Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 1

Apr 11, 2009

    1. Bambicrony is releasing two minis! =D

      Here's the information that they have on Bambicrony right now:
      "≒ Brava Bambi : Bambicrony's new 43cm BJD ≒

      Date / April, 15, 2009
      Doll Type / Sunday, April
      Basic Edition
      Special Edition / Limited Edition Full Sets

      Brava Bambi Release Event : April 15, 2009 - April, 30, 2009

      Buy Sunday Get April head free!
      Buy April Get Sunday head free!"

      Go here to see the post.

      Can't wait til April 15th rolls around. Really excited since I've always liked their sculpts. Really curious on what kind of mini they would create. =]

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      Body comparisons
      Brava Bambi Bambicrony with Kid Delf

      Part 1 discussion:

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    2. Question: Are the Bambicrony still all french resin? I love these new girls, especially sunday but don't dare get a French resin doll.
    3. I think it was only the colored elves that were french resin -- unless my normalskin Kumi is french resin and I didn't know it. I'd expect her to be bright yellow by now if she was.
    4. I've been interested in the Bambicronys but the resin yellowing and comments people posted about problems they had put me off. I didn't want french resin either. Sunday is too tempting, I had to give in.
    5. I think the yellowing problems and french resin are only the colored elves. Like I said a while ago, if my normalskin Ciao Bella is french resin I don't know about it, and she certainly hasn't yellowed that I know of -- and I think I'd have noticed, because she has option hands that I swap out every couple of months, and they still match perfectly.

      I had some problems when I got my CB (partly a quality control problem and partly a communication/customer service problem) but it was eventually resolved in a completely satisfactory manner and the customer service this time around has been excellent, so at this point I really can't complain.
    6. Yellowing/fading was definitely only a problem with the 1st run of colored elves. I have Misty Rose pink elves from the 1st run and the variance is big. The 2nd batch of colored elves remains to be seen. I also have peach puff skin dolls and they are perfectly fine.

      I can't wait until Sunday gets home!
    7. My Sunday just got here! She's faceless but I have eyes, wigs, and clothes for her so I dressed her up anyway -- I'll be sending her out for a faceup on Monday. I have to go work, but some quick thoughts:

      - Faceupless and wigless she looks like a space alien. @[email protected] She has these kind of bulges above her eyes on the outsides that look weird, I might try and sand them down a bit or see if the faceup artist is comfortable doing it. They're not really noticable with a wig on, though.

      - Her sculpt is amazingly detailed. I'm going to have to take pictures -- every other doll I've owned the inside of their head was basically unfinished, but the inside of Sunday and April's heads are almost as finished as the outsides, and they have sculpted notches for an s-hook to rest and everything. Her hands and feet are gorgeous, and I'm staggered by the detail in her ears.

      - Just like my Ciao Bella, her knees tend to pop out backwards when her legs are straight, though they don't get as far. I'll restring her a bit looser later and see if that helps. A little sanding inside the sockets for her knee joints may also help. It hasn't created any posing problems yet though.

      - She's a lot heavier-set than my kid delf girl. Dollheart MSD outfits are a perfect fit, whereas they're a tad loose on the kid delf.

      - She's a good shade darker than my NS sleeping Kumi. Also a shade less yellow, but I'm not sure how much of that is resin batch variation and how much of it is that my Kumi is over two years old and lives on a bookshelf in a sunny apartment.

      - 7-8 Dollga wigs: Perfect fit. 16mm Everpurple eyes are just a touch larger than I'd like but perfectly workable.

      - Like the CBs, her hands and feet attach with string and not s-hooks. Unlike the CBs, her joints are big enough that it might be possible to put s-hooks in her. I'll try it at some point.

      - My least favorite thing about the sculpt? She's got cankles.

      - She has essentially no seams. I'm not sure if she was sanded or if BC just got the mold matched up really well, but her seams are miniscule. I can feel them but not see them on her forearms.
    8. I feel obligated to point out (so everyone else can suffer like I do) that Dollheart and Anotherspace MSD outfits are a perfect fit on the Brava Bambi body. XD I have some stuff from when the character I got my Sunday for was on a kid delf body and it was all a touch loose (though workable) on the kid delf, but it's wonderful on the Brava Bambi body. I also have some Volks dresses that are similarly sized, so I assume they'll fit great, but I'll have to try them on my Sunday this week. (Well, her body anyway. She's wearing the April head while her face is off being painted.)
    9. I'd be very careful about opening April's eyes -- the resin on her eyelids, at least the one I got, is very, VERY thin in places, so I think you would have to open them kind of a lot or not at all, at least on mine.

      Also, they're not the exact same sculpt with open versus closed eyes. They are very similar, but Sunday has more of a smile than April does, blank. I'll get some clearer photos of my April head when I'm home tomorrow -- the ones I have now are pretty blurry so you can't see the thin spots on her eyelids. I can try and get some of the same angles I got on my Sunday, too, so you can compare the face sculpts.
    10. I took a bunch of nude photos of the Brava Bambi body today. I stuck it next to my kid delf, for comparison's sake. Link because there's a lot of nudity.

      General summary: The Brava Bambi body is taller and stockier than the kid delf girl. Also, Bambicrony NS is wayyyy darker than Luts Realskin Normal but it's hard to tell in some of the photos because it was getting dark and I had to crank the exposure way up.

      Also, the Bambicrony resin has a very different texture than the Luts resin does -- it's much toothier and less shiny.
    11. I just got my Sunday back from her faceup today! Yama did a great job on her, she's adorable. I posted a gallery thread, but here's a teaser:

    12. Yup, I ordered the full set Sunday and she arrived Tuesday. Here she is with a wig I ordered:


      The default faceup is pretty cute. But I see tweaking in the future for my girl. I added some mohair eyelashes as her default ones were pretty skimpy. But that's just personal preference.

      I ordered the full set Sunday on April 28 and she arrived June 23. So less than two months. Honestly, I don't think that's so bad.

      I absolutely adore her!!! She stands really easily and sits really easily too and can sit with legs forward or spread out wider. I glue sueded her just because I always do that. But she would be fine without it too. Those knee joints do tend to flop around a bit but nothing that would drive me crazy or send me cursing. She definitely is not kicky or overly tightly strung. But not floppy either. Just right!

    13. Isn't she gorgeous!! I love her new eyelashes! The knees will take some getting used to for me anyway.

      I received my Sunday/Soubrette on Monday, but didn't have internet in the new place until tonight. I haven't had much chance to play with her, but I think she's gorgeous!!

    14. This is a terrible photo, but I just got this outfit and I love how my Sunday looks in it. XD


      I'll get better shots of her in it later. I really like her in the dark blue, though!
    15. The BC white resin doesn't quite match anything I have on hand -- it's much pinker than most things. It's a little lighter and pinker than both Volks Pureskin and Luts Realskin. It's pretty close, but again pinker, to Supia normal urethane, although the minisup body is far too slender for such a big head.

      Aside from the color and textural difference, which is actually small enough that you could probably correct it with some strategic blushing, the J-Na head seems to work alright on the new kid delf girl body. IMO it's bordering on too big, as the kid delf girl body is relatively scrawny for an immature mini, but it's doable. It might also work color-wise with Volks pureskin NS since my yoSD and my kid delf are about the same color. If anything, though, Volks is a touch yellower.

      Photos forthcoming if any of them turned out.
    16. Here's the J-Na head on a kid delf body. The photo was taken at night so the color difference is played down a lot. I can get some natural light photos tomorrow (just of their headcaps next to each other -- mine's so tightly strung I'm not taking her head off again) if you'd like. There's also a couple more photos in there, including my Aru's head on the brava bambi body.
    17. On closer inspection it doesn't match the DIM skin at all. The DIM is pinky and the Bambicrony is more yellow.

      Here is it against the new normal skin Leekeworld (which is much lighter than my older normal skin)

      Leeke on top and BC on the bottom.

    18. You might actually loosen her up a little if her limbs are snapping around a lot... though my J-Na is actually strung tighter than my Sunday but poses better. I'm still trying to work out how to best string these girls.

      I think there's a little bit of hot glue in my Sunday's future, if only because the range of motion in her hands is enormous but the range of poses she can actually hold is very small. My Ciao Bella had the same issue and some hot glue in her wrists fixed her right up.