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broken fingers

May 29, 2007

    1. My boy in a luts mnf el and he broke his finger form falllig. Eather he fell realy hard or the fingers are just not very strong. :doh
    2. aw hugs, can you fix him?
    3. luts will replace them or help you get new ones. post this on the Q&A board.
    4. Fingers are fragile. They usually hit the floor first and the leverage just wacks them off. It is usually a clean break and a little dot of super glue works wonders. My problem with my Yue is that they flew into the netherworld and I never did find them. I feel your pain. It felt like i mutilated my baby which I did.:...(
    5. Luts will only replace the hands if you've only owned the doll for a few months, 3 months maybe ^^ Good luck trying to fix it, try searching in customizing and esthetics for some help with it!

    6. But you can buy new hands, can't you? Maybe join a group order?
    7. I'm going to try to fix it. It was a clean snap so thats good . I dont like super glue cuz it dont work for me...its not that super ,so im going to use gorilla glew its like 100 times stronger .But if i cant i'll see about having Luts replacing them ot buy him new ones.
    8. I super glued his finger and it worked I’m so happy. But I am going to buy him new ones cus he needs a backup pair.
    9. RRRRRRRRRR! it broke off again i giv up :(
    10. Aww no way! thats weird o.O be a serious pain if it just keeps falling off well guess all you can do is get new ones :\ sucks. Maybe try another glue? for the time being thats all I can think off sorry U_U.
    11. make sure if you try a new glue you lightly sand off the superglue first to give a clean, porous surface for the new glue to cling to.