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Buddydoll Raphael Ltd Discussion Thread

Feb 19, 2009

    1. Ooh, I love the half mask. It makes me wonder if anyone's going to do some crazy mods, make him sort of a scarred character?

      He's definitely pretty. I think I prefer him to some of the other Buddydoll 70cm, although I'm pretty fond of Mars as well.
    2. It's a really neat idea but I'm a little worried about the magnets being exposed on the mask and the possibility of their rubbing against the face-up.
    3. He has completely floored me. I must find a way to afford him as a fullset. :sweat He is so perfect for the last character doll I am searching for.
    4. ... Soul Caliber?
    5. Original character. And now that you've made the connection with Soul Caliber I think I love him even more.
    6. He's very beautiful, but I wish we can see a picture of his profile.
    7. If there is a concern about the mask scratching the doll face, I think it might be possible to line the mask with felt or sueding material as those magnets should probably still work. They are pretty powerful. I think this is the best of BuddyDolls recent dolls.
    8. I love this one. I like it best out of all the Buddy Doll sculpts. It's unfortunate I won't be able to afford him, however.
    9. That would be just the type of mod for me. Sadly I have no room in my dolly budget for an impulse buy. (Anyone one interested in commissioning me? XD )

      He's definitely one of the Buddy doll boys that has caught my eyes.
    10. I LOVE his mask.
    11. Oh, wow. I think I'm in love! This is so strange for me, because I am not someone who likes male dolls all that much. But I've been a huge Phantom of the Opera fan for more than half my life! Of course this guy would appeal to me.

      I think I'll go for him as long as my Topaz sells :D.
    12. OH NO!
      Why must he be limited T_T!?
    13. He's sooo handsome!!:fangirl: But... I'd like his joints would be more natural...
    14. As with most buddy dolls, I love him. Wish his outfit fit more tailored.
    15. They sneak it out on their site. They might read your post LoL:lol:
    16. Oh wow. *_* Gorgeous, and catering to my Phantom of the Opera obsession. I showed him to my fiance, who agreed to help me buy him.

      Only question I have is: Is he limited in the sense of only X are going to sell, or in the sense that he's limited until that date?
    17. Suuchan, it looks like he's limited to a date, not a quantity. There's no mention of quantity anywhere on the page.

      I have a question too! I can't find out what size eyes he (or ANY Buddydoll) can take. Does it say on the website, or does anyone know what another Buddydoll (say, Mars) takes?
    18. Wowww he's gorgeous! The mask is such a cool idea, but yeah, it makes me wonder too what people will do about that xD
    19. My Mars wears 16mm (I think all Buddydoll boys take 16mm eyes, but 14mm fits also - at least for the smaller-eyed ones^^)

      Raphael is simply gorgeous, his face, his clothes...everything - I would snatch him up in a heartbeat (actually I was waiting for a face like his), but Buddydoll managed to release him when I'm totally broke....:...( (because I've spent all my money on a Buddydoll Mars, how ironic :sweat)

      I really wish he wasn't limited, or they sold his head separately...(I would be able to scrimp enough for a head but a full doll....even with layaway it's totally out of my league this time...).