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Brand new DoT boy, knee cracked (pics) RESOLVED

Feb 26, 2007

    1. Update on page 3- Resolved, they're sending a replacement part :D
      Update on page 2- They responded!

      I am so angry right now.
      I got home and opened my boy last night, dressed him and everything. I admit I didn't check him over very closely last night. Just now I undressed him because we were going to hot glue suede his joints and my husband noticed a crack above his knee. He moved the leg gently, and a piece came off. I have had him out of the box for less than 24 hours and have been handling him very gently. We looked closely at the break and it appears that there was an imperfection in the casting that allowed a crack to form. My husband is working on repairing him right now with cyanocrylate glue but I am not happy. If I complain to Dream of Doll, will they replace the broken part? Will they ask me to send the whole doll back just to replace a broken part? Because I don't know if that's a hassle I want to deal with, packaging him up, shipping to Korea to replace his thigh. Urgh. :x :x :x :x




    2. Holy cow O_O that's a HUGE chunk!! Make contact with DoD right away!! I'm not sure what they'll do with your case, but I've read some stories where people in the past had some defect in the doll and DoD fixed it. But you should have a really strong case since you just got him yesterday o.O.
    3. awww ohmigod!!! That's horrible, I would be pissed too. I would definetly contact DoD and make them replace at least the part. I've never had to send a doll back so I don't know if they make you send the whole thing... but bad DoD bad bad bad :evil: Go medieval on there asses! hehe
    4. I just sent them an email with those pics attached. I told them I don't want to send the whole doll back, I just want a replacement part. I hope they respond...
    5. OMG, that's awful!!! O______O
      I hope they respond soon! *hugs*
    6. I don't know about a whole new doll but they might send you a replacement leg for him
    7. Eep, that's so sad! From what I've read, DoD is awesome with customer service when things like this happen. ^_^ You should have a whole boy soon enough! Chances are they'll just ask you to send them the broken part. In the mean time, make him a cast or some cute socks to cover up his wound.
    8. Wow, never seen something like that before. I've always heard that DoD replaces parts if they break- which I haven't heard too much of that happening anyway but they've seemed to always replace them. I hope you hear from them soon. :3
    9. Hotdamn! That is a BIG piece! o_o;; I really hope you can get him fixed/ DOD sends a replacement leg.
    10. :O AMMGG!!! Beerren!!
    11. O_______________O OMG! that is awful!!!! o.o i'm so sorry!
    12. Wow--that's awful.
      But not unheard of:

      When my Shall arrived, she had a huge chip in her left ankle. Now, i didn't contact DoD because it's not really affecting how that joint operates, but i'd recommend that you do.

      DoD is usually really helpful with things like this.

      I'm mostly commenting because this is not the first time that DoDs have cracked/been cracked very soon after arrival. Something about their resin?
    13. They should ask for the leg back. But that's awful.
    14. That's terrible, and it's just like the Volks SD10 knee crack! I hope DoD are willing to do more about it then Volks. Good luck!
    15. when my girl first got here her spare hand part broke where the string to attach to the arm was. the little bit that holds the string/s hook. i emaild them right then and got a message that they would send me a new spare hand and only pay $18 for shipping. i decided not to since i never change her hands but they were real nice about it. they only asked me 2 questions: what type hand and right or left? ^_^ they are always so nice when you email them. im sure they will take care of his leg for you ^_^
    16. Well we got the piece glued back on and sanded but the break is still pretty visible. >.<



      It'll do for now but I'd rather have an unbroken leg, obviously. I figure I'll get a response from DoD tomorrow, I'm not sure what time it is there now.
    17. Not to further alarm you, but when St. James ordered a doll from them, they sent the wrong doll (an oversimplification). They made us pay to send the doll back and charged us shipping to send the correct doll even though it was their mistake. DoD didn't seem to see any problem with this and it was not negotiable. Either we paid or we had to keep the wrong doll.

      Their customer service seems to range from awesome to horrible, I hope you luck out and they just send you a new leg without asking for your whole doll back. :eusa_pray
    18. Omg I'm so sorry for you...
      Something like that happened with a brazilian friend and her Camine. He came with a horrible crack along his leg (no, not the parting line, a REAL crack) and the bad mixing of his resin, leave white lines on his face (she took of all the make, all the MSC and the lines still were there). She contacted DOD about it, mostly about the leg, because she does wonderful make ups, and she could hide the lines on his face with blushing. So, several monthas later she received the new leg from them.
      Another similar story: two friends here in Brazil split a Bee-A and a Tender Too. About a week after they arrival, the Bee-A's left hand simply felt from her arm because the little and fragile piece of resin that holds the S hook cracked. The same thing was about to happen on her right hand. So they contacted DOD and they replaced the Bee-A's hands.

      So, send them e-mails almost daily, because they receive LOTS of emails everyday, so they can't forget about you. When you send it, send this pics you've showed us.
      And when they send the replacement piece to you, they will do that by airmail, so it will take about a month.

      Good luck! Hope your boy can be fixed soon, because he is gorgeous ^_~
      Oh, and sorry my awful english...
    19. That is atrocious, if the company made a mistake and sent the completely wrong doll to you I'm shocked they would make YOU pay for shipping to send it back, much less shipping for the other doll as well!!*_* That would certainly make me think twice about getting involved w/ dealings with them.

      Reshana, I REALLY hope they treat you decently and just send you a replacement piece :|
    20. I have my DoC Tender Yen for more than a year now, and he is my baby, my first doll, and I will never regret of adopted him, because he is so perfect... Seriously, all my other friends that received their DOD dolls after me had problems. Ayame came about 3 months before the DOT's release... Since that, DOD are doing so many mistakes...
      I don't want another doll from them just because that bad reputation... For us in Brazil is very hard to buy a doll, they cost more than the double price for us. So, how do you thinh we fell when you look you expensive and most wanted doll is cracked/wrong/stained...
      I totally agree with you on that .___.