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Buying a doll you thought you would never buy

Nov 11, 2009

    1. Have you ever bought a doll that you didn't like the first time you looked at it? Maybe it was to small, or to big, or you didn't like the way it was molded, or something like that. But you looked at it again maybe a few weeks later and you loved it so much you had to buy it? Or you started planning to buy it? I didn't think I would buy a PukiPuki, I thought they were a little to small. And yet by this time tomorrow I'll be hugging the box I'm getting my little Puki in and she'll be my first doll.
    2. yes! AoD Ruo Feng~ I hated him on the site! then came across owner pics and researched him some more. now I think I might be saving for him XD
    3. First congratulations on the incoming Puki!

      I have two dolls that fall into this catagory for me.

      Elfdoll Catsy. I saw her a few time and said, yeah she is cute, but not for me. I am not sure when this changed... but now I own two and am already plotting how to get the new ones that are going to be coming out soon. :kitty2

      2006 Elf Lishe. I did not care too much for her from the company photos, but after seeing owner pictures I wanted to have one, and eventually found one in the Marketplace right after making a bundle on eBay sales, so I snatched her up. :)
    4. Well, I haven't bought one, but I do now like a doll that I didn't like before.
      At first I really didn't like Soom Heliots. I always thought they were freaky, but now I think they're cool lol XP
    5. @ delfiea: That's how I ended up with my Puki. Looking at the owner pictures rather then the company pictures.

      @ Tonboko: Thank you <3 And it seem the marketplace likes to magically provide for peolpe when they find something they like. Did that for me anyway.

      @ SapphireChaos: I use to think that same way actually. I'm not entirely sure when that changed.
    6. oh I know.. I used to look at Juri 06 with dislike, it was too girly to be a man and yet not really a woman either, and something in it overall didn't click with me...
      ... And just last weekend, my friend offered her Juri 06 B for me, and something just clicked in my head and noticed he'd be perfect face for a character of mine I've put on hold since the mold I originally planned for him was too expensive for me.
      8'D So now that I've gotten his face-up done and gotten him eyes and hair, I really like him. Couldn't have ever imagined myself buying him just few months back.
    7. That's a little funny actually. But congrats on finding the perfect doll.
    8. When I started with these dolls, I knew that I would never have a tiny size. I don't like children, so why would I have a doll which looks the same?
      Now I have 2 and waiting for 3 ^^U I have discovered that their size is perfect to take away to meeting, or just to give a walk and take some quick photos.
      Never say never XD
    9. My latest "doll I never thought I'd buy" is any kind of Puki. They never appealed to me at all because their size is out of scale with my tiniest dolls and they are too small to fit in with my bigger dolls. I thought I had dodged a great big drain on my wallet, until I saw the Realpukis. I am giving myself one for Christmas and placed an order for it as soon as I saw owner photos. Drat Fairyland for coming out with a really tiny Puki! It's like they read my mind and figured out how to suck me in. I ordered the one named Tyni, but now I want the other one as well.
    10. When I first found out about BJDs the anthro doll terrified me. I didn't like them at all. I thought they were way too creepy. But now I'm actually considering getting a panda one from doll factory and maybe a fennec fox one. Funny how things change?
    11. The first time I saw the hooved Soom dolls I thought they looked evil, now I am almost done putting together my Cuprit and planning on another Soom MD *_*
    12. Oh my goodness, same here! I thought I would never love a Puki... but i'm in LOVE with one now... >> The size is the only thing keeping me from it. Most of my resin family is SD boys.... a puki would feel so small......
    13. There have been a few like that, one off the top of my head is Volks Ken / Mika, honestly volks default don't tell much, looking at gallery pics helped change my mind.
    14. Congrats on the incoming Puki!! :sumomo:

      Like the OP, I never thought I'd ever want to purchase an "itty bitty tiny" (as I refer to them). I was initially intimidated by any sculpt smaller than Yo-sized. I tend to lose small objects and just thought a Puki-sized doll wouldn't work.

      Recently I saw a few owner pictures of these miniature BJDs alongside 1/4s, and I fell in love. :D Instantly I thought "oh wow... one of those would be perfect for that! "

      Now I'm hooked and planning ahead for my third doll - either a Lati White Pury, a Brownie GoGo or an Orientdoll So Dong. :XD:
    15. Tinies in general. I didn't think I'd ever want any when I started out and now I have four and plans for a fifth.
      Luts El is the one doll I never thought I'd buy. When I first got into the hobby, I saw it, thought,"Meh, it's nice, but what's the big deal?" and pretty much filed it away with several other sculpts in the 'Not For Me' file in my brain and was never tempted away from that stance, even seeing various Els in the MP. Then a few months ago I saw This guy up for sale and once I got over my immediate reaction of::o:nosebleed:fangirl:, I just sort of went:"Hoshit, that's an El. ...and I want him.:?" ...and then I snatched him up and he is living quite happily on my bookshelf and being horribly spoilt. XD He's slightly modded, which I think is part of his appeal for me and why regular Els put me off a bit-unmodded ones have really square lower lips and that just looks off to me, somehow.
    16. Tinies, Minies, female, and dolls over 60cm. I always thought that I would own boy dolls and they would all be in the 60cm range. I have two tinies, three female and one doll that's 67cm and another one I'm looking at that's 70cm.
    17. I didn't think I would ever buy a non-slender MSD-sized doll. They look so chubby~ Then, the more I was able to spend time with other people's dolls, the more the chubbiness seemed to embody adorableness. Now I have a Volks MSD on the way--and that body is one of the chunkiest! XD
    18. I have one. :D I never thought I'd buy an IpleHouse Mars doll. He was one of my very first favorites when I got into BJD's, and after thinking long and hard (this would be my first BJD after all) I decided he wasn't for me.
      ... But then, just a month ago, one popped up in the marketplace. And the person selling him was just a few cities away! So I took a dive, won his auction, and met up with the seller to pick him up in person. And now I love him so much! ^^

      Oh, also, I never thought that my first dolls would be teeny tiny Brownie twins... and my next doll an 80cm Sabik! xD
    19. CP Chiwoo. I never liked them and now that i have my boy, they're my favorite SDs :P

      Tinies. I used to say that they were too expensive for their size and that I would never get one. Now I'm waiting for 2 tinies :D and I also have 2 adorable pukis which are the tiniest dolls ever!

      Sweet dream dolls. I always thought that there was no point in getting a doll if they have their eyes close, I couldn't comprehend why people wasted their money on dreaming dolls. Needless to say, I'm head over heels for a dreaming doll who happened to be a tiny! go figure.^^

      I forgot to mention, female dolls. Never thought I'd enjoy them but now I have my puki Sugar who is the girliest doll ever, I love her to bits <3

      I'm getting all the dolls I thought I'd never get XD
    20. I never thought I would be into Volks dolls, but now I have an MSD and am lusting after School C heads...