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BoyAndGirl (B&G) Kid dolls discussion part 1

Nov 8, 2007

    1. Here are translated measurements for B&G kids:

      The girl looks fairly compatible with Narae and Unoa clothes - Narae is 17-13.2-19 in the torso. I think Unoa large bust is closer to 18-13-19. And it looks like the girl's feet are between Narae and Unoa size. The girl's head is about an inch larger around that Unoa/Narae (7.5 inches rather than the 6.5 head of Unoa/Narae) and her eyes are 4cm bigger than theirs. She might not mix well with them but I bet she could wear most of their clothes (anything other than non-stretch and tight in the waist).

      I'm not very familiar with boy measurements so I don't know offhand what clothes the boy would wear.

      1/4 Girl Hera and Triya
      Body length: 42 cm
      Head circumference: 19.3 cm
      Neck circumference: 6.9 cm
      Brassieres: 18 cm
      Waist: 14 cm
      Hip: 18 cm
      Wrist encircles: 5 cm
      Ankle encircles: 6.5 cm
      Shoulder width: 6 cm
      Foot long: 5.3 cm
      Long Arm: 12.2 cm
      Leg length: 20.6 cm
      Thigh - knee: 10.5 cm
      Knee - Ankle: 10.1 cm
      Shoulder - elbow: 6.2 cm
      Elbow - Wrist: 6 cm

      1/4 Boy Ymir and Sharon
      Body length: 42 cm
      Head circumference: 19.5 cm
      Neck circumference: 7.8 cm
      Brassieres: 19.3 cm
      Waist circumference: 16.9 cm
      Hip: 20.6 cm
      Wrist encircles: 5 cm
      Ankle encircles: 6.5 cm
      Shoulder width: 9 cm
      Foot long: 5.4 cm
      Long Arm: 12.4 cm
      Leg length: 20.6 cm
      Thigh - knee: 10.5 cm
      Knee - Ankle: 10.1 cm
      Shoulder - elbow: 6.2 cm
      Elbow - Wrist: 6 cm


      BTW this is just so a BG* search will pick up this thread: BG

      .....Mod Note...

      This is a discussion for BoyAndGirl (B&G) Kid dolls.
      Hera, Triya, Sharon and Ymir.

      Company website: http://www.ibgdoll.com/

      Ymir measurements:

      Height(include head): 42cm
      Neck size:7.8cm
      Shoulder width: 9cm
      Arm length: 12.4cm
      Chest: 19.3cm
      Waist: 16.9cm
      leg length:20.6cm
      Foot length:5.4cm

      BoyAndGirl (B&G) Kid dolls discussion part 1:
    2. Once again I'm about to ask a million questions but i simly fell in love with the B&G kid doll Sharon, he fits my little nic perfectly! but first i have a few questions

      1: What size wigs do the B&G kids wear
      2: What dolls can they share shoes with
      3: What dolls can they share clothes with
      4: does anybody have pictures of their boy
    3. I have a B&G Sunny (though a different size than Sharon, I know).

      B&G dolls are wonderful. Sunny is a 1/3 size doll, meaning he wears just about anything an SD 13 can. Sharon is a 1/4 size doll. Here's a link to him on ebay (it has all of his measurements there). http://cgi.ebay.com/Boy-Girl-B-G-BG...ryZ84635QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

      I don't have any pics of Sharon, but I believe he wears anything a MSD can wear, same wig size/shoe size/clothes size, etc. You might ask another Sharon owner to be sure, but I hope the infos on the Ebay helps.

      PS if you do get one, go through Ebay! Jack is extremely helpful and quick in shipping. =D
    4. I just got my first BJD, she's from Boy & Girl she's an MSD and the moke is Hera. i've named her luna. I would like to know what you think of her and I would like to know if any one has dolls from this company and what they think of them. cause I might buy another from them.
      here is the Boy & girll website is www.bgdoll.com.cn


      my favorite pic of her
    5. I has a question! I was assuming that Ymir would take a 7-8 wig. BUT! has anyone ever tried a 6-7 wig on him? Or any of the others? I'm getting two Ymir dolls, and I found the right wig but it's a 6-7 and I wanted to know if it would fit.
    6. I got one now too. :) I think I am her 3rd owner, so I don't know how old she actually is but she hasn't been sueded or hot glued and she is an awesome poser and she stands SO well. I have to say the only place I'd want to suede her would be her shoulder joints as they are her weak spot. She's not double jointed but she can touch her face, I like that too.

      I present you: Kitty Pearl Collins



    7. hmnn that's weird I know I got mine through Denver doll emporium..that other one was just the companies site.
      if you go to denverdoll.com they should have them there.
    8. This is not a good photo of the new lips I gave my Hera (now Kitty Pearl) but it's a lovely photo I'd like to share.


      She is seen here with my Soom Spinel/Heliot hybrid, my Dollstown Ariel and Elfdoll black Catsy
    9. I was thinking of getting a B&G girl body for my old floating Luts Delf kid Nara head. Any advice or comments? Nara fits msd Volks perfect..if it dont work Denver Doll will be getting B&G heads soon, they say.... I HATE FLOATING HEADS!.....
    10. Yeah, floating heads are hard. I'm sorry, I have no idea if the luts head will fit. But I have to say I'm really impressed with the B&G bodies, at least the msd sized ones. I'm the third or fourth owner of my Hera and she's stands and poses like a rock. She's never been sueded!!!
      I have a B&G 26cm Celia on my list, I plan to nab her this year after my next purchase. I hope she's as good a poser and stander as my 40cm girl.
    11. Ok, I promised photos of my Hera with her new lips some time ago, and I finally got around to it. Here she is:
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I love my Hera so much! AND, I've recently visited the B&G site, they have so many new dolls and they've revamped their faceups. I can't wait to start buying!! Now in addition to wanting one of their 26cm kids, I want two of their SD sized dolls.
    12. Their website seems to work on and off. Don't have a clue why. It worked for me just now: http://ibgdoll.com/en/
      Actually, it's been working just fine for me, I've been visiting there quite a lot lately since I am dying for an Elf-Afra female. She's got one of the best face sculpts I've seen in some time.

      Might I recommend that once you get into their website that you save it to your favorites? I wonder sometimes if that's why I have been able to visit so much without trouble. They have many new dolls. They are REALLY worth seeing. :)
    13. She looks very pretty. I also have a Hera, the poor dear has gone through so much XD


      I love the mold so much though, it is so adorable.
    14. Akichan, she's beautiful. The sculpt manages to have a certain sadness about it I think. I like the lip coloration on yours.

      I was looking at my MSD sized dolls today and I was thinking that B&G's dolls are so much better than Bobobie or Resinsoul. I have two Resinsoul Meis and I'd really rather have more by B&G! The posing and standing is just SO much better on them! B&G dolls don't even need to be sueded. I can't wait to get a double-jointed one.
    15. gonna post another picture of my Luna. I also noticed that they don't seem to have as many MSDs anymore.
    16. [​IMG]
      (Hera) Kitty Pearl Collins
    17. I have to say, you would not be sorry! I still can't believe how well she poses and stands on her own and I'm her 3rd or 4th owner. She's never been sueded! The resin is nice and smoothe too. Really, really worth every penny!!
    18. Ooh, that is good to hear! :aheartbea
      I nearly got her as my first doll, but then I changed my mind. Two years later and I still don't have one. *_*
    19. OOH, I see you have Fairyland Minifees. So do I. I see you have some Dollzones too. I don't have any of those but they are really good at posing and standing too. I would rank B&G with the DZ dolls from what I've had liberty to "play" with.
      The Hera I have is not double-jointed. I want to get a yosd size B&G and an SD size B&G doll. I want the double-jointed body for the SD sized doll.
    20. Ooh, it's good then that I wouldn't have to worry about posing problems. :D
      The newer bodies they have for sale now are double-jointed, yeah? I wonder how much of an improvement it's made in stability for the dollies.