpt on a boy body. :) It works both ways with a lot of sculpts, thanks to the inherent androgyny.
    6. Minis are pretty easy to swap since they have such youthfully ambiguous faces- actually if you look at some stores they sell the same heads as both a boy and a girl, for example Luts sells most of their Kid Delf line as boy and girl versions, Volks MSD kits offer the same heads as either a boy or girl (Ken and Mika are the same mold as are Hisui and Kohaku), Blue Fairy often makes limited versions of dolls as the opposite sex from their standard sex, and of course tons of companies sell the heads and bodies separately (some even offer services where you can build your ideal doll out of a selection of heads and bodies) so you can make an opposite sex version of a doll pretty easily!

      A lot of people will say that BJDs are all about the customization, and using a head on the opposite sex body is absolutely part of that! It's all about making your doll just the way you want it! :)
    7. Heck, even large dolls can totally do that. First thing come to mind was Soom's Deneb and Vega.. XD

      But yes, it is all about customization and I think that's what's really, really cool about this hobby.