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Burnout while waiting

Mar 6, 2010

    1. I am new to the world of BJD's and awaiting my first doll. I made the plunge around three weeks ago (after debating forever with myself as I also collect other types of dolls...) and ordered and paid.
      There is a three week period to wait before shipping and I find myself checking and rechecking;waiting for the notice that she has been shipped.
      I have already ordered lots of "stuff" for her and have plans for face-up and props; so much so that I'm finding myself *almost* burned out from planning.

      Reading here on DOA makes me realize that three weeks is nothing compared to some who who has to wait for months on end for their (paid for) doll to me made.
      The feeling is, for me, totally different than having a doll on a long lay-away. And I find that my own impatience is getting the better of me.

      It makes me wonder how others feel and cope while waiting for their doll? Especially those who's having to wait maybe three months or more.
    2. It's always difficult waiting for a doll, wether it's 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 days!

      I have a Soom Ai on layaway right now, and it's agony waiting for her to come home to me! But I've never had a real burnout while waiting for a doll, and if I had then it disappeared as soon as I had the doll in hand :)
    3. Once you have your doll, you'll most likely get over the "burnout" you're feeling. I know I was sick of waiting for my first boy (and second... and third...) when they finally arrived. But once they get here, you'll find that implementing those plans you've been tweaking for the past three weeks is a whole lot more fulfilling than just planning it out. You just gotta have patience during those three weeks. Hang in there!
    4. It's been five weeks since I ordered my MnM, and I haven't even received the initial plan for approval yet. And since there were no promo pictures to begin with, of course I've started wondering if I'm going to hate him beyond all measure - and resent the ridiculous amount of money I spent on having him made. I pretty much swing back and forth between that, and thinking that he is going to be the coolest doll evah.

      So yeah, I'm already kind of burned out...and I'm probably only about halfway through my wait. Wish I could help you out, but I don't see a whole lot of "coping" in my future. ^^;
    5. Hmm...Well, usually I'm a pretty patient person, so I didn't have too much trouble with my tinies (from Pipos) that I had to only wait one month for, but I did have some trouble with my MSD (from Dream of Doll). Over 100 days for a paid up-front doll! (About 15 weeks I'd guess) Though, I gotta say, having his belongings coming before him one by one was a little exciting and kept me from just getting frustrated with the whole thing. And I was DEFINITELY thrilled out of my mind when it finally came down to opening the box. So I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you ^ ^ Waiting is hard, but it makes having more exciting.
    6. For me, the waiting is part of the hobby. I've accepted it and it doesn't rub me raw at all! Some of us have had to wait....over a year! Dollshe back in the day....

      I have had the unpleasant experience of a long wait combined with a change of plans/heart/energy and that's very discouraging. It's hard to know if that sort of "burnout" would have been negated with a quick delivery time.
    7. I wouldn't say I've had a burnout more as a somewhat depressed feeling lol but with my Ai girls I gotten the stuff they'll need when they get here and it all timed about around the same time. It kind of helps me to get things prepared as I wouldn't have to wait too long or at all for the stuff I'll need so I could get to work on them as soon as possible :D but yeah, waiting is hard, but it always cheers me up when they ship :D
    8. I'm horrible with waiting, I start to lose interest in dolls that take months and months to ship but luckily I can slowly gain it back when they arrive. Sadly I don't well up with excitement when I hope the box. : ( I have to dress them and give them a faceup before I start to bond but I suppose I'm just that way. Waiting is just a fact of hobby most of the time and as long as the company doesn't close down or my doll arrives broken, I consider myself lucky.
    9. I'm about 3 weeks into waiting for my new doll, I'm impatient for sure but I'm enjoying it too, the wait is the toughest but most rewarding (natch) part ^^
      Also, venting your pre-arrival doll anxieties/excitements here can help pass the time xD I purposely ordered my new doll shortly before going on holiday so that I'd have a nice time-killer to keep me busy and make the wait seem shorter =3
    10. Usually I do not get burnout from waiting for a doll - I usually do not prepare anything for an incoming doll either. I usually order and forget about it until the doll actually show up on my doorstep

      My work is very busy and stressful thus it is very easy for me to order something and forget about the time. For me, burnout comes from changes in RL which are not doll related. For me, RL comes first thus I do not really sit down and count the days..... it is easier to work with something when it is physically here so I do not plan for anything

      In the past year everything that I actually "planned" did not work or I do not have time to execute them so I do not plan anymore
    11. hmmm... well, it's safe to say that ones the wait time gets closer to a year, i simply forget about the doll. ^^; And that sucessfully kills whatever plans I had for her. But anyting within 3 month or so is ok. ^^
    12. I can't say I've ever had a 'burnout' while waiting for a doll I've ordered. But I've burnedout while SAVING for a doll. Which I suppose in the long run is better for my wallet. X3 But once shipping notice is sent, I'm bouncing around giddy as a school girl and start stalking the postman obsessively. This hobby will do that to you.
    13. I'm waiting for a doll with my sister. We're in the beginning of the fifth month right now. We ordered through a store, so while my doll is in, her's is still MIA. It's a little harder knowing I have a doll ready and waiting, but most times work and school is enough to keep my mind off of things.

      Usually having the doll in hand is enough for me to overcome any sad feelings accumulated while waiting ^^
    14. For my first doll I didn't cope. I just freaked out. I didn't know DOA existed so there was no waiting room or support of fellow doll owners because I just didn't know any (I was the first one I knew to have a doll, and my first was the first one I'd ever seen).

      Now however I amuse myself by finding clothes, wigs and eyes (which to be honest, i usually have already. or at least picked out), messing with my other dolls and stalking the waiting rooms so I can whine to others in my same boat. And of course, checking the order status at least 3 times a day even though I know it's not going to be updated at 2pm. *goes back to check again*
    15. I've never gotten burned out from waiting, but I have other things to turn my attention to, and I think that helps. I also find that there's a big resurgence of excitement when I finally get the ship notice.
    16. I do not know which is worse. The Wait or just the wanting a new doll and knowing the budget will not allow it then when it is a limited doll one wants.
    17. Many a three-to-six-month wait has gone into the building of this mad collection.

      (a) Turn your calendar around so it faces the wall, and (b) instead of dolls try to think about wrestling.
    18. I'm extremely lucky. I've never had any shipping issues with dolls, and I think the longest I ever waited was about 50-60 days? So yeah, no waits over 2 months for me (well, except for dolls that were Christmas presents, then I had to wait a while after they came home, but that's a different story!). No broken bits, no mishaps.

      But let me tell you, 2 months feels like forever to wait for a doll, especially when you've already waited who knows how long to be able to make the order in the first place. My advice would actually be to take a break from the obsessive planning for a while and just..try and forget it! I know that sounds odd, but it's way better than biting your nails over it.

      I wish I could say that any frustration dissipates when you open the box, but I can't... Sadly I usually don't have time to play with my dolls when they arrive due to being a biology major at college. Once I had the box sitting next to me for about two hours before I could spare the time to open her, sit her aside, and get back to work! :( But if that isn't the case, no days are better than new doll days! :D
    19. I have the same problem, I've got a photoshoot planned but I havent been able to do anything much with my girl for the last couple of months I've been so busy. And she's sat up there on the shelf looking at me when I go to bed every night, having done nothing with her again! Oh well, at least she's in my posession and I get to at least look at her, that's infinately better than worrying about how she's faring out there at the mercy of the postal system.

      :thinks about wrestling: ...this better work!
    20. Honestly I get bored waiting. There is only so much to read and look at on the forum or online. So I usually concentrate on my other hobbies instead - reading or video games, and once you have one doll, your can play with other dolls while waiting.