Event " Breath doll " Summer events.

Aug 26, 2017

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      Hi Breath doll:)

      Summer events!
      Reduce commodity prices. $130 -> $120

      The period is from August 27 to 30.
      Thank you very much.

      Click here -> :XD:

      Twitter: @Breath doll
      Instagram: @breath_doll_shop

      Please send me an email after filling out the order. ( [email protected] )
      Payment for PayPal is possible.

      Please make the payment within 48 hours after receiving your total.

      This doll is basic doll, not limited version.
      * This is pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change order after confirm payment.
      * Please be aware that the it will take about 30~35business days to be shipped. (exclude weekend and holidays)
      * COLOR on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.
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