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Buying A Doll/Doll Part You Don't Intend To Keep

Jan 19, 2012

    1. As I was looking at iplehouse elemental guardian Isar. I thought her head was beautiful. She looks real mature and nice too. One tiny problem. I collect SD only and a mature MSD will look odd next to them. So I asked iplehouse if the upcoming KID line has interchange heads with the JID line... If so then I'll probably get a Isar and a KID body for her.
      I am wondering, do anyone ever buy something, be it a doll or a doll part or doll accessories with the intention of selling/trading them off for any reason at all?

      Mods, I searched but could not find a similar thread. If I missed out than please delete/merge. Thank you:).
    2. I tend to do it if the head or body doesn't suit my liking anymore or if it's not what I expected
    3. I very rarely buy anything with the intention of selling it, unless I can get it free or very cheap. A couple of examples:

      1. I needed an AoD boy body for my floating head. I intended to buy just the body straight from AoD, but JunkySpot had an excellent black friday sale in which the full doll with shipping would cost me only $13 more than just the body with shipping from AoD and it would be home within a week instead of a month or more. So I bought the doll with the intention to sell the head and make a little money in the process.

      2. Events. If I can get the doll I want anyway during an event that includes free extra parts (hands, head, small doll, etc) I will try my best to order within the time frame and sell or trade the pieces I don't want.

      That being said, I have never specifically bought a doll or part with the intention to just sell it. Most of what ends up on the MP with me was wanted at one time and my tastes changed or I didn't bond.
    4. I try not to buy parts I don't want, but sometimes it's unavoidable. If I end up with extra heads or bodies, I sell them if I can't use them. I think that's one of the best things about DOA: there's always someone to take odd bits of dolls off your hands.
    5. I don't do it intentionally, but sometimes I might need a body, that isn't sold alone. I just bought a SOOM Dia, but instead of buying it myself, I went into a split with another doll collector, so I wouldn't have to worry about selling it.
    6. I've been thinking of buying some cheap dolls to do some fun mods on and then sell them or give them away later.
    7. I prefer splits up front, but when it is not possible I have bought many heads I immediately got rid of because I only wanted the body.
    8. I really don't like the idea of buying parts that I know I don't want - it is the sort of thing that puts me off some dolls... One reason is probably that I don't trust myself to be able to sell the parts I don't want, so it would just be a waste of money :/. If there are parts I really don't want, I wait to see if I can find the thing that I do want on the MP - or I just try to forget about it :p.
    9. I've done that before because I wanted the head on a different body, so I bought the doll, kept the head, sold the original body and used that money to purchase the new body that I really wanted. Sometimes that's just the way you have to do things.
    10. Sometimes it's just easier to buy the doll and sell on the parts later. Splits are a good way of getting rid of parts immediately, but you could be waiting a long time if the doll isn't popular. So you have to be prepared to buy the doll yourself and sell on the excess afterwards.

      I've done this recently with an LE doll I've purchased. I wanted to order the doll immediately and wasn't prepared to wait for a splitter, so I bought the doll and will sell what I don't want.
    11. Never done that.
      I ended up with many spare parts, though. And maybe I'll sell them some day.
    12. I never buy a doll with the intention of selling things off, which is why I like splits. It can be a hassle to try to sell parts. It takes time and you have money that's tied up in it.
    13. Sometimes, if I need a body for a floating head, it will actually only be a little bit more money to buy a head than just the body alone (ex. Minifees are only $47 more for a head than just the body), so then I'll either sell the head afterwards, if I can convince myself to part with it, otherwise, that's how I end up with so many floating heads.
    14. Like others have said sometimes it's unavoidable. I want a delf EL, but they only sell his dreaming head separately which means I'll have to buy him full along with the Senoir body I want to put him on. But I wasn't going to sell the body, but instead keep it for later use. You never know when It will come in handy. And like Nefla said, I wanted some cheap heads not for my collection but for face ups and such. If I liked the outcome I would maybe sell them away for someone else to love :)
    15. I bought a doll for the body and clothes with the intention of selling the head, which I did after giving it a faceup. I bought a very inexpensive Obitsu with the intentions of fixing it up and selling it- I never fixed it, just sold it XD
    16. I have bought whole dolls to get a head sculpt, whole dolls to get the bodies, one whole doll to get the horns and hooves and another whole doll just to get the outfit. :sweat
      You don't have a lot of choices if something is only sold as part of a complete doll or in a limited FullSet so I will bite the bullet and buy the whole thing if I think I'll have to pay more for it second hand. Usually I find a use for the other parts but other times I know I plan to sell them off when I make the purchase. I don't like hosting splits and I only join splits for parts like shoes, wigs or small accessories.
    17. Since I have to limit the amount of money I spend, I couldn't see myself buying anything I don't intend to keep unless I needed to purchase it to get something else I wanted.