Update "Breath doll" Rose Gold eyes & Fairy Dragon

Mar 20, 2020

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      This is Rose Gold Eyeball Order.
      Size is up to 20-14mm.
      Production period is 55 days
      Order period: 12 p.m. Korean time, March 25th. ( And 25th is the start of pre-order. )

      It's a resin eyeball.
      Pupils, bubbles, and ambulatory cars exist.

      Buy the eye size and quantity you want to buy by e-mail. ( [email protected] )
      Please write it down.

      The price is $30

      PayPal is available.

      14 mi of Fairy Dragon can be shipped right away.


      If you buy Heize Head, you will get a random self-produced eyeball as a gift.


      Breath doll : 네이버 블로그 < Click
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    2. What's your email address? I don't see it on the site either. And is that the order start date? Or the deadline to order?
    3. Oh! I'm sorry. e-mail address ( [email protected])

      And 25th is the start of pre-order.
      I'm so sorry for the confusion. :sweat
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    4. There are other eyes on your site. Is it possible to order along with this eye?
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    5. The eyeball with the current sales closing is closed. Other eyeballs without a sales closing mark can be ordered together.
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