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Breath Doll - CASS & BAMBI head ... in Doll's Afternoon ONLY!

Mar 25, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Doll's Afternoon now release new heads of Breath Doll - exclusive agent in English.
      Please check up attractive new heads -
      CASS and BAMBI head.

      CASS head (Click the link)

      - for SD13 sized boys
      - Volks skin color (Normal & White)
      - good with 9~10 inch wig and 16~18mm eyes.


      BAMBI head (Click the link)

      - for SD9 sized girls & boys
      - Volks skin color (Normal & White)
      - good with 9~10 inch wig and 16mm eyes.


      ** If you have further inquiry on these items,
      please contact us through email - dollsafternoon@gmail.com
      Thank you very much! **
    2. We add here additional photo (for no makeup head) and announcement!!

      We decided to release White Skin of CASS and BAMBI as well.
      You can select CASS and BAMBI in skin color you want, please remember that. :)

      (Skin color is based current Volks Pure UV skin Normal - White)

      CASS (Normal Skin)




      If you have inquiry, please visit us at anytime~