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Brand New Cocori - New Light and Dark Skin

Dec 8, 2006

    1. New light and dark skinned Cocori! I think they're both gorgeous and amazing... Iplehouse is just surpassing the other companies by creating these beautiful resin mixtures and sculpts.

      Please note that they are limited to 30 each... 10 in general style and 20 in mobility type.

    2. Stunning indeed.
    3. GOD, she just keeps getting sexier and sexier doesn't she? :love
    4. Wow, that's great! I'll have to think about this :P
    5. Man oh man, she's gorgeous. I love that the light-skin Cocori looks kind of like Carla from "Scrubs." Hee.
    6. I love the light skinned Cocori as well...ever since the first one came out I've sort of been dying to have her...she's so different and I love the chocolately velvety colour of her resin XD
    7. Ohh man i want either! there lovely, so different and beautiful
    8. She's truely beautiful in both ways but I keep thinking the originality of Cocori is that wonderful dark-chocolate color. So, for me, dark please. ^^
    9. I always liked the dark original Cocori, but the lighter version is just as beautiful.
    10. WOW!!!! *____* She is incredible!
    11. It's truely hard to decide..... I could do so much with either....
    12. Cocori is beautiful in either tone. Heck, she'd be beautiful dumped in a burlap sack (though I hope no one ever does that to her)...I'd love the see the lighter-skinned girl with really deep, dark eyes. I think it'd be intense.
    13. :o Oh my that lighter Cocori looks like me.....good thing my hubby is at work so he does not see her. He would be ordering her right now and claim her;)
    14. They're both beautiful! It is so hard to choose between them.
    15. Omg. You are SO right. <3333 Cocori is gorgeous.

      But I can't help notice the way the color is chipped a bit off of the arms where they go into the shoulders (in the third pic, particularly). When the paint is chipped in promo shots, I find it rather worrying...
    16. I actually think that might be fluff from her camisol... It doesn't look like chipping to me. If you notice, it's fluffy on both sides.
    17. Wow I just love the dress that she comes with *_* If anyone wants to split that Id be very tempted :D
    18. I think the stuff that looks like chipping is actually this coating they put on Cocori. Mine has this white powdery stuff that has been slowly working out of the joints. I think it's some kind of protection for the dark resin. I haven't noticed any chipping on mine.

      Anyway, I love both versions of Cocori. Iplehouse is high on my love list right now. :D
    19. They both are so pretty and I have money for neither :...(
    20. Oh I am soooo with you Avacado! :...( I hope they make more of both of them later on too.