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Jun 20, 2018

    1. Hi There, This is my feedback link for Britiny1000 ... please leave your feedback down below, and thank you so much in advance
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      I copied this and posted it from my older feedback thread but this was posted by a legitimate member... crazie4bjds .... Sincerely, Britiny1000

      I recently completed a transaction with Britiny. It was perfect. She was great to work with and kept in touch throughout. She is just a pleasure and highly recommend her. I appreciate you giving Ingenue a wonderful new home Britiny and hope she brings you much dollie joy. I will keep a look out for her on DOA and cannot wait to see how you customize her. Thank you so much! :)

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    3. Britiny1000 bought a F60 Cygne head from me. Everything went perfectly! Excellent communication and fast payment. She also let me know when the package arrived. It was my pleasure doing business with Britiny1000. Thanks again. :)
    4. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Have a wonderful day!
    5. Britiny bought a Mushroom Peddler Willow from me. It was a perfect transaction! Britiny paid fast and was a pleasure to communicate with. I highly recommend Britiny to anyone considering selling to her. Thank you for being a wonderful customer Britiny :)
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    6. Britiny1000 bought a Twigling Minigenue from me. Great and perfect transaction ! She paid fast and send me a PM when the doll is arrived ! I highly recommend Britiny1000 ! Thank you :)
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    7. Britiny1000 bought my Loongsoul mermaid girl and was great to work with! She was very ncie to talk to and communicated clearly. She paid promptly and let me know when the doll got there. Would definitely work with her again!
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    8. I purchased a Dollshe 26F body from @Britiny1000! It was an amazing transaction! Super fast shipping, body was exactly as described, and Britiny was an overall pleasure to speak with! I highly recommend doing business with this individual!
    9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your were such a pleasure as well! Thank you again and I so appreciate your wonderful review! I would highly recommend you as well as a seller or buyer. AAA+++ all the way!
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