Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. Can't wait to see pics of your Emily strawberryloli.

      Here's one of mine. Cordelia's faceup is default, but her eyes and wig aren't.

      blar, your Fiona has such lovely coloured eyes!
    2. blar, hello old friend =)) Fi great!
      kawaii_mon, you have a veeery beautiful girl! <3

      This is my Martinique on a summer residence ^__^
    3. [​IMG]

      My girl Elin, with a faceup by napoleonchan. I love Bambicrony tan.
    4. Hello everyone!
      This is Ny (Tan Emily), I have her for a while though I never got around to doing proper photos of her until now.
    5. Ebony Dragon she looks beautiful!

      Wow, Bambicrony needs to come up with some more Bravas. This thread is really dead!

      The temps finally got down into the '80s here so on this gorgeous 88F day, we headed out for a few pics.

      Here is my tan Ellen. She never seems to photograph as beautiful as she is, but here she is:
    6. I was so upset when I brough my Katherine out. I had her laying on the sofa with me and my Scottie and Westie both jumped on her. One of them must have nicked her on the eye so she now has a mark on her eyelid where the paint was chipped off.

    7. Beautiful girls! I love mine, but I wish Bambicrony would make her some high heel feet. I wrote to them and asked them months ago and they wrote back that they thought it was a good idea, but they were probably only being polite, so I'm ordering her some from Blue Fairy.
    8. Thanks lina:) High heel feet would be great. I'd love to hear how those from Blue Fairy work. I'd also love to see some pictures of your Brava. You have an Isabelle, right?

      I wonder if the Bravas are on hold now with the SD sized girls around.
    9. I just bought my Brava a boyfriend (I hope), a Lati Blue Rei. I say "I hope" because you never know, he may turn out to be a brother. Dolls have a way of doing as they please around my house, no matter what I plan.

      Here's Minnie

    10. She's so pretty! Very elegant and she has such a thoughtful look. I'd love to see how she looks with the Lati
    11. I think he will work for her. He is tall, with a small head and a mature body. I bought my Bambi to be a sister for my Secretdoll Yomo, but when she arrived, I discovered that her face is much smaller and her body looks more in the proportion of a young adult (in spite of her flattish chest), so I made up a new story for her and grew her up. My dolls rarely cooperate with me. Of course, I buy most of them without ever seeing them in person, so sometimes they surprise me. If the Lati turns out to be all wrong for her, I might buy an Idealian 51 for her instead. Maybe she likes older men.
    12. This is my Ellen with my Lati Blue Rei:
      They look ok together, but Rei's head is a bit small so the proportions feel a little awkward for me.

      If your girl likes older men, you can also try Volks SDCs. Here she is with my Volks Ryu:
      Ryu's head is about the same size as Rei, but his eyes are much bigger so they look a bit more in proportion to Luxe (Ellen). SDC boy heads DO fit on Lati blue bodies if you want a taller boy. The resin match is decent also. :)
    13. One more pic because I think it's funny:
      Luxe has a Mona Lisa smile! XD
    14. Very cute guys! My Bambi's eyes are small compared to the other Bambis, so maybe Rei will look ok with her. I should know sometime in November when he is due to arrive.
    15. Lol actually, you are probably right! :D I just looked back at your girl! So cute! :) The Lati boys are just great too, it'll be nice to see a better Bambi match for them! ;)
    16. I was surprised by her when she arrived to see that she has a really small face and head. The wig I bought her was too big and I had to buy another one. Dolls always surprise me unless I have seen one in person. I bought another doll to be a brother for my Yomo (since I failed at giving her a sister), and his head was even smaller than my Bambi's head, so he became her brother instead. For some dark psychological reason, no doubt, it bothers me to have singleton dolls, so now my one sister-to-Yomo doll has turned into three (Minnie, a brother, and a boyfriend). I sincerely hope they don't need any other cast members, although I confess I have been looking at Idealian 51's to be in this group.
    17. Oh, I would love to see how an Idealian would be with the Bravas. I have a Rosette I am waiting on and someone suggested an Idealian to go with them. It would be great if they worked with Bravas, too, but I am thinking one would work better for your Isabelle, than mine with the larger eyes.

      I'm like you lina, I tend to pair mine up as well. More so the SDs, but they all just seem to want to have a mate. I think that is what makes this hobby even more expensive......we have to buy male and female!

      I think your right, the Lati might work very well since Isabelle's eyes are smaller. I love the large eyes on the Bravas, but it does become difficult to find them a mate.
    18. I first considered a Souldoll Lester for the boyfriend, but finally decided he is just a little too big for Minnie, after seeing one next to an Idealian 51. The Idealian is slightly smaller than SD Lester, and would work fine for Minnie, if Soom will just make one that she (and I) could fall for madly. If Minnie falls for the Idealian, perhaps I could buy her a best friend to go with the Lati boy. Minifees have been growing on me lately (rolling eyes), or perhaps Bambi will make some more girls. Has anyone ever put a Brava head on a Minifee body, I wonder?