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Buddy Doll

Jul 30, 2007

    1. Oh my~! How cute :D
    2. They're very cute, but I have a thing about heads; if they're more than a tiny bit out of proportion, they bother me. Elfdoll tinies are about as far as I would want to go.
    3. They are soooo cute!

      I love their big angular heads. They don't look like any other dolls, I like that about them ^^
    4. How cute and different. They look like cute stylize mischievous pixy kids
    5. Thats funny I just saw this in news and though ok tinybear your so easy to read!!
    6. Such cute heads! I saw them in the news section and also thought of Tinybear LOL! She always seems to be amongst the first to know when a tiny is involved.

      I can see one of those tinys in one of your wigs. Wonder if they are "real" girls and boys or if they are neutral.
    7. I like the wide fat feet look like troll feet.

    8. LOL ,am I so pradictable LOL
      Im wondering now
      how I can get one ...Im broke ...:)

      but I think they are wonderful

      I wish I could see more of the body again ...what is it with NOT showing us the body ????

      I want to know if its a boy or girl
      ...both dolls look similar so is one a boy and one a girl?

      I would love a little boy :D :D
      I could call him Nobby and he could be Cheery`s best friend

      rushes off to see who she can sell LOL
    9. They look a bit like 'Hugedoll' that was discussed a while ago in the tiny forum. Cute, very cute. Would go well with my army of melonheads. :P
    10. yes !
      they do have a similar style ...I think thats why I like them
      (I e.mailed Hugedoll again last week ...but no reply :...( )

      I love the one in the fur wig :aheartbea

      hopeing one is a little boy
    11. They're darling! I have a fondness for the big head/super deformed look. :) Besides, the big head thing is very childlike.
    12. I have just notice the SEX of type A
      ..male ...hopeing he is a proper little boy ...so I have asked ...figers crossed

      he just may be comming to live with me
      giggles ...will know tommorow:aheartbea
    13. I only say that because I'm broke and need to save $$ to bring home my Baha out of layaway. trudy <><
    14. Oh, they must be trying to get to Blythe/Pullip collectors. I'm slowly moving away from that big-head-small-body part of the doll world, but these pull me back right in.

    15. Thats exactly what I was thinking, they remind me so much of Pullips, very cute though ;)

    16. lol ...slipped
      if he is a boy ...Im doomed
    17. They're very cute, but I don't feel a need to run out and buy one. ;)
    18. Tinybear, it says on the picture of the naked body 'Tiny cute penis' so I guess it's a real boy! XD
    19. Aw I love them! Reminds me to Blythe and pullip,but I do not like Blythe and Pullipat all,but those ones are great!