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BuddyDoll is revamped with new dolls! Kyle, Daniel & Isabel

Dec 22, 2008

    1. HOLY COW first I want to say the website looks GREAT and second the new dolls area fantastic! I have Buddydoll Mars Tough, I am thinking of getting a Kyle! He is so handsome!
    2. I like the direction these dols are going. It's nice to see some rather manly men around.
    3. Those sculpts are very nice! :3 I like them a lot!
    4. Kyle really caught my attention. I bet he would look great in owner photos.
    5. 'Daniel' keeps reminding me of Mozart from the Amadeus movie. Which I love so not a bad thing. I think it's the makeup.

    6. Guuhhh... the new pic of Mars makes him about 10 times more appealing to me. :D:D
    7. The site looks nice and the dolls too.
      My interest in Mars has been rekindled :D
    8. these new dolls are nice!!
    9. Haha, just imagine - I'm going over to Buddydoll to order my Mars, and WHAM "Site is being Revamped" message greets me.

      Honestly, I panicked a bit :sweat

      But after that...I was anxiously going over to see what became of my beloved Mars just to see this...this...

      Uber hot god of beauty...OMG!!!!

      I love his new look even more - so now I'm really glad that I waited that day with ordering^^ I can't wait to see him in person :D
    10. I am thinking the same thing!! New Mars looks great!!:)
    11. Buddydoll are really nice people too. I was going to buy a head from them and just hadn't gotten to it yet with Xmas and all. When the new site went up I was all like "uh oh, no more separate heads" so I messaged on their Q&A. They said that they didn't want to offer heads separate anymore because it was too hard to control inventory, but they'd sell me one anyway. So I was able to place my order. I thought that was sooo nice! :aheartbea
    12. Did they change the Mars sculpt? Or is it just because there is a new face-up artist and photographer to make him look different? *_*

      Kyle is very attractive too! Reminds me a little of Soom Spinel....who I also adore. ;)
    13. No change on the sculpt but the new face-up (a little lightened and brown-toned) and yeop, he looks way better now. :)
    14. The new faceup on Mars Tough does have me reconsidering but I don't think I could pass Kyle by for Mars Tough!!! :drool

      Revamped = Masculinity :cheer It's about time!!! Male dolls that look like males :aheartbea

      I'm glad to see Mars Tough compete with Souldoll's Killian. But actually I traded in my desire for Killian to Kyle on my wishlist, it helps to see the hot faceup on these dolls, I wish every doll's listing would show that. I hope to buy a Kyle eventually and give him the Johnny Depp/Killian/Mars Tough faceup.

      OSHI, I was also going to bring up Spinel!! Because he was the first male doll I found that really appealed to me, because of his masculinity and his scruffy faceup! OMG HOT!!!! *drools some more*

    15. What size eyes does Kyle wear?
    16. Funny you say that. I want to save up for Kyle and I have Spinel, Kyle is going to be Spinel's son in my story. Tho it may take me a while to save up. :(
    17. He takes 14mm eyes.
    18. Are there any American distributors for Buddy Dolls?
    19. Buddy-Doll totally lowered their prices :D and I have no job!! :...(

      And a BUMP for Rabbit-Moon's question.