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Buying a Doll Because of Fetish

May 12, 2010

    1. Let me rephrase this back.

      4. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

      A lot of companies make many fantastic dolls, with many accessories.

      So I think maybe you all have that some sort of fetish or fixation when buying or choosing a doll.
      Like hooved doll! Or pawed, or have fin, or realistic or goth or anime or tattooed dolls...
      Or maid looking doll, bunny girl, or tanned or cross dresser or anything..

      Tell me your fetish or doll preferences that make you can't resist to buy them even tough you dislike the size or company or etc..and have fun reading all of the others fetish..:)
    2. I'm not sure if it's necessarily a fetish but I love androgynous looking male dolls. Especially the ones with dreaming style eyes! So niiice...

      I can't resist cat dolls either. Cat's are my favorite animals, hence almost all my zuzus, my IH Luna, etc...
    3. Of course it is considered..

      Cat is a cute fetish..like there is a 'cute' fetish..:lol:

      For animal I love Fox..yes..if there is human with fox part in ABJD I will buy 'em! :XD:
    4. Paaaws :drool I love dolls with paws, its so darn cute :whee: And cat/fox ears.
      But my greatest fetish... guess its the hands. Everytime I see a doll, I check his/her hands.
    5. I can't resist huge-eyed dolls. They're just so durned cute! :D
    6. Check their hands? :lol:
      Huge eyed? Me tooo..:XD:
    7. Hands are important XD
      And neck... neck is my big fetish too XD For example my boy has an Adam's apple (or what xD) which I haven't seen on any doll neck earlier :kitty1
    8. Now that's cool! An adam apple on a doll! :XD: seriously..that's cool
    9. Cat ears :sweat definitely cat ears. Catboys especially! :) Though I'll admit I keep dying of envy every time I see one of the limited release Dollzone Shoyos with the cat ears!! :(

      Oh, and the legs! I love long, slender legs on my dolls.
    10. Noses. Noses are the first thing I look at on a person,
      especially a guy, so naturally I'm drawn to noses on a
      doll. And I definitely favor a certain type....no pointy or
      skinny ones for me. Nice strong bridge. Yeah, it is a fetish.
      But I also adore hands. Too many companies ignore them.
      And IMO it completely ruins a doll if it doesn't have nicely
      defined fingers and some nice veins for male dolls. :)

      edit: ohh what doll has an adams apple?? I haven't seen
      that before.
    11. I don't think fetish is really the appropriate term for what you're trying to ask. :sweat
    12. Hehe..I open the dictionary from MS Word and found

      "object of obsession: an object, idea, or activity that somebody is irrationally obsessed with or attached to "
    13. uhmm O_O
      does smexy bastard look counts? <.<
    14. Yup..gosh..smexy..drool...:XD:...I'm a fan of smexy man too
    15. Another one that likes good hands on real guys as well as BJD ones. One of the reasons I sold my Elfdoll Wu was simply because I didn't like his hands....and it became worse once my Hound came home.
    16. I think the best title to use here would be 'Buying a Doll because of an Aesthetic Infatuation'. Fetish sounds really perverted to me xD;;

      But for me, I think it's 'cute'. If I think he / she is 'cute', then I want it ;A;
    17. Anything from cute to darn sexy for me. I'm not picky. Though I do have a thing for hands myself, I love the realistic ones more. And at the moment hooves.
    18. Doll Family 1/3 body has :3 Or at least my Lingfeng has one xD Can take a picture if you like :) xD

      Oh, and another fetish of mine! xD Skinny body :XD: Just check out DF body, its so skinny :3 Compared to... an Iplehouse male body for example *_* I don't like muscles. Even if I like the head mold, almost everything depends on the body. Only skinny ones for me :lol:
    19. On the one hand, dolls arent sexy to me but on the other, I've always been a fan of Hans Bellmer's (possibly NSFW) sexuallised doll sculpture and that is part of the appeal of BJDs for me. Er...I'm not going to say I have a ball joint fetish I just think they look really cool. :sweat
      I also like the realistic dolls, 100014. Realism and nice proportions is what I look for most in a doll. I also go for nice shapely legs, I don't like it when they're too long and shapeless I want some detail and definition! Yeah, finding a nice pair of legs is a bit of an obsession for me, I havent found the perfect legs that have made my buy a sculpt but it has put me off a sculpt before.
    20. Another thing I like, is seeing the veins in hands etc. I don't own many dolls which have this detail.