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Buying clothes: in sets or separates?

Apr 2, 2011

    1. I find myself wondering if most owners purchase the items as sets for a particular doll
      or if it is more appealing to purchase items separate to create that "perfect" outfit.

      basically just a discussion on how you feel/what you prefer :)
    2. In the case of my resin crew it really depends on each character (Every of them is meant to be a different one), on his/her style and on what I find suitable for him/her. Generally, there are a couple of main problems in sets for me. One is usually one or some of the pieces are not what you are looking for, although some others do are. Fortunately, most of my times the piece which does not fit a character suits another one in style and size. The other one I find is they normally mean a higher expense at once than buying clothes separately. In my opinion, getting clothes separately also may give some troubles when the quality of the pieces is highly different or when you are chasing a same color through pieces and they do not make that perfect match you are wanting.
    3. I only buy a set if the individual pieces are flexible and can be used with other clothing items, but look particularly good all together.
    4. I have both sets and separates, though part of the reason I have so many sets is because I do swaps.. were I make a complete outfit and trade with someone else for a complete outfit they made. ;) All of my doll's main outfits that they're usually in so far are complete outfits that I got that way. I think that this just gives them a more put together look which works because that type of look suits their personality the best. I do know, however, that the next doll I have planned will probably have a more mix and matchy outfit that I bought the individual pieces for because that's the type of clothing that she would wear. :)
    5. I buy both... and tend to use pieces of sets with other things almost as often as I use them together.
    6. I prefer to buy separate. That's because I prefer more modern clothes and the large majority of sets that I see are highly stylised vampiric/steampunk/lolita or the likes, though I can understand the need for sets of those types of fashion. I imagine that it's difficult to pull together single pieces from multiple places to form one coherent outfit. Also, I'm quite picky with clothes and often in sets they have one or two major items (like the pants or a jacket type item) that I really don't like.
      Now, a system for sets in which you could mix and match to get one outfit, that'd be nice... :wiggle
    7. This is really interesting; I want to sell doll clothes sometime soon, and I was wondering about how I should sell those and whether accessories should come in a set or separately. I never buy doll clothes--I make my own ^_^--but I always make sets with themes, so everything matches. That's the loli/aristocrat style though, and I can see how punk and modern styles would have a different viewpoint.
    8. Both! Absolutely. Why limit oneself?

      Many times I end up buying a whole set just for the coat or the belt, & the other pieces get distributed amongst the other dolls. It's all going to reappear somewhere, whether or not it stays as a set! And the perfect separates are just as easy to find as you prowl around the available shopping-places online.

      My gut does the shopping for me, and most of the dolls have styles that're pretty eclectic.... whenever I spot THE perfect item that matches a certain doll's style, whether it's alone or in a set, I just know it's a must-have, so I don't care what format it comes in.
    9. I buy both. I like to mix and match. Sometimes I buy two of the same pants or tops if I really like them.
    10. Definitely both!

      I have yet to actually buy a set, but I tend to look at sets and say to myself, "Yeah, this looks nice all together like this... But that piece and that piece would look awesome with other things, too!"

      Mix and match ftw~
    11. I do both. If I buy a set then its because I like the individual pieces as mix and match items usually. Some sets get used with their pieces more than others but I have to feel like I can separate and make good use of most of the pieces or I can't justify buying it. Single pieces sometimes pop up or allow me to build a more character appropriate outfit without "wasting money" on pieces I wont use much that I would get in a set.
    12. Both.

      Sets can sometimes be cheaper than trying to buy and assemble everything individually. And they are ready to go out of the box (aside from shoes and stuff). And sometimes the set is just something I have to have, whether it comes with extra stuff or not...

      Individual... great... but sometimes you get stuff you THINK will work together, but you get it home and it doesn't quite work. And hunting down everything is time-consuming and expensive.

      So... it really depends. Basically... individual or a complete outfit... if it's something I really have to have, I'll get it...
    13. I like sets more. 20 dollars here for pants, 10 for a shirt, 30 for a jacket from there, add up shipping and it's a small fortune. Again. But with sets, it's a whole outfit that you can later mix and match with other outfits. Save on shipping, and the clothes themselves.

      Of course, it's a lot easier when you're not buying character dolls, you're just playing with dolls.
    14. Both, although I'd say I started more on the separates end of the continuum and am now more towards the set end. I get frustrated with always finding this piece with this company and that piece with that company, which means extra shipping costs and extra stuff being flown around the world on my behalf, so I'm trying to cut down on it. Having a middling sized collection means that pieces in sets get mixed and matched anyways as if they were separates. And I'm starting to love dramatic or crazy LE sets of clothes :sweat. But in the end, it really depends on what the item is and how badly I want it.
    15. Depends on what it is. When I buy sets, it's nice when the pieces can be mixed in matched with other stuff I have -- I tend to get more out of the clothing that way.
    16. I buy both but more separates than sets. Most of my crew are male, and modern, so makes mixing and matching easier.
    17. I actually prefer separates. Sets are well and good, and there are QUITE a few I have my eye on and want to buy eventually... but sets just cost so much. O.O Of course, separates cost just as much, when you add them all together, I just feel more thrifty when I buy separates, I don't feel like I'm spending as much money.

      Of course, it depends on the character most of all. If one of my dolls' characters wears a suit more than jeans and a t-shirt, then I'll buy a set, since it just looks better to me. Whereas is a character wears jeans and t-shirts, separates are just more flexible.
    18. I mostly buy sets, but it is fun to mix and match between the sets too. :)
    19. I tend to buy sets at this time. Being a newbie it's just easier, though I can see myself branching off just a little.
      I spend more on their cloths than my own that's for sure :doh
    20. I personally think that buying sets is better; actually, that sounds a bit too biased. What I meant to say that I kind of prefer buying in sets, especially if you can swap them. In some cases, sets can be more detailed than separate pieces, and some of them can be a better deal than buying in separates. Of course, that's just me ^^