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Buy the Full Set or Everything Seperate?

May 16, 2011

    1. Please let me know/direct me to the right place for any of this information!
      (especially if its already been discussed)

      I've been doll hunting for over a year now, and I have FINNALLY settled on a mold that I absolutelly love! Dollzone's Shoyo. She's so pretty. :)

      I've been looking all over for who's selling her and for how much. Compairing full-packs to buying naked dolls and clothing sepratelly, as well as factory face-ups to costom face-ups.

      I wanted to know what everyone's prefrence was on this kind of thing. Would you rather buy the full-pack or just the doll and pick a diffrent outfit (or the same out fit from a diffrent place)? Would you rather have the factory face up, or send it to a third party for a more personalized lood?

      Hopefully I'll get some advice, tips and/or help in finding and comparing these sort of things.

      I know a lot of people save money by making their clothing, but I also know I'm not nearly good enought to do that my self yet.

      Thank you for sharing your oppinion and any help in my search!
    2. Oh! My bad, thank you!