Buying dolls of different scales & proportions?

Jan 4, 2018

    1. After buying my first doll, a Soom MSD, I told myself I only wanted two other dolls -- an SD boy and an SD girl. The going was slow, but months and months later, I found an SD boy that I absolutely fell in love with at first sight -- but I'd never had that same experience with a female doll, despite combing through tons of companies and dealers. Don't get me wrong -- there are a lot of absolutely gorgeous dolls out there, but none that I absolutely had to have.

      Then I found Echo Town, and was really taken with their beautiful, delicate 1/4 girls. T___T Now I'm super conflicted. I had wanted a girl that would be proportionate to my SD boy, so I could photograph them together ... but I also am totally in love with these Echo Town 1/4th girls!

      Do you tend to collect all the same size doll, or do you have all sorts of different scales and sizes. If so, does it ever feel as if your collection isn't cohesive?
    2. My collection is slowly expanding and so far as none of the same size - a YoSD was my first, an MSD is my second, and my next doll is SD.

      I hate having them all be different sizes though. I love having my collections of "similar" types. Before I decided it was worth the plunge into BJDs I had collected a few cheap fashion dolls - all off topic here, and the ones of different brands really bothered me. I cannot have them together in my stories because they look so vastly different. It is actually quite upsetting because I'd love to have all the different sizes of BJDs that have interesting sculpts and have them all be in the same world... But I know from past experience that it bothers me too much. :(
    3. I have dolls ranging from 105cm to 10cm :XD: So nope, I definitely don't worry about sizes.

      My dolls are all strikingly different to each other and my collection probably isn't traditionally cohesive, but literally nothing I collect is since I like such a broad range of things. I do however group and display my dolls by their "universe" or story, when I do that all the various sizes do eventually make sense, since dolls in the same story all have appropriate height compatibilities. I wouldn't have, say; an SD with a mature/slim MSD. The proportions would just look strange and that would bother me to no end.

      So while I do have a broad range of sizes by displaying them the way I do and creating different stores/universes for them I feel like it just "works" for me :) Everyone is different and I often see people with beautiful collections with all the same theme and sized dolls which I love; but that's just not the kind of collector I am. I'd get bored if everything was exactly the same.
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    4. I used to have a fairly cohesive collection in both size and style, and tried to stick to dolls that had vaguely similar aesthetics, so no one would stick out like a sore thumb.... And then I thought "screw that, I want these pretty dolls!" :mwahaha It doesn't bother me. The perk of having lots of different sizes is that if you buy something for one doll that doesn't fit them, it will probably fit someone else. The downside of course is that clothes sharing often goes out the window when you've got lots of different sizes, which in turn can be rough on the bank account when you've got to buy or create a new wardrobe for every new addition.
    5. I love it when they are drastically different. It really can emphasize the creativity that can be expressed with dolls. A bit like the nurse being giant to Chief in One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest, if you see what I'm saying.
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    6. I've just recently put what will be my first MSD on layaway. For the most part, I can be found looking almost exclusively at 60-70cm dolls. My first was a 70cm Ringdoll, my second was (eventually) a Dollshe 18M Saint head on a Resinsoul bigger boy body.

      The reason I went with an MSD for my next doll is because I fell in love with MYOU Ben. I couldn't stop thinking... no, telling myself that I had to bring him home. I even quickly came up with an idea for his character to justify the purchase! So, 2018 looks to be the year where I will be welcoming my first MSD in the spring and (hopefully) my first SD+ girl in the fall/winter.

      But, some people create whole families of characters with the different sizes, or they like the variety the different sizes give them. I like the idea of being more open to meets with an MSD, as I'm too chicken to take my bigger dolls out in public. I do love the 'accessibility' of the bigger dolls, however. I will often sit with Ethan (Dollshe/Resinsoul hybrid) standing against my chest or sitting just nearby. The Ringdoll RGM-01 body of my first doll (Alex) has such weight to it. It's strangely comforting to feel the doll sitting in your arm. Ethan, by comparison, is lighter. But, he's no less 'huggable'.

      I personally can't wait to see how my MSD fits in with his lanky roomies! Or, if it will lead to a "Midi-invasion" or not! :XD:
    7. So far, all my dolls are SDs save one tiny. But it's okay because she is a fantasy doll while the rest are human. If I do add more odd sizes, I'll just continue that way, making them fairies or something. And if they are to scale with the SDs they'll just join them. The story for my characters is so loose I can add basically anyone. I've also been tempted to make a set of chibis just for display, but I figure if they are going to be mostly static I might as well get some sort of off-topic doll I can customize for cheaper, if there are any out there.
    8. Oh gosh, I'm looking at Echo Town too! Such a poseable-looking elegant body! But my crew are large SD's, and I have nothing that will fit her. XD I'm thinking honestly of just ditching the clothes altogether and go for full-body tattooing, since it's part of the character after all. On the other hand, there are really pressing expenses this year. :( So unless I, say, win in the lottery, I won't get a different-sized addition to my crew any time soon.
    9. Like a lot of others, my collection varies. I'm often torn between getting another doll that would fit in character-wise to a certain world (I have fantasy and human dolls) or just getting that doll of that awesome size I've been eyeing.

      I say get what you want! There's plenty of time to create cohesive groups later. :3
    10. My collection isn't cohesive. I mean, I've managed to take a few photos with all of my dolls, but they looks strange together. And that's deliberate! I love them all, but I have them for different reasons. My first girl was sweet, but I don't always want to do sweet; my second girl can pull off most everything she can't. And my tiny is just as heart meltingly adorable as my first girl, but can fit in a pocket (given a sufficiently large pocket) and poses like a champ. If I get another doll, it would be nice to have someone I could sensibly pair with one of the first three but it'll more than likely be something entirely different -- I think I just fell kind of in love with the Argonautica aliens, for example.
    11. My tallest dolls are 105cm and my shortest is about 10cm, and I have every size in between. I have dolls that go with one story and dolls that go with another and dolls that don’t have any stories at all. I don’t feel the collection needs to be cohesive in order to be enjoyable. Variety is the spice of life, I hear. :)
    12. I like for all of mine to be proportionate. I mostly have SD, but also a couple of YoSD and a tiny, who are children to the SD crew. Not exactly proper proportions, but close enough. They're all characters in the same story, so it would bother me to have all random sizes that don't look right photographed together.

      My only doll who doesn't fit is a mature mini. He was my first doll, and I can't bear to sell him, even though he doesn't fit with the others. He stays in his box or displayed away from the others.
    13. I have 2 msd sized dolls but I prefer larger dolls. Some of the 1/4 guys not including the fashion sized dollshe boys seem too childish and emasculate for me.
    14. So far, all 3 dolls I've ordered have been MSD size, but one of them is an MYou big baby (Matcha), the Doll Chateau Bella is very gangly and has extra wrist joints, and the Luts KDF (Yul) is the closest to "normal." I don't worry too much about how they mesh, I like them for what they are. Although, it also helps that I don't have any specific story or character in mind for them ^^"
    15. I used to want all my dolls in the same size/proportions. SD ONLY. Then I fell in love with Doll in Mind minis. Okay, so I would have a second "collection" of only minis. Then I discovered the adorableness of YoSDs. Fine, I would only get a couple and group them separate from the rest. Well...for Christmas my husband surprised me with a tiny 17cm and a too-big-to-be-YoSD 30cm doll! Not to mention every time I look at those new Big Baby dolls my heart yearns even more! Then we have all those little animal dolls...

      So, I still like cohesion. I won't lie. Even with all my different sizes, I keep dolls of the same size grouped together. They aren't in the same "universe" so to speak. Additionally, I look for cohesion in the sculpts themselves. I don't have realistic mixed with stylized, everyone fits together. I think still having everything organized in that way helps keep me from feeling too overwhelmed. If everyone was all together I think all the mixed heights and scales would drive me a little batty, but keeping everyone in their own little group gives me the freedom to collect ALL the dolls ;)
    16. I currently have SD sized dolls. As you mentioned, I think dolls of similar size are more convenient to photograph together! :3nodding: I hope to keep my collection consistent in size. I am not too fond of smaller dolls because the sculpts tend to be too childish looking for my tastes. The SD size sculpts are the ones that catch my eye.
    17. I have a ton of different size dolls, but I tend to go for fantasy dolls. I have an SD with three eyes posing with a red YoSD with four horns and a tail and nobody could accuse me of not being 'realistic enough'. :D
    18. Since I like to create families and explore characters at different ages, having a range of sizes (SD, MSD, YoSD) works for me. Plus, If I like a doll, whatever the size, I can feel free to add it to the mix :)

      That said, I do have my personal rule of not collecting mature minis. For me, the more childlike MSDs work best as pre-adolescents/tweens in my group. And then there's my old Elfdoll Monaeme sisters, who are absurdly small, but they've carved a big space among my big 'uns. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds..." ;)
    19. I'm one of those irritating nitpicky perfectionists that go around lining up pencils so no differently scaled dolls for me! I collect 1/4 scaled dolls and I can't even have those to be out of proportion. I collect mature minis, and even then I can't have my minifees together with my more mature withdolls and others, so they live in different shelfs and are a part of different storylines. Life would be sooooo much easier if I didn't care that so much...
    20. I fall in love with sculpts and don't really worry too much about scale unless its a floating head needing a body that works for it. But I do like the Sd size most and pair off dolls that look good together. Some look good because their face ups are by the same artist or a general cuteness factor together. The ones together by scale are because I need them to fit the space in my cabinet.