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Buying Dolls in a Size You Never Thought You Would

Feb 26, 2019

    1. I saw in another post that people were mentioning this happening to them.

      When I first got into the hobby I never wanted to get dolls smaller than MSD, I wanted all of my dolls to be big enough to cuddle with. Now that I'm older, I realized I prefer having dolls that I can easily carry with me wherever I go. I now have a preference for YoSD sized dolls!

      How about you, have you had a similar experience?
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    2. I always liked yosd size and sd size, but I wasn't too sure about msd size, as it seemed too inbetweenish. Now I've got two msd boys and the way, and hopefully more to come!
    3. When I first started the hobby I figured I'd only want msd and smaller, never did like sd size and figured they were too big. Like where would it even fit in my house?
      Long story short my sd boy is my favorite doll (don't tell the other's!) and I'm budgeting to get several more.
    4. I've been in this hobby for only 8 months and I was all over the place with sizes. I thought I didn't care for child-like YoSDs because they're too cutesy, but after my first YoSD it turned out that I'm a total sucker for cutesy. Now I'm just sticking with YoSDs. They are the easiest to handle and to travel with as well.
    5. When I started I thought I’d only ever want MSDs and started out with a minifee. I didn’t have a great experience with the minifee and in my head partly blamed it on the size, so I got an SD and liked the size much more and then had quite a few more SDs after that. I was pretty sure at this point I like hated MSDs lol. Later I ended up with a minifee event head and came up with a character I couldn’t resist so I got her a body and fell so hard in love with her. Now I have more MSDs than SD even though I do like SDs size wise a bit more. Finally got over my weird thing where I have a grudge against a certain size haha, I just enjoy them all.
    6. I originally planned on 3 dolls all 1/3rd. I was talked into trying to find a 1/4th that I liked. I got one, then two more, and two more etc. now I have a collection of 1/4ths.

      I bought a few odd sized ones.
      Bigger than Yosd/Tiny but smaller than 1/4ths an "in between" size and I keep getting more!

      I think it makes for a diverse group but they don't look "off" together. Just some taller than others.
    7. My whole hobby experience has been slowly (but not that slowly lol) acclimating myself to larger and larger dolls that at one point seemed "too big". I started out with a 30-some cm doll, since I was used to Monster Highs and that general size for dolls. But I quickly discovered that ~45cm was my favorite size even though it seemed huge at first.

      And now like a year later I'm diving headfirst into SDs. There are too many sculpts I like to just NOT try the size out. I have a Doll Chateau 70+ cm guy, and I'm still trying to get used to the bigger-headed standard "sd" sizes. I'm still in "these heads are too big" mode, but I'm sure it'll fade.
    8. Well , when I started the hobby . I wasn't too sure how I felt about it .if I was really going to be committed to it. So I started with mostly yosd/ small Slimmer dolls under 30cms in height . because ai didn't know what sizes I would like and smaller ones are usually more affordable. But after getting my first msd lillycat Amy. I think I now gravitate more towards larger dolls , although I still have a love for some smaller dolls. I think I never thought I'd go larger or get any sd dolls , because I was worried and still am a little worried they may be too big for me as a collector . I wont know entirely how I will feel until I own a complete sd doll. But I've already started buying sd heads. a couple from black cherry and some from Little Rebel. To be honest my little Rebel seem a little bit large for me but im sure . I know Im totally digging my black cherry heads though and Im sure I will love them when I complete them . Since the heads arent that much bigger then my msd girls and are slim Sd size. The little Rebels are definitely a lot larger in comparison. But I couldn't resist. I love the sculpts so much, so hopefully I'll be happy when I complete those as well.
    9. For me I only wanted BIG. SD was even a bit small for my tastes. Then I got my first MSD and he is perfect. I’ve connected with him more than any of my SDs and now I have two more MSDs on the way.
    10. I avoided Micros for the first several years I was involved with these dolls. I was honestly afraid I would drop something that small, and had managed to convince myself that they would be much more fragile than their larger cousins... It took owning Issun (my Banji) for a couple of years to finally make me comfortable handling Really Small Dolls.
    11. thats so funny ! because im the opposite. I started with yosd/ under 30 cm dolls like dollzone Candice, doll Chateau Luna and Liz , lillycat moon. But then after I got my first MSD I've been gravitating towards the larger dolls .Although I'm not entirely sure how I will feel about my sd dolls until I own a complete full doll. For now I at least know my msd's are my favorites. Pretty mush this is still very much a learning experience for me. I started getting rid of most of my smaller dolls so I could go larger but there are a couple that I've just gotten that I do still love. A nympheas kalahari, waiting on a mushika . Waiting to see how I feel about my bardo research deepti. I'm really just in the midst of deciding what sizes are for me.
    12. I'm just starting out- and have one each of MSD and YoSD in hand, and one each of those on order. They seem to be the right sizes for me- I *really* like the size of the MSDs, and YoSDs are fun and cute- but I can't even fathom having a full sized doll in my little house. The size just seems monstrous! Seriously, where does one put them!?
      That being said, I've already seen a few SD dolls that I would love to have... thankfully most were limited releases long since not available, but I figure it's just a matter of time before I stumble upon someone right when I happen to have the money available and the stars and planets are otherwise all aligned... My brain tells me it's just not practical- but I think it's a battle destined to be lost... How I'll feel about the size if-and-when I get one, that's still to be determined. :|
    13. when i first started looking for a bjd i was mostly looking for around 1/12 scale, but it turned out to be really difficult to find a lot of mature sculpts at that size. i really surprised myself when i fell in love with a 1/6 scale doll, which seems really big to me (i know, yosds are the smallest size... i can't even imagine having room for anything bigger though!) i'm really excited to be able to handle something that substantial though. making clothes at a bigger size is definitely a lot easier!

      and i know,, this sounds ridiculous :sweat i just like small stuff!
    14. Let's see....when I started the hobby, I only wanted MSD because I felt anything smaller wasn't worth the money and anything larger would be too big and bulky and in the way. I also hated anthros, and said I'd never want a girl doll....welll....nearly 11 years later, my crew is split evenly between male and female, and they're all SD and tiny anthros, except for my very first MSD. I keep him because he was my first, but he's not at all what I like in a doll now. So I guess never say never?
    15. I started off with 27cm sized dolls and thought I'd never go smaller than 11cm or bigger than 30...

      Then I got my first MSD... And my second... and my third. And then I got some proper yo-sd's... and more tinies.

      The only doll size I haven't owned a doll in yet, is SD and honestly as much as I'd like one... still have no idea where it'd even STAY. I'd have to make a whole different set up just for it... Honestly though, if I got an SD sized doll, I'd want it to be my Goddess character from my book. Big enough to tower over the other dolls cause she's ethereal. (watch though, soon as I'd get her, she'd be in jeans and a t-shirt.)
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    16. I've thought about this a lot. I have all SDs right now, and I love them. I've seen others say larger dolls have a presence to them, and I agree. They're great to hang out with. Sometimes I think of my dolls more as friends than inanimate objects :XD: I also like that SD sculpts tend to look older/more mature, and that suits the characters I'm trying to shell.
      However, I agree that toting around more than one at a time is a pain and the greatest con to the size. :eek:

      Once in a while, a mini or a tiny catches my eye, and I think about how much easier it would be to bring them random places for fun. I've seen other MSD and YoSD owners talk about the ease of transportation, and I'm a bit envious. I'd take my dolls everywhere with me if they were easier to carry.

      But I'm kinda scared of falling in love with a different size and wanting a bunch more dolls! :sweat Right now, I don't have any little characters to shell, so I'm safe for a little while...
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    17. When I started in the hobby, I thought SD were too big, and tinies too small, and that YoSD and MSD were the way to go. My first was a YoSD I didn't liked how it posed, then an MSD it was nice but made me realize I craved for bigger dolls. So now my collection are all 65+ cm, with the exception of two 16 cm bjds. So I ended up in the extremes of what I thought I wanted, but no regrets really :)
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    18. I have admired BJD's for years and when I had my first she was a fairyland littlefee which was perfect size I though for me for display space. I saw the smaller ones like pukifee etc and thought gosh they are so tiny even for me. Then I saw one I fell I love with and after having her home (Tia in icon) I now think they are cute as buttons.
    19. When I made my first doll purchase, I was sure I would only have MSDs, not bigger or smaller dolls than that.
      6 years later, I have a Yo-SD and a couple of tinies and they are so easy to handle and take from here to there that I play more with them than my MSDs.
      Even so, I have never owned anything bigger and I don't think I will have SDs in the future as I do not have the space for them and I don't really like any particular sculpt.
      Who knows, maybe I'll be sharing the opposite thing in the future xD
    20. I wanted msd and smaller, because they look more like they fit in a family to me, the sd dolls always looked so big, and don't look like they go as well with other dolls, at least to me, they are harder to get props for, they take up so much space, they wont fit into my msd and smaller diorama...

      Yeah well, I got my first sd at the beginning of this month, and now I want a few more.