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Bril33's feedback

Jan 24, 2011

    1. Please post all transactions you have had with me here!!! <3 thanks all!
    2. Bril33 purchased an Infiniti head from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Prompt payment, always friendly communication and let me know the item arrived safely. I would definitly recommend as well as welcome back in the future anytime. ^_^
    3. Bril33 bought a sundress from me for an incoming Soony. It was a very nice transaction; payment was prompt and so was feedback. I'd be happy to do business again in the future!
    4. I did a face up on Bril33's Infiniti boy. She was the most WONDERFUL customer! She was always so kind and patient with me, especially when I had to fix her boy's face-up when it unexpectedly cracked. I would love to do business with her again sometime. Thank you so much! <3
    5. Bril33 bought a doll from me. She was patient and paid when she was supposed to. She was really nice to do business with and I'll gladly do business again with her! Definitely recommended.
    6. Brill33 bought an MSD tshirt from me~

      Paid promptly, let me know as soon as it arrived, and was just super awesome all around :aheartbea

      Thanks again for a wonderful transaction!
    7. Sold a pair od MSD pants to Brill33. She was great and very kind! ^_^ She sent fast payment and was great with PMing me back! Thanks again! I would buy or sell to/from her anytime!! A++ buyer!
    8. I bought a doll from Bril and she was a excellent seller! She sent her quickly, well package, and was even kind enough to send her with some clothes! I would buy from her again without any hesitation!
    9. I traded dolls with Bril33 :D I absolutely love everything, doll is perfect, she's really friendly, and let me know when her package got there! :D Thanks so much! <3
    10. Bril33 recently ordered a custom hoodie from me and was just fantastic to work with! Great communication and everything! Thanks again!
    11. I bought a DollFamily-h XiangYi from Bril33 and it was excellent! Amazing communication and always willing to answer my questions. She sent him and gave me the tracking number and it all went very well! I would definitely buy from her again!
    12. Bril33 purchased a pair of volks jeans form me, and she was super sweet to do business with. Thanks again!
    13. Bril33 ordered a fur wig from me and was fantastic to work with! Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and let me know when the wig arrived safely, as requested.

      Definitely a great transaction and a recommended buyer! Thank you!
    14. I did a face-up for Bril33 ^ ^ She was so nice to work with~ She pays immediately & keeps in such GREAT contact/communication! Thank you Bril33 <3 I'd recommend her to anyone : D
    15. I Bought a wig from Bril33, she was very prompt in replying and we worked out a shipping error very easily. The wig arrived safely and I'd be happy to buy from her again. A very trustworthy seller!
    16. I sold a SD13 boy body to Bril33. She paid fast and everything was great! Thank you so much! =D
    17. A+++

      I bought a doll head from Bril and she is an excellent seller. She sent it well packaged, and included several fun extras. I appreciate it. ~Gus
    18. Bri is such a sweetiepie. She sold a Volks SD13 boy body to me on layaway. She even extended my layaway a month after some real life expenses popped up. I was so glad to buy from her! She shipped him in such a safe way (tons of bubble wrap, my favorite! :lol: ) and was a pleasure to talk to always.
    19. Bril33 bought a wig from me and it was a perfect transaction! Friendly communication and fast payment! I'd be happy to do business with her again! Thank you very much :)!
    20. Bril33 Participated in a GO I ran and was a joy to deal with! I wouldnt hesitate to deal with again <3