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"Breaking the Mold" or, loving what you thought you wouldn't.

Mar 8, 2008

    1. So I'm sure everyone has a list of things they do not like in dolls and would never own. I had a list myself, and I see I didn't stick to it like I thought I would...

      List of Things I Will Never Want in a BJD:
      - A tiny. (I now have four, will be five.)
      - A SD. (I now have one.)
      - A girl. (I now have four.)
      - Beauty White Skin. (I have two.)
      - Sleeping Head. (I have one sleeping, one modded sleeping.)
      - More than Three. (I have...nine, one on the way, and a floating head.)

      I also have a list of things that I would never do, which included ear piercing, blushing, and scars. All of which I have done now.

      Does anyone else have their list and have they adhered to it at all? :sweat

      EDIT: Wow! I see I've changed dramatically...I also said I wouldn't sell and I have sold two. I also said I would never get Volks and I'm contemplating one. But the biggest is the More than Three rule. I have THIRTY.

      I blew my rules away. XD
    2. Things I never wanted in a BJD:
      -A Volks (save for liz... my name is liz...)
      -A wig without bangs

      -All my dolls are Volks XD; ( but I still don't have a Liz :[ ).
      -I just received my first bangs-less wig today, and I adore it.
      -I LOVE CHIWOO ;_;

      It's funny to see how our preferences can do complete 180's @_@.
    3. My main one? I did not want a Yo-SD. Did not. They were so cute, but moving into a completely different size that couldn't share my big boys' clothes? No thanks! :o

      ...Then I lived in Japan for a year, visited various Sumikas about once a week and was overwhelmed by the cute of all the tiny Yos on display. Fast forward two years, and I have my own little Yo-army in the works (four and counting... :doh)
    4. -A BJD. I thought I could live with my jointed kelly dolls for my doll house. PF's were the end of that. It only took 3 or 4 moths.
      -A SD. I even let my first on go, thinking I could live with only minis. I now have two
      -Volks. I thought they were to expensive. I now have 3 yo's and my SD girl hybrid. And a msd on the way.

      Things I never thought I would do.
      My own face ups.- I have 3 dolls I do them on regularly, and one enhanced by me.
      Modding- I am no longer a modding virgin! I have modded 2 of my dolls.
      That's it!
    5. Ahh let's see. When I got into BJDs I didn't have any set guidelines but I did have a few DO NOT WANTs

      No dolls with French Resin (I now have two)
      Do not spend over $30 on a pair of eyes (Now I'm a gumdrop addict)
      Do not get more then one wig for a doll. It is wasteful >:[ (Now many of my dolls have alternate wigs. ;A; )
      All dolls must be from the same company in order to keep a cohesive look amongst them. (Uh... ^_^; Many companies and sizes now represented in this house now)

      In a way I was building walls for myself as far as creativity went... now...I let myself be much more creative with dolls and am happier with them for it. :D
    6. A larger-than-60cm male, and now I've got my eyes on SOOM's Lupin.

      Curses, that nose and pout.

      - Mel
    7. Things I Never Wanted in a BJD

      - A Shiwoo (Now he's my favorite doll.)
      - A dreaming/sleeping doll (We just ordered our third.)
      - A girl (We just ordered two.)
      - More than two (We'll have nine by the end of March plus a floaty head.)

      I also said I'd never order from Luts again after all their recent screwups, but here I am, waiting for an El-SS head. ^^;;; I managed to hold out on buying a tiny, though.
    8. Didn't want:
      A MSD
      A girly-boy-dressing-like-a-girl doll

      Now I have those two exact things included in one doll. xD
    9. I swore I would never get an-
      MSD(KDF Cherry was my first boy)
      Tiny(I have two and want more XP)
      Floating heads(I had two and now one)
      Volks dolls especially not a Yo too much $$$ for something so small(I have a Yo AND I'm looking into getting a volks body for my floating head)
      Acrylic eyes(2 pairs and one is my FAVORITE)
      I think thats about it for me...<.<

    10. I didn't have many.

      ~ Never buy a tiny (Now I'm waiting on my first one)
      ~ Stick to MSD's, SD's are just too big (That went RIGHT out the window. Most of my collection is SD size, 3 already, and many more on my wishlist)
      ~ Ignore dreaming heads (Well. I saw NaNuRi 07 and fell in love, and thus that was set aside quickly. It made me appreciate completely closed eyed dolls as well)

      Things just change.^^
    11. Oh yes, I've done this:

      Never buy smaller than SD (I have an MSD)
      Never buy a girl doll (I have one in the works and I'm scrambling to get her a wardrobe right now)
      Never buy a limited (I have one and am searching for another)
      Never buy more than three dolls (too late!)
      Never buy floating heads (there are two at home and I want one more)
    12. Yeah, I never thought I'd want:
      A tiny - going to get one
      A teeny-tiny(less that 20cm) - thinking about getting one
      or an SD - also thinking about getting one.

      I was convinced I'd just stick with MSD-sized dolls, but I guess not. xD
    13. Well, at the beginning, our initial ideas and concepts about this hobby were more limited. As we get deeper and find out more about the hobby, things change.

      Many things changed big time :lol::lol::lol:

      I have only collected BJD for 11 months (and in DOA for 10 months). The following are what had changed:

      A. I wanted MSD - Now I realize that MSD is too small for my liking. (I even paid CH membership money to join, so I can get a junior.... Now that plan is dead. I still have Kirill because he is too cute. He will probably be my only MSD ever)
      B. Did not want tiny - Now I have 2
      C. Did not want to buy Volks (too expensive) - now I have 3 with 1 incoming and 1 floating head. My most expensive doll is a Volks - and I was jumping up and down when I won the opportunities to spend this big bucks on him :lol:
      D. Did not want a Hound - now I have one on order
      E. Did not want to have too many dolls - now I have 11 total (including the incoming. Considering that it has only been 10 months since my very first doll arrived, this is very scary indeed)

      ..... some other don't wants are still don't wants (which is good for my wallets)
    14. Let's see...

      I thought I would never have SD sized dolls (I have 11)
      I thought I would never have any girls (I have 4 counting my Cutie Delf)
      I thought I would never buy bodies for prexisting characters (10 are based on characters)
      I thought I would never have more than 8 (I have 14 with another one planned)
    15. List of Things I Will Never Want in a BJD:
      - A girl (I'm saving up for one, I almost want one more then my boy)
      - A doll that wasn't from Luts (They were my favorite company, and still are, but i've branched out and a like a lot of other types of dolls now)
      - A realistic looking doll (I thought I didn't want one, but now im thinking they might be the only ones I want)
    16. Past predicted list of things to never have in a BJD:
      - An SD (I now have THREE!)
      - Floating heads (Two!)
      - Normal skin/NS (Three!)
      - A Luts doll (One!)

      And others, but... I can't think of them right now, totally escaping me. x___x
    17. Soom Spinel. I very strongly dislike that mold.

      But I love Lupin. They're so similar, and yet...

      Oh God I want a Lupin. @.@
    18. Hmmm...
      Didn't want:
      -A Hound (he was my first doll)
      -Another boy before a girl (got a modded Yder on a FDoll bod and a floating Lu Wen head)
      -A puki puki (thought they weren't that great at first but now I REALLY want one @_@)
    19. Before I got into BJD-dom, this is the list that I had:

      • Don't want a Volks
      • Don't want a girl doll
      • No Unoas
      • No tinies
      • Do not buy more than one set of outfits for each
      • Limit the collection to 4 dolls

      Now that I'm in the hobby:

      • I have two dolls from Volks
      • I have two girls (incoming is the third one)
      • I'm getting a Unoa Lusis!!
      • I have a YoSD
      • Each of them has about 8-10 outfits + doll accessories, furniture, etc.
      • I have two more to add to my doll family

    20. A hybrid
      A sleeping mold
      A tiny
      Another dollfie dream
      boy dolls
      More then 1 doll
      A dollzone

      And now:I had 1 hybrid but it was the wrong head then i ordered so its sold.
      I have 1 sleeping/dreaming mold msd volks and shes to precious ^^
      I have 1 tiny and am expecting another but im still sticking to my no yo sd sized tinies ^to small for me.
      A character and a mold has called to me ill have to buy another dollfie dream in the future XP
      I got over my no boy dolls way awhile ago XP but ill be swarmed in mostly girls.
      Yeah 1 doll isnt an option i set my limit to 23 XP, currently having 8 dolls ones head waiting for her body and my tiny is being worked on. ^hoping not to have 24
      Concidered a dollzone once but then decided against it and story took a diffrerent direction.