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Boy underwear??

Sep 6, 2005

    1. Have you ever noticed that's almost impossible to find some good underwear for BJD boys?
      I really wonder why!
      My SD13 boy is in desperate need for a pair of white briefs...
      Any idea on where to get them from?
      Do your dolls wear any undies?
      If they don't, why?
    2. I don't know about male underwear, but it is quite difficult to get hold of good female underwear. :|

      My girls always wear undies - of course! :grin:
    3. Only one of my boys wears underwear. :)

      Volks sells briefs in their stores, but I don't know about online. And Luts sells them too! The Luts ones fit really nicely on Volks boys too!
    4. Hi QQ! :daisy
      How are you?
      BTW, you can find pretty underwear for SD girls on eBay quite often, but I bet we'll NEVER find any SD13 boy underwear in there...
      Not to mention boy socks... :(
      I really need some black and white pairs of socks for SD and SD13 boys, because I truly hate to have them wear suits without socks! >_<
    5. Hi Armeleia! :daisy
      Thanks for your kind message and info!
      I luckily managed to get some Luts briefs for my two CP boys before they ran out of stock, but I would really like to get a pair of plain, white Volks briefs for my SD13 boy, a similar pair for my SD boy and a smaller pair for my MSD kid.
      Unfortunately, Volks doesn't have doll briefs in their online shop, and, to tell the truth, it's very hard to find that kind of items in their shops, because they run out of stock so quickly! :(
    6. weird question, but does girls underwear fit (luts)boys too? Because I love girls' underwear(and I hate that of the boys)and I want my boy to wear some..
    7. I don't know... In case some girl panties are very elastic, they'll probably fit... I'd suggest you to make a pair of panties out of elastic lace: it should work fine!
    8. Both of mine are commando at the moment, cause I like to make all thier clothes, and while I have some for Kinomi (MSD) Dutch, hasn't any yet. (SD13)
    9. Thanks for your kind offer, Batchix, but I was looking for Volks original underwear...
      Thanks, anyways! :daisy
    10. I wish I were able to sew! :(
      Anyways, even if I were able to, I'd have still been looking for some "Volks La Parsonal" underwear: I like it a lot, I already have some pairs of boxer shorts by that brand, therefore I wanted to get some briefs, too. Because boxer shorts are impossible to wear under very tight pants.
    11. They're all rainbowstripey!!


      I would get ignored by Sai for weeks if I gave him those :) Though black...nice simple black boxer briefs...*steeples fingers!*
    12. thanks ^_^ I'll try that..as soon as I get my boy..

      *somewhere, a doll is very, very scared, without really knowing why..*
    13. I'm making my boy some lacy thongs. ^_^ cause there's nothing more maniler then a THONG!
    15. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    16. I think my boys won't talk to me anymore if I give them thongs... :oops: :lol:
      That's such a pity, since thongs are so sexy!
    17. I want the Luts black pair for Mike. The underwear I do have...he can't wear it under his clothes! They are way big. So he has to go commando.