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Brokenshinigami feedback Time!

Oct 4, 2007

    1. Hi and this is my thread *motions* I know right now there is not much here *moths fly about* But maybe soon? *_*
    2. Brokenshinigamisoul participated in a Dollmore Group Order in September. Everything went very smoothly, it was a pleasure doing business with her. Would gladly welcome her into another group order.

    3. Brokenshinigamisoul bought a couple of MS cans I had for sale. She paid promptly and her communication is really friendly and fast XD

      Thanks! :D
    4. Brokenshinigamisoul bought something for me, and is so prompt with her replies and payment. I hope you like the MSD kimono that you bought from me, hope you receive it soon!
    5. Brokenshinigami commissioned a sweater set...she provided a photo of what she wanted and measurment for her doll promply, paid quickly and was a joy to deal with. I'd be happy to do business with her again!! Thanks Emily!!
    6. Brokenshinigami bought some MSD fishnets from me! Fast payment, Wonderful buyer! I highly recommend! :3
    7. I just sold a dollie to Brokenshinigamisoul and everything went very smoothly.

    8. Brokenshinigami was part of group order I hosted. Quick payment! Great Communication! Would deal with again!
    9. I recently sold a shirt to Brokenshinigamisoul and the transaction went beautifully. Payment was super-fast. Communications were prompt and friendly. All transactions should go this smoothly!
    10. I just sold some MSD foods to Brokenshinigamisoul, and the transaction was great, fast payment! I would be very happy to deal with her again in the future! Thanks! :thumbup
    11. I just sold two dolls to brokenshinigamisoul. She was sooooooo super easy to deal with. Replied very quickly and kept up great contact with information. We set up a hold plan for her and she paid FAR in advance of the final hold date.

      She was even VERY understanding thru all my shipping delays because of my moving schedule and my son. I would be sooo very happy to deal with again!
    12. Brokenshinigami bought a pair of MSD boots from me! Fast payment, Wonderful buyer! I
      recommend!!! :3
    13. Brokenshinigami bought a modded hand from me and was great to work with! She paid instantly and was very understanding when I had to hold off on shipment! A pleasure to work with :3
    14. Brokenshinigamisoul bought a MSD shirt from me. She patiently sorted out some Paypal confusion with me and let me know when the shirt arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :D
    15. Brokenshinigamisoul bought a pair of custom-modded MSD-sized Scissor-Hands from me. Payment was fast, communication was excellent. I was informed as soon as they'd arrived to their new home. Thank you for a flawless transaction. :D
    16. sold a littlefee dress to Brokenshinigami and she was a pleasure to deal with. i would gladly do business with her again :)
    17. Sorry for late feedback.^^
      Brokenshinigamisou bought a MSD strap pants from me.
      She paid fast and communication was excellent. Would gladly do business with her again!!
    18. Brokenshinigamisoul- purchased a Dollheart Cherry Yo outfit from me. The transaction went smoothly. She is really a sweet person. Enjoy the outfit. Thanks!
    19. Brokenshinigamisoul purchased a wa-loli kimono from me - and you couldn't ask for a better transaction! She was great in communication and was awesome to deal with! Hope to deal again soon!! :)
    20. Brokenshinigamisoul ordered a custom wa-loli kimono and was an amazingly helpful customer! Everything went VERY smoothly. Can't wait for a future commission!!