Buying doll accessories before the doll

Apr 11, 2020

    1. I got my first girl doll from RD. Alice-01 full set and I was told by RD that she will be shipped in May, which is way earlier than expected. :D

      Now I don't know how good their word is but as soon as I heard that I started to shop for clothes and eyes and stuff for her. I guess it's like buying clothes for your unborned baby. :lol:

      Part of me is unsure because IDK if they will fit but i make sure I give her body dimensions to the seller to make sure they will fit. Has anyone bought clothes/wig for their yet to arrive doll but only to find out they don't fit?
    2. I've definitely bought wigs in advance that I was sure would be the perfect color and style...except...they absolutely weren't. :sweat
    3. Oh noes...what did you do with it?
    4. Yes! Only all the time!:3nodding: Wigs, eyes, clothes, fabrics and even more fabrics, hair for wigs and all the other supplies.
      Do not worry, if something won't fit your doll, another can wear it later!:)

      Congratulations on your first doll!
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    5. Only props and shoes. And hair for wig... and collecting fabrics... and making some eyes... hm... I think that we all like to wait our dolls prepared.
    6. I don't think any of my dolls have ever spent their first few days here as temporary exhibitionists or skinheads. :lol:

      I like to make sure I have a wig and a basic outfit prepared. They might not always have shoes, or "their" eyes, but they have enough to make them presentable.

      Saying that, my FID Bichun might not be so fortunate. I've got two more months to pay him off, then he'll likely ship soon after that (should all go well). But, I've not sourced an appropriate wig yet! I like to have that picked out if not purchased pretty early on. Then, there's a basic outfit. Pants and a tee should be enough to get him on the shelf, but FIDs are a pain to buy for.
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    7. It? :abambi: I have a storage cart with one drawer devoted only to wigs, lol. But since I'm weak and constantly buying dolls, I never know when one of them will in fact turn out to be perfect for someone, even if not the sculpt that I bought it for.
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    8. The good news is if you buy things the wrong size you can just buy more dolls for them!! Haha. I just store stuff to the side and hope it'll work with someone. <3
    9. That sounds like an expensive way to correct a mistake lol
    10. It is!! But I have Minifees and a Feeple so I just hope if it's not perfect for one it can work for another. For example, I ordered some 1/4 glasses from Bhiner like months ago before I even had a Feeple. They just got here and don't fit her, because they're too big. I was actually hoping they'd fit my Feeple by some stroke of luck (even before I received them) and lo and behold--they do!
    11. I have a wig, eyes and a whole box of clothes and accessories for Jesse, who hasn't even shipped yet. I ordered him in December when I had a good chunk of Christmas money, so I went ahead and ordered everything he'd need too. I just can't stand having naked unfinished dolls, I like to have the wig, eyes and at least one outfit ready the day they arrive.
    12. I always do :) I think it's a form of nesting LOL, and as I usually have to do layaway to afford to get dolls at all I have lots of time to think about it. Most companies can give you good sizes and most of the people that are out there making dollie stuff have done so many dolls it's totally safe. I've rarely had any issues aside from something not quite looking how I'd envisioned it when the doll actually arrives. My Peakswoods girl has wig, outfit, and eyes waiting. My Ellena got a new dress about a day after I made her first layaway payment and had her custom eyes five days before she showed up. Curiously I forgot to get her a wig LOL, but she won't be bald for too long. I also have tons of near misses, about six wigs on hand at all times (sadly Ellena is the smallest headed SD I've ever owned, so she's not fortunate enough to get a stand in), I have TONS of eyes (I have a problem, I admit it), and I have a few extra outfits as well (I went through an outfit obsession phase-thank you very much Soom...), so as you progress in the hobby you will likely build up some excess stores. I've had entire impulse dolls come in and find the perfect look just with what I had left over LOL.
    13. I think you can check their website to get the doll's data so that you won't get the wrong size for her!
    14. I've bought my doll some clothes and wig that I used the measurements to commission someone! I'm sure it'll fit!
    15. I usually purchase items for my doll after I have ordered her. I want to be sure that she is comfortable when she arrives home. If something doesn't fit, I don't worry because I can give it to another doll friend.

      I am hoping to find a Lati Doll. I am sitting on my hands trying not to purchase things for her because she doesn't exist for me yet. We doll folks are certainly enthusiastic.
    16. I give the measurement to the clothes maker to make sure they fit. (or have them make it so they fit) so hopefully when I get the outfits they will fit!
    17. I buy stuff for my dolls preemptively all the time! I've bought wigs, shoes, clothes, accessories, you name it. The only things I've gotten that didn't fit as expected were a few wigs. My SD+ April Story has kind of an odd size and shape head, as the brand nameplate on his cap is abnormally large. I had to send a couple wigs back, but I ended up just altering one of them for him since I was tired of buying wigs and not being sure they would fit.

      I always just double check measurements before buying anything, whether it's before I have the doll or once I already have them. The only thing I've never bought in advance is eyes, as I like to flesh out the dolls personality before really deciding on an eye color for them, plus I usually like to make all my dolls' eyes myself to get just the right colors and styles.
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