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Buying a Doll Too Soon?

Dec 26, 2010

    1. I was just thinking about this and was wondering what everyone else thought. I did have a search around and couldn't find a thread about it... There probably is so move it, delete it etc. if it's in the wrong place or whatever.

      I got off the subject there but... Now Christmas is over I have some money, enough for a particular doll that is, and I was thinking of buying him. I am relatively new to the hobby, because I got my first doll just over a month ago (I have been into the hobby more than a year now though), so here comes the question:

      Is buying a new doll, e.g. a month later than the last one too soon? Would the amount of dolls one has have an effect on this and if so why? For example would the new doll detract from the attention the first one has, therefore one wouldn't be getting their money's worth (I'm a tight wad ok :L)? I was just thinking that some people might have different opinions on this heh hehh.

      Chloe x

      - Edit -

      Thanks for the input, guys :] <3
    2. Maybe it's not so much that you'd be buying a second doll so soon after your first, but rather that you may be rushing into buying a doll in the first place. I understand completely that one would be concerned that perhaps they wouldn't be giving the proper attention to the first doll with a newer addition in the house. And it's so hard not to start looking for a doll to buy up when you realize you have the money to do it. I'm not saying it's wrong at all. It just seems like....the safer thing to do would be to have the doll in mind before you go spending the money. If I find myself with the cash to spend on a doll, I'm definitely going to shop around and try my best not to make an impulse purchase. As for detracting attention from my other dolls....<_< Well...I doubt they'd "feel" left out. To me, though, a new doll would get me more excited about the one I already have. Think of the things you can do with TWO dolls. Photo stories with dialogue....photo shoots with two models instead of just one....dolly cuddling<3 ^_^
    3. ^_^ For me, I have so many dolls on my wishlist, and even different stories all lined up, that I don't worry about making a hasty decision.

      I spent months and months organizing my different storylines, and figuring out exactly what doll, and eyes, and wig, and clothes style, and the personality each and every one needed to have, that by the time I have enough money for another, I already know which one has to be next. :)

      And as far as detracting attention? I actually have a spot in our family room where all my dolls stay. Every now and then though, I swap out what doll is on my (very small) bedside table. Then I'll think 'Oh, so-and-so hasn't gotten any attention in a while...' and swap them out for that one. I think it works out nicely, regardless of how fast I buy them. :)

      Which reminds me, my Migi Ryu hasn't gotten any attention in a while..... :XD:
    4. No of course not! If I had the funds for all of the doll on my wishlist (and life expenses) I would get them in rapid procession! Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but for your case I'd say go for it!

      Also, if you get a doll new, it would take a while to be made so it technically would be like 3 months after your last doll! Second-hand on the other hand would still take at least a few days!

      I love all of my dolls in so many different ways so I don't think that a new doll would take away my attention to my not-as-new doll.
    5. I rran into this problem because I just got my first doll, Anwen, last month for my birthday actually I didnt expect her for my birthday I had order her back in August but she came in November and for my birthday I got a lot of money from family enough for a doll as well. Last week I placed an order for another doll because I want her to be Anwen's child, plus it will most likely take a long time for her to come in stock....actually they have her but not her wig so I'm waiting for both to come in.
    6. I actually did this. I ordered my first doll in May of this year, then the twin Yos arrived in June, and my male MSD in July.

      Now, none of them were impulse buys( except maybe the male MSD, he was from the marketplace.) I happen to role-play quite a lot and I draw, so originally the dolls were to be drawing models that reflected my characters. They ended up becoming their own characters, but I've found myself using the characters my dolls have become as characters in role-playing lately. Currently, I have ordered a pair of dolls, and now after the holidays I've found myself with extra money and thoughts of purchasing one or two more while the holiday sales remain.

      My newer dolls don't tend to take attention from the others. Each doll tends to receive equal amounts of gifts, except my Yos who I never seem to be able to find sites selling clothes in their size >.< . However, they all get plenty of wonderful hand-made clothing and chances to be carried around at the local con. They're all spoiled. XD
    7. I found myself going a little crazy after buying my first doll. While waiting for her to come, I got two other dolls, and soon after she came, I got another doll and then almost committed to another. I'm really glad I calmed down and talked myself out of it. And I had to cancel one of my layaways because I didn't have the money I was expecting. But I'm actually kind of glad about that too. It gave me some extra money to spend on doll-things, and it also made me cut back on my planned dollies. So, to answer your question, I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a doll soon after buying your first, it's just how you feel about it. As long as you don't start going crazy and getting overwhelmed and stressed.

      I got into this hobby in late September, and now I've got one doll, one floating head, and a Soom MD on layaway...I don't see anything wrong with it, but I am glad I stopped myself from going crazy. I am alot less stressed now.
    8. I have already figured out that I want ten dolls eventually for ten different established characters. For me I feel like if I finish paying off one I should start the other so that I always have something coming in. I don't plan on buying a ton at once but a steady stream of layaway payments every month till the family is complete. Of course it took me a few months to figure out which sculpts I wanted for which character and I may still change my mind but thats half the fun for me. As long as your sure when you order the doll that that is what you want then it isnt too soon in my opinion. For example certain dolls are further down the list because I havn't entirely committed yet. Other dolls I got first because I knew right away.
    9. This is ultimately going to be personal, with everyone's answer being a little different depending on their circumstances. There really is no right or wrong about this, provided someone isn't doing something improper with their finances in the process. No one can really tell you it's OK enough times to make you feel that way if it isn't something that's going to work for you and vice versa -- it's best to just reflect on it a little while, decide if you're comfortable, and take the leap in one direction or the other. ;)

      Personally, I get a lot of dolls that are only available for a limited time. If I want to get them for retail price, it's usually 'order now or all bets are off on what it will cost at a later time'. That circumstance has made 'too soon' a bit irrelevant for me personally, but your experience may differ -- and even people in the same position I'm in my have a different feeling on the matter.
    10. I wouldn't say buying a new one so soon is a bad thing. I would say that buying a doll you haven't done extensive research on is a bad thing. Do you love it? Do you have a vision for it? Impulse buys are often the doom of owners.

      To be fair, there are three major dolls on my wishlist - two who are 4/5 year old established characters of mine, and one sculpt that I've keened for ever since I got into the hobby. I'm planning to order at least two of the three back to back, perhaps a month or so apart depending on whether or not I can find one of them in the Marketplace (being a limited head and all). But because I've had these characters in mind for so long, and because I've wanted this one particular doll for so long, I know it won't be an impulse buy, and I can explore different concepts and characters for them equally.
    11. It's all personal -- there isn't a right or wrong way to do it. I tend to put at least a month in between, personally just to give myself a chance to get to know the new doll before adding another, but there have been exceptions to that too, and lately it's been a lot of time in between. It depends on finances and what's available as well as my own personal preference in terms of bonding. Right now I'm seriously rethinking my doll family, so I don't want to add a lot more resin people quickly -- it would just further confuse things.
    12. I don't think it's a moral question really. It's how each individual feels. I purchased my 2 girls a month apart because I knew I wanted them to "bond" with each other, they are mates. I don't think purchasing dolls one after another is bad if you really want the dolls.
    13. I have more than once bought two dolls at the same time from the same doll company, so I had two dolls arrive at once. It is kind of hard to divide my attention between two new dolls and the dolls I already have, but when it gets troublesome I just box one up, play with the other and finish it, and then move on to the first. Dolls are not children or pets. There is no doll protection service that's going to take your doll away when you don't play with it enough. ;)
      It feels kind of silly to me to wait with spending doll money that you already have saved up and ready to spend. If it does not get you into financial trouble and you are looking forward to the new doll, why wait?
    14. Is buying a new doll, e.g. a month later than the last one too soon?

      I'd say that would depend on the person. If you know you'd rather have time to really play with and fix up your dolls, then you'll probably want to wait. Some people don't mind getting tons of things at once, however!

      Personally, I'd rather wait. But I've gotten some dolls within a month of each other because of time constraints (some dolls are just sold at inconvenient times!).

      Would the amount of dolls one has have an effect on this and if so why?

      Again, that depends on the person. But I don't see it having any effect to me.

      For example would the new doll detract from the attention the first one has, therefore one wouldn't be getting their money's worth (I'm a tight wad ok :L)?
      If a person feels that way, then they should wait or not get a second doll... Other people will feel differently.

      I feel that I get my money's worth if I get the doll and enjoy them... whether that enjoyment also includes other dolls and things I need to pay attention to or not. Amount of time lavished on one item CAN be way to tell if you're getting your value--but others will be just as happy to have the doll and not worry about counting the minutes spent only on it...

      I go by "Am I still enjoying having this doll?" rather than "How much time have I spent on this doll?" If I look at my doll and love seeing it--that's enough for me.
    15. I think it's all a matter of if you have the money to do so. Provided you do, and you aren't going without somewhere or falling behind in bills, go nuts! I don't think the amount of dolls you own really matters in this instance, or how long ago you got the first (or more recent). I look at things like my BJDs as something I plan on owning for a long, long time, and so enjoying for a long, long time. If I neglect or don't play as much with one of my dolls in favor of another, that's fine, because they'll still be around when I want them.
    16. Dude, I've seen people ordering new dolls while their doll is still in transit - don't worry about it :)
      And also if you do order he/she then you'd better be bringing he/she into school :D
    17. My mum was like, "If you buy another dolly, I'll never give you money to go anywhere again!" It was rather funny, but once I have enough for the dreaded customs fees Imma buy him anyways http://www.kizdolls.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=146 :]
    18. I am in the "why postpone joy?" camp. If they're dolls that're going to arrive at your house sooner or later, just buy 'em when you feel ready for 'em. If that means more than one at a time, so what? You'll just make yourself sick worrying about other people's notions of right or wrong. Nobody else knows more about the timing of your own life than you.

      I also find it a laughable notion that one doll might get less attention than another just because they arrive at the same time... they're both living permanently in your house, so why would it matter when they arrive? You have all the time in the world to enjoy each doll in turn.
    19. This! Seriously, don't stress it. My 'first' doll was two ordered at the same time. (Silly me, I thought I'd save on shipping. That was a big 'ha ha ha ha no', but still!)
    20. I ordered my second doll the minute I paid off my first. It's going to be a while before the second shows up though(darn that dollshe event), but yeah don't worry about it. Just enjoy them when and how you can.