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bumbelbys Feedback Thread

Oct 22, 2008

    1. Hi all,

      if you would like to leave feetback for me here that would be great !

      regards, bumbelby
    2. Bumbelby bought a Cutie Delf from me. She was friendly, fast with paying and everything went perfectly. Thanks!
    3. Bumbelby bought a doll from me
      She was a pleasure to deal with
      very smooth transaction
      highly recommend
    4. I sold a Volks MSD body to bumbelby and she was lovely to deal with throughout and let me know when the body arrived!

      Big thank you! :D:D:D
    5. She bought a set of hands from me and her payment was super fast and she let me know when she got them. :D THanks so much!
    6. bumbelby bought my Cutie Delf Cory and Mary, she was a pleasure to deal with very friendly, payment was fast and the entire transaction was perfect! Thank you so much!!
    7. I Sold Unoa Lusis to bumbelby recently. She is very nice & friendly person to work with, and was quick at payment.
      She also kept me updated about the fate of Lusis and posted some pictures with her new family dolls!
      I highly recommended her and will be glad to deal with her again.
      Thank you so much again
    8. Bumbleby purchased a Cutie Delf Cory, and a Unoa Sist faceplate from me--both transactions were hassle free, and she is such a sweet lady. I would recommend dealing with her anytime, she is so sweet! Thanks again!
    9. bumbelby purchased some jeans and a shirt from me. She was lovely to deal with - friendly messages, quick to pay, and she let me know as soon as the packages arrived. A pleasure - thank you! :)

    10. I sold my Puki Puki Mary to Bumbelby, she was very nice and easy to communicate with :) She paid fast and the transaction went smoothly, she even let me know that the puki had arrived safely :) It was a pleasure selling to her :)
    11. bumbelby was the nicest buyer I've dealt with! Thank you so much for giving this special girl a great home!
    12. Sold Volks Emma head to bumbelby. She was a pleasure to do business with. She replied to all pm's quickly and was very nice. She even sent me some pics of her girl once she arrived! I would definitely recommend this member to anyone. Thanks!!!
    13. Bumbelby bought a narae from me. She was really a joy to deal with. She quickly replied pm's and was very nice and friendly; and the payment was super-fast. And she sent me a pic of the girl when she arrived - it was so touching!
      Bumbelby is a wonderful buyer and a very nice person! Thank you!
    14. Bumbelby bought a head from me and it was an excellent transaction despite it going for a little visit somewhere in Frankfurt!
    15. I sold 3 SD wigs to her. She paid inmediatly and communication was so nice. It has been a pleasure!! :D
    16. Hi, I hope that I did this correctly, *_*
      What a terrific, friendly, honorable, nice person. :daisy:thumbup
      Thank you so much. Yumi is sooo happy with you. :fangirl:
      I am so glad that you are her new family.
      I hope that she learns to speak German quickly!!!:lol:
      Thank you.
    17. bumbelbys bought a doll's body from me, she paid very quickly and was very friendly during all the transaction. She kept me informed when the body arrived safely. It was a perfect transaction, thanks again:):)
    18. bumbelby bought Elfdoll Amy from me. It was a perfect transaction. Very friendly, paid quickly. A pleasure meeting!
    19. Thank you for your fast payment and kindness. Super great person to work with. :fangirl:
    20. Great buyer, bought my Liebchen, paid promptly and was cery communicative.
      Would definitely transact with again.