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Buying dolls on credit?

Nov 14, 2008

    1. In my extensive research on the hobby of collecting BJDs, I have found that the easiest way for a lot of people to buy them right away is to charge it--Visa, Discover, Mastercard, whatever you please--and pay the credit card bill down. I've even had some folks tell me "This guy isn't even fully paid off yet!" It makes me squirm to think, if you haven't paid for him fully, and for some awful reason there's some kind of credit crash and the Repo man comes to take your dolly away, how could you cope with that? Even, knowing that the doll isn't even fully yours yet?

      When I sacrificed shopping for bric-a-brac and such when I was saving for my Blythe doll, I think it made it all the more worth it when I finally clicked that 'Buy It Now" button, that I had worked my brains out for her, and that I had truly earned her, and that she was MINE and nobody else in the world had a claim on her. Even now as I save for my first real resin BJD, I turn a back-somersault every time I count one percent more towards 100. I only have 36% of my goal amount and I'm jazzed out of my mind! Having this time to think about him has really helped me along in the customization process, too--I keep thinking of what color I want his lips, his eyes--the shape of the painted lashes, color variation, dark blushing around the eyes, adding deepth to the face by this/that, whether his wig will be fur or saran, the style, part, color, fringe bangs or not, higlights.................SIGH.................... :love:love:love

      Do you think it makes the doll more valuable in your mind when you spend a long time saving for it, and knowing that you fully earned it, sacrificing other things which you would have easily had, be it not for your dolly dearest? Or is it more of a relief to hit that 'Pay with Credit Card through Paypal' button and have your doll in your arms in one month rather than several? Are we a little too obsessed with instant gratification? Or does it make it better for you to know that you have the ability to buy now, and pay later? Sound off, my friends!
    2. To me, yes. I agree with you on that BUT with the cost of some bjd and how limited a run may be, a person may not have that much spare cash on hand:|
      So I could see the use of owning a credit card in that case.
      Just got to be careful and to be able to pay it off:doh
    3. i think in general we appreciate things far more when we sacrifice and wait for them. i don't think (at least in the u.s.) that this has been alot of people's attitude. not too long ago there was a credit card commercial that had the song refrain "i want it all! and i want it now!". imo, credit cards should be used for emergency things, or as a convenience to be paid off immediately.

      having said that, i am putting part of my (1st) doll on my cc. he's available for a limited time, and i'm really not patient enough to wait until he's available again. dec. is my busiest time at work (i work on commision) so i expect to be able to pay off the credit card part by the end of january at the latest. plus, because i use my cc so infrequently, they just sent me an offer that anything i buy in the next month has 0% interest for six months to try to tempt me into using it. little did they know i already had plans!
    4. Bought my first doll on credit. To me it doesn't matter how you get it. As long as you can pay it off then it's fine and enjoy the doll. If some people prefer to earn them by saving then more power to you. I just happened to charge mine and I don't feel any different than someone who's saved up. I don't think I'd feel any different if I were to save up or get it quickly.
    5. No-- it's the same thing, no matter how you pay for it. All the money used to pay off my credit-card bill WAS truly earned by me, and only me, with my own brain and my own two hands. The speed with which the doll arrives has utterly no bearing on it.

      If it's an LE doll or time-sensitive release, you'll be glad you have that credit cushion, which allows you to grab doll now & pay next month. Then pay off your bills as soon as you get them, which is the way you're supposed to work a credit-card. It's not all that complicated.
    6. I'm saving for mine, but when I make the purchase I'll probably use the credit card and transfer that money to the card to pay for it - seems safer, to me. As long as people aren't putting themselves in mass amounts of debt on the credit card, who cares?

      If I found out today that the dolls I'm saving for were being discontinued, or if an absolutely perfect limited (in my price range) came out, you can bet I'd put those on the credit card immediately (but then try to pay it off as quickly as possible).
    7. Some dolls HAVE to be bought that way, due to how limited they are.

      Me, if I could afford to right now, I would buy one right this second. But she is meant to be mine as she always comes back when her auction ends. No one else is buying her on Yahoo Japan.
    8. if i know i can sell other things that i know i dont mind parting with to buy a new doll that i know i really want then i dont mind sacrificing other items to get something that i want more,so i will put things on ebay and try to raise the cash that way,but i do get tempted if i dont have enough cash ,to splurge on my cc sometimes,but i always plan ahead and make sure i can try and repay it back on my cc as fast as i can,so not to run up intrest,
      i think you have to have a level sensible head and know that if you do use your cc sometimes,always make sure you can afford to pay it back in reasonable time,dont buy straight away and worry later,think then buy if you know you can truely afford it,be it on a cc card or not
    9. There is a happy medium between "CC is only for emergency" and "spending yourself into debt." As long as you only spend what you know you absolutely WILL be able (not "should" or "could" be able) to pay off in a REASONABLE amount of time, there's nothing wrong with using a credit card.

      I'm one of those (seemingly few?) people who just saves money for the sake of saving money. I don't save up for something specific, I just save, even if I have nothing particular in mind that I'm saving for. I like seeing my bank balance go up a little bit each month. When a doll comes along that I really want, I don't have to save for her -- I already have all the money saved up.

      I still pay with a credit card, though, for the protection (chargeback policy) and convenience (fast and easy). Sometimes I'll carry a balance for a month or two, if I don't feel like taking it out of my bank account immediately, or I'll pay it off right away.

      If anything, buying right away allows me to keep the the candle burning. I've found that if I wait too long to buy a doll, I usually fall out of love with her, but if I buy her right away, I keep on loving her.
    10. I havnt paid for a doll with a CC yet, but I should since I get free insurance on the item for using it.

      most people live in a house they don't own watching a tv they don't own and driving a car they don't own so I don't see why anyone would care about a doll.

      Better to put it on the CC then get caught in a massive stockmarket crash with a layaway as some people recently did, and had there dolls near double in price :(

      CC's are fine just use them responsibly
    11. Personally, I would prefer to save up money and then buy a doll.

      But however much I may prefer to save up before buying, you can't plan very well for LE's. Sure, you can set aside some money for the next Dolpa, but no one has a crystal ball that can tell which LE's will be released when. And its not always practical to have a large amount of money just waiting for the next must-have LE release that might be next week or might be next year. So, I appreciate the "time cushion" that a credit card provides and have bought a couple of LE dolls that way that I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise. I agree with Cauldroness, that there can be a happy medium when using credit cards.

      I will not buy a doll on credit if I will not be able to pay it off within a couple months, though.
    12. Cauldroness, I should follow in your footsteps. That's what I want to do. Save for the sake of saving.
    13. That is definitely great advise. As expensive as BJDs are, they aren't the kind of doll that you can do "impulse buys" with. So I wouldn't be surprised to see people charge limited and "one-of"s onto their credit cards, to be able to get them before they're gone. But, if you just save and save, when you see something you like, you might have enough to get it.

      Small dolly world! Hi there, Cauldroness! (It's the same Andie from PS here. ^_^)

      I guess I already implied this with what I said at the beginning of my post, but I'll repeat it -- I see nothing wrong with using the CC for "emergencies." If it's a limited there's only 10 of, and you haven't saved up enough yet, how else are you gonna get her? Just make sure you can pay it back in a timely manner.
    14. I put my first doll on my credit card. He was very expensive and I put money down on the card every couple of week.

      I actually don't make that much money, but I do save most of what I make. The only way I would of been able to get a doll was to put it on a credit card. I wouldn't of had any money at all. You never know when you need some spare money.

      Plus I was wary about spending that much money and having something go wrong. At least I have protection with my credit card. I figured it would be safer than transferring money from my bank account.

      I'm probably going pay for my next doll right from my bank account. It isn't that expensive.

      I don't really see the problem with using a credit card as long as you can afford it. I wouldn't spend more than I knew I could afford. And I have a payment plan all figured out. I write down how much money will go towards my credit card and how much will go towards my savings and other bills. If you are careful there is nothing wrong with using a credit card.
    15. I don't think it's the end of the world to buy a doll on credit, provided you have a steady income and know you can realistically pay off your purchase without forgoing something important like an electric bill. Of course, I don't think it's a smart thing to do, either. Honestly if a friend of mine were considering it I'd advise them against it, even if it were for a super limited doll. After all, it's not like they need it. I'd prefer to save my credit for a real emergency.

      Of course, my opinion is heavily biased by my wariness of credit card companies, thanks to being raised to think they're essential the equal to Satan. =D I realize it's possible to be responsible with a credit card, but it always sort of leave a bad taste in my mouth when I hear about someone using them to purchase 'fun' things.
    16. I paid for my first doll with a credit card, but I already had the full amount in my bank account. I also used the card with an automatic payment system so that I'd "force" myself to have the money ready in one go at the end of the month. It all depends on how you manage your funds and how wisely you can use your CC.

      Personally, saving up for my girl did help me appreciate her more. That way, it wasn't an impulse buy, an impending case of buyer's regret, or something that made me feel indebted despite good intentions (my partner offered to help pay for her, but I wanted something that was completely "mine" to begin with).
    17. See and that's not a bad thing. As long as you can pay in off in a few months, that actually helps you get things like home loans and car loans in the long run.

      As for whether you feel like you've earned your doll, well I can tell you this, when I'm done paying off my car, I'm going to feel like I've earned it. Even though it's in my possession now. I like seeing payment the x of x/xx go up, and the remaining payments go down. I can't see why buying a doll on credit and then paying it off in 3 or 4 months would be any different. As long as you are regimented and make payments steadily.

      Credit cards are too flexible in how they let you spend, rather than pinning down and exact amount of payments etc >.>
    18. I think in some cases buying on credit can be more sensible than not. For example, you really want a limited Volks doll which is being sold through an after-event. The doll is probably going to cost, say, twice as much secondhand so as long as you can pay off your card in a reasonable amount of time, it's smarter to buy it on the card than to pay a lot more for it out of savings later.

      Personally I don't buy dolls I don't have the cash for, and I prefer to have a large buffer of cash in my account so that I can take care of any emergencies that come up, so I don't think I'd ever buy a doll on credit. I did pay for one of my dolls with a credit card but that was because the site only accepted credit cards and bank transfer- the card was paid off pretty much immediately.
    19. I get points on my credit card if I use it, so I tend to charge large purchases even if I have the cash. That said, it can be a slippery slope if you don't know your limits.

      Yes, I've charged all the dolls I'm currently waiting on, but I know I can pull it off. Still, I am parting with one of them to lower the impact. I also have fabulous credit, so I have some pretty nifty deals going on several of my cards.

      However: If you are new to credit cards, the LAST thing you should do is charge a very expensive item. Start small, charge some meals out or something, not a $300-700 doll. That is a guarenteed way at falling behind on the payments, especially if you don't have a strong enough income to compensate.

      I paid for half of the dolls on my list with cash, the other half was charged. I tend to go back and forth.

      Just be sensible, know your limits, use common sense, etc, etc, etc, and it matters not which payment method you use. You can actually get some very nice buyer protections by using a credit card, for example. :)
    20. I don't buy dolls on CC. I don't own a CC and I never want to own one. Some people do fine with them and don't get into massive debt and some do. I just don't like buying something with money I don't have right then and there, just like I hate borrowing money, even small change from my friends or family even though I will pay it back as soon as I can. I just hate using money that doesn't belong to me yet. It will probably mean I will never own a limited doll first-hand because I can't ever see myself being willing to drop $1000+ on the spot but I don't mind.
      Payment by CC definitely works for a lot of people, just not for me.