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Reminder Buying and Selling Tips

Nov 6, 2018

    1. The mod team put together a little guide on navigating the BJD secondhand market. It includes some tips and tricks on how to avoid scammers, packaging recommendations, as well as some pointers when offering custom services and products. :)
      Please feel free to check it out here!

      Buying and Selling Tips - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      If you have any other ideas that aren't on the list, please feel free to suggest them so we can add them! :dance
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    2. This is wonderful! So thorough!

      Also, I love the recent changes the the Marketplace (preview photos showing before you click on the listing, seller location right at the top of each listing, etc.).

      Thank you, Moderators!
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    3. For shipping. I recommend putting some sort of purchase order with an address or even a slip of paper with the address it's going to and the address it came from inside the package.
      I work for UPS and 99% of the packages in our "lost package" area are missing labels. They either fall off, become unreadable or get destroyed from other packages. A clerk will open the package and look for an address then they can look it up and print out a new label. You can also physically write the address on the side of the box in permanent marker (save the clerk from opening the package) It's cheap insurance and can be the difference between getting your package several weeks late or never seeing it again.
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    4. While it's a good guide and could be useful in general to new buyers and sellers, one section does concern me...

      -Look around for the person on the internet. Do they have social media accounts or websites under the same username? Is there any history of negative feedback/bad transactions? If there is little to no information about the person, it could be a fake account -- like an Instagram or Facebook account with no posts or bio information, or a brand-new Ebay or Etsy account with no content.

      This makes a couple of VERY big assumptions. First, that all of us are extensively involved with "social media" and so have a visible and copious presence on sites like Facebook or Instagram, and second, that we would use the same name everywhere. Neither of those things are universal, and this makes it sound like those of us who *can't* easily be found spamming ourselves and our dolls all over the internet should be considered suspicious.

      That's not really a Good Thing. It puts a lot of us old geezers, as well as anyone with a higher-than-average personal standard of privacy in a pretty sticky spot. I know I'm not the only Luddite to have, for instance, a Tumblr or Insta account solely for reading/easy-following purposes that's never made a single post otherwise.
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    5. Hi.
      do you have any tips to avoid customs fees?
      I have all the time obligation to pay for it.
      I try to send as a gift but it changes nothing. I despair.
    6. I would suggest in the commissions section to mention something about deposits, as many artists will require a deposit at the time of securing their service/s. The deposit amount can be anywhere from 10%-50% of the total commission, with the rest in either installments or all at once. A lot of fashion designers will have "the first appointment's free" kind of deal, where once you agree to something then the deposit is due. Mention if there is a refund/no refund and why the deposit is important (that way the artist isn't out a whole lot of money if the person who wanted their services dips out)
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    7. Thanks for the tips everybody!

      @Brightfires The section about someone's social media presence does not mean to say that no presence is bad. However, scammers are likely to start up a brand new account, and spam a lot of sales/purchase info to try to draw in as many people as they can, and steal as much money as possible before disappearing.
      We would hope that all of this information is viewed together, and that any tips would be tilized in tandem with all other tips. If a seller does not have much social media presence, potential buyers would still be able to ask for further information and photos regarding a transaction if desired, or about other usernames on other sites. The seller would be the one to decide if they wanted to share further information.
      The ideal goal of these tips is simply that both parties do their due diligence to ensure a successful transaction.

      @Allain Claire Regarding customs fees, that is a legal requirement in many countries. Den of Angels does not encourage breaking the law. If someone lies on the customs form, and the item is seized by a mail service or govenment, it can result in fines, not to mention the lost packages. When this happens, buyers often look for refunds from a seller, even if it is not the seller's fault.
      So, if a buyer knows that their country has customs fees, we believe it is better to simply expect and plan for those fees. It is unfortunate, of course, but we do not want to see our members getting into legal trouble because they want to skirt their country's laws.
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    8. same question here
    9. That question was already answered in the post right above yours. :)
    10. oh i missed that. thank you :)
    11. This is a very useful guide for buying and selling :) though- what if the people you're buying from dont have any other social media? That doesn't make them less trustworthy :( just more private.
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    12. @AirimirOfGondor addressed this in Post #7, just a few posts above yours.
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    13. By essentially saying "We don't mean to say they're scammers, but they're so totally doing what scammers do you ought to be worried". Which, yeah... Very much does come across as essentially saying that people without a social media presence are untrustworthy rather you meant it that way or not.
      #13 Brightfires, May 12, 2019
      Last edited: May 12, 2019
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    14. The lack of social media content should not be taken to mean that a person is not trustworthy. It is simply another way to research a seller.
      However, as it is a typical tactic of scammers, we felt it was important to include.

      As said before, we would hope that all of this information is viewed together, and that any tips would be utilized in tandem with all other tips - on other sites as well as DoA.

      For example, if a regular person does not have a social media presence, they should still be able to provide additional photos of an item, proof that they have the item in hand, as well as provenance information (order/payment screenshots, where they bought the item, etc) if a prospective buyer were to ask for it.

      And on the other hand, if someone with no social media presence cannot provide additional photos or information, that particular transaction may bear further consideration.
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    15. very helpful guide! thank you :)
    16. Oh,it’s very helpful.
    17. thank you for this!
    18. I’ve been looking for something like this! Thanks for gathering this information in one place!
    19. one simple way to check if someone actually has the item they claim to have is to ask them to write on a piece of paper the name of the handle they use on that website + date and time of conversation/posting. Then take a photo of the item with that piece of paper placed next to it. This would be quite difficult to fake and can be used by those with newer/ less active accounts, perhaps?
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    20. I understand the not using social media/privacy issue, as I don't really put myself out there much myself. It's good if a seller has a link to their -insert whatever social media-, so you can check their posts and read reviews, if available. It does put my mind at ease sometimes, but I've also bought from people with private accounts who provided explanations, answered any questions I might have had, and showed pictures that were clearly not fake. It's also always good when you look a seller up and you don't find any spam or negative content, to begin with.

      The way @mxwutter suggested is effective too, as I think a lot of scammers can't even be bothered to alter photos and spend too much time on them, so if you ask too many questions, they would probably poof or answer is a sketchy way.

      Regardless of their social media presence, I personally feel comfortable with a seller only if they show they're honest and trustworthy by:

      - replying quickly,
      - answering all your questions (all, without ignoring some) and clearing up any doubts,
      - not sounding like they want to get it done suspiciously quickly, rushing you or making you confused,
      - showing additional pictures, with any details you may be interested in,
      - not changing the price or adding taxes, etc.
      - and just generally sounding genuine when communicating.

      Mistakes happen ofc, but I think common sense and just checking if someone is open to communicate without being suspicious go a long way. :3nodding: If someone is in too much of a rush, and not willing to put your mind at ease, I can't trust them.
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