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Buddydoll 3 boys Discussion - TEO, XAI, SILPH

Mar 26, 2009

    1. They're handsome...
      Is it just me, or do they look like the same mold? :sweat
    2. No, they're not the same mold. XD
      On first glance, I thought they looked a lot alike as well, but looking at all the pictures on the site I can see the differences clearly. Silph's face is softer than the other two, with a rounder-tipped nose and slightly opened lips. Teo has a very square chin, unlike Xai's pointed one, and I think his nose is slightly longer.

      I like all of them, really. XD Buddydoll keeps coming out with handsome boys...and now that the prices have been reduced to $450 they're tempting me even more! *_*
    3. I would go for Teo. He seems to be a good customizable.:D
    4. They posted blank heads.