Buying clothes first, then finding a doll to fit them?

Jun 17, 2018

    1. I found a set of clothes that I haven't been able to get out of my head, so much so that I actually bought them. Problem is, I don't own a doll that will fit them so now I have to find one. Anyone else ever have this problem where your complete doll is constructed with the clothes first?
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    2. Oh boy, that sounds like it could end up being a really expensive venture to buy dolls hoping they will fit those clothes! I'd suggest doing research on what body they're meant for, and then start looking at measurements of the dolls that size. (Like, if it's for msd size, then start looking at various companies' msd doll measurements and seeing if they match closely with the measurements of the doll the clothes are for.)

      Or, if you've already got a doll you like, maybe commission a seamstress to sew that outfit for your doll? If it's Sd clothes but you've got an Msd, then commission someone to make a smaller version?

      This isn't a very fast-paced hobby, so maybe hold onto those clothes for a while, and maybe you'll end up getting a doll who does fit these clothes, somewhere down the line!
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    3. I did that once too. For me it was an Iplehouse outfit that I just had to have. It took me a few months to decide on a doll, but I was so happy.
      The outfit was perfect and I could take my sweet time decided on the perfect sculpt.

      My only recommendation is to be sure of the size of the clothes, so that you know what kind of doll you are looking for.
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    4. I have a tiny collection of shoes that I'm intplo and truth be told, even if i sold my dolls due to being bored with them, I'd still go and buy another doll to wear them, because that's how much I like these shoes :) these days I keep my dolls sort of like fashion dolls and not to shell any characters. Thus my focus is on the clothes :)
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    5. Yup. I normally choose the doll first, but sometimes I do see a piece of clothing or shoes and love it so much that I decide I'd like to build a doll character around that idea.
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    6. Man, I've been there. It's never worked out for me though.
      There was a Musedoll dress I was floored by, had to have it! But it was so petite that I never owned a doll that it fit. Eventually I sold the lovely dress. Did that stop me from doing it again? No. I still have things that fit not a single doll I own.
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    7. Haha, thank you for sharing everyone! I'm going to have to buy a tiny mannequin to put this dress on until I can find the right doll to fit it. So far in my BJD journey it has been hard to find clothes I like that aren't part of really elaborate full sets.
    8. Yes, I did this with my very first BJD. The very first thing I ever bought in this hobby was an absolutely beautiful Eowyn-style dress made by the lovely @amaeta on eBay. It was an SD-sized dress, and it actually took me a fairly long time to save for the doll I wanted for it. I still have it (and the doll I bought for it) thirteen years later. No regrets!
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    9. Nope. I always make sure that i'm buying doll clothes that fits my doll. Otherwise i'll be wasting my money, and it's not really pleasant. Maybe I feel this way just because i'm very particular about my doll, and I know for sure what doll size I want so I don't bother looking/buying other doll clothes of other sizes.
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    10. That sounds like something I always do XD I am always like I need this outfit. :D As long as it stays in budget. I can't justify spending 200 USD on an outfit without a doll. ;A; So then I try to hunt a doll who will wear it.
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    11. I had this issue when I bought custom corsets for a doll body I ended up selling so then my hunt for a new body was like.... "this body needs to fit this corset."

      I also one time impulse bought a doll for a code noir outfit because I got the doll for a really good deal so it was like not too bad. Now she is my "sit pretty" doll rather than one of my dolls I mess around a lot with.
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    12. i recently found the cutest pair of 1/8 shoes on taobao.. so i found a bunch of other things to make a taobaoring order.

      i don’t own a 1/8 doll.
      i probably never will.
      am i keeping the shoes?
      will i try to fit them on my finger tips and walk my hand around in them on my desk?
      also yes.
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    13. I've never done it, but I admit I've kind of wanted to in the past! There have been some awesome fullsets in sizes I didn't have and there's this one shirt on Legend Doll that's exactly the same as a real shirt I have but I don't have a girl doll to be my mini-me and the shirt made me want to get one just so we can both wear it lol.
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    14. I did that once before I bought my first doll. I later had a doll picked out and everything but I changed my mind. I had decided to collect a different size doll.
    15. I recently bought some vintage dolls clothes from Etsy that were almost the right size, just need a few adjustments at the cuffs ( to allow hands through) and a couple of small repairs and they are perfect. They are from the 1930’s and so of that era. I did take a bit of a chance but I love them!
    16. I have done this and I feel like I might have made a mistake. I know it’ll fit a doll I really want but I don’t know when I’ll get that doll! I should have waited but it was an ooak outfit and I really liked it. Hopefully it’ll work out but I don’t think I’ll do it again.